Most Expensive Fishing Rods

Are you curious to find out how expensive fishing rods can get? or looking to buy a fishing rod and are willing to go deeper in your pocket than just $25? Through our research, we have found good fishing rods that cost much more than that.  

We have a list of the fishing rods and the details for each. We also have a comparison table for you to compare the different rods. Factors to consider when buying rods and answers to other questions that you may have.

If you are looking for an excellent and expensive fishing rod, then you are in the right. Read on to get the best from Amazon.

Most Expensive Fishing Rods List

Expensive Fishing Rods List

Here, we have a list of the most expensive fishing rods. If you are not willing to read through the whole article, your work has been made easier. We have arranged the rods with prices ranging from the lowest to the highest. Take a look.

1. St. Croix Ross Triumph Fishing Rod.

2. Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing Rod.

3. Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

4. Wetfly Nitrolite Tactical Pro Fly Fishing Rod.

5. Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Black Label Fly Fishing Rod.

6. Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Zoom Package.

7. Redington Fly Fishing Rod.

8. St. Croix Rod Avid Spinning Rod.

9. Moonshine Rod Co. The Vesper Series Fly Fishing Rod

Comparison Table.

Below is a table summarizing comparisons between fishing rods.

NameSpecsWeight In KgDimension [L×W×H]in InchesRating Out Of 5
St. Croix Ross Triumph Fishing RodPremium-grade cork handle, two coats of flex coat 0.0960×1×14.7
Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing RodThe two-tone anodized aluminum reel seat0.4561×6.5×6.54.5
Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod.Portable canvas tube, durable, life warranty0.7530.5×3×1.94.8
Wetfly Nitrolite Tactical Pro Fly Fishing RodCordura rod tube, lifetime warranty0.6635×6×34.6
Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Black Label Fly Fishing Rod.Aluminum oxide stripping guides, Cordura rod tube1.0432.25×7×34.4
Tenkara Rod Co. Teton Zoom PackageAdjustable length, lifetime warranty0.5929.51×5.5×1.95
Redington Fly Fishing Rod.Epoxy coated strips, aluminum reel seat0.5731.5×2×24.8
St. Croix Rod Avid Spinning Rod.Two coats of flex coat, 15-year warranty0.0554×3×34.4
Moonshine Rod Co. The Vesper Series Fly Fishing RodRod sock, lightweight, solid titanium frame0.5729.75×2.5×2.254.8

Most Expensive Fishing Rod

In this section, we will take you through the details of each fishing rod. We will go through the key features of each fishing rod. We will also discuss some of the pros and cons, showing you the advantages and disadvantages of each. By the time we are done with this section, you should choose which fishing rod you like most and why. Let’s dive right in.

1. Lightest;  St Croix Rod Triumph Fishing Rod.

Brand nameSt Croix Rod
Fishing techniqueSpinning 
Size 5’0

This durable, sensitive, and powerful Triumph rod is made for sarry anglers seeking the best performance. It has hard Aluminum-oxide guides with black frames. Sea Guide ECS or TCS reel seat with Eco-friendly sandblasted hood on casting models. It has two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish. It has a contoured handle which ensures that you maintain a firm grip on your fishing rod.

Key Features 

1. It has a premium-grade cork handle that is contoured, ensuring a firm grip.

2. Premium SCIII carbon construction with the Fortified Resin System (FRS) for maximum strength and durability.

3. It has two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish.

4. Sea-Guide ECS or TCS reel seat.


1. It is ultra-light.

2. It is very sensitive.


1. It comes with a 5-year warranty which is relatively short.

2. Best For Unisex Adults; Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing Rod.

Brand nameFenwick
Colour Grey 
Fishing techniquefly
Size 6`-3WT-4PC

This Fenwick AETOS fly fishing rod includes an extensive range of high-performance modern fly rods, including single-handed, double-handed, and switch models. It has redesigned blanks constructed of proprietary nano-blank technology.

This technology makes the rods lighter and more robust than standard carbon fibre. The cork is AAA grade which grips with composite cork tippings. 

Key Features

1. It has a two-tone anodized aluminum reel seat with woven carbon spaces.

2. AAA grade cork.

Stealthy black satin blank finish.

Nanocomposite technology used in blank construction.


1. This fishing rod is lightweight.

2. It casts well since it is long.


1. It is stiff.

2. It is not fast-action.

3. Best For Amateur And Experienced; Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod.

Brand nameMoonshine co.
Colour Matte vintage brown
Fishing technique fly
Size 5WT 9` 4PC

The Moonshine drifter series rod comes with hard canvas with five compartments. These compartments make it easy to pack and the tube easy to carry around. This tube is embroidered with the moonshine logo. It has hand-turned spalted Burl that has been dyed to reveal the exquisite painting on wood.

The hardware from the reel seats to the tip-top is copper anodized. It has a grade AAA cork that grips with a burled end. This drifter series is stuff enough to get your line shooting long distance and soft enough to be a true pleasure to fish. It supports effortless casting ability for all skill levels.

Key Features

1. It has a portable canvas tube embroidered with the Moonshine logo.

2. It is designed for all skill levels, whether seasoned pro or amateur.

3. It is built to last since it comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. High-grade AAA cork grips.


1. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. It is lightweight.

4. Best For Saltwater And Freshwater;  Wetfly Nitro Lite Tactical Pro Fly Fishing Rod.

Brand namewetfly 
Colour Black 
Size 3-4WT Euro Nymph

The wet fly nitro lite fishing rod has a premium carbon blank made of 30t+36t multilayer. It is light as to weather, strong, and built to handle great stress. This fishing rod comes with a Cordura rod tube divided into sections for easy packaging of your 4-piece rod.

Models  6-8WT come with a standard reel seat. Models 3-5WT come with a skeletonized reel seat that reduces overall weight and gives the nitrolite a unique stealthy look.

Key Features

1. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry in case of accidents.

2. It is high performance.

3. Comes with a Cordura rod tube.


1. It is lightweight.

2. It is high performance.

3. This fishing rod is ultra-sensitive.

5. Best For Bonitos And kelp Bass; Temple Fork Outfitters

Brand nameTemple fork outfitters
Colour Black 
Size 5WT

This high-performance fly fishing kit flattens the learning curve by making it easier and rewarding to become an active participant in this sport for a lifetime. It is handsome with matte black half wells (5-weight) and complete wells (8-weight) grips made from reconstituted cork for extreme durability.

Key Features

1. It has aluminum oxide stripping guides with chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides and an anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat.

2. The reel has a 20-pound Dacron backing premium weight forward floating line with welded front loop and looped leader.

3. NXT Black label kits come packed in a Cordura rod and reel travel case ready for fishing.


1. packaged in a Cordura rod tube and reel travel case.

2. Handsome and matte black.

3. High performance.

4. Durable.


1. The reel is a bit heavy for the rod.

2. Relatively heavy in comparison with other rods.

6. Best For Smaller And Larger; Tenkara Rod Co.Teton Zoom Package.

Brand nameTenkara  Rod co.

This Teton zoom has an adjustable length. With this, you can fish at both a short length of 10.5ft and a greater length of 12ft. At 10.5ft, it is responsive and has a smooth action, which is suitable for smaller fish.

It provides slightly more backbone at a length of 12ft and enables you to handle larger fish. This Teton zoom gives you the range and versatility to tackle most fishing situations. It comes with a rod sock and rod tube for easy and organized packaging.

Key Features.

1. Teton zoom rod has adjustable lengths for 10.5ft and 12ft lengths.

2. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. It has a rod sock and Cordura rod tube. 


1. It is feather-light.

2. It has a telescope structure.

3. It is simple and easy to use.


1. It does not have a reel.

7. Best For Aggressive Fish; Reddington Fly Fishing 990-4 Predator Rod.

Brand name Reddington
Color Blue 
Fishing techniqueFly 
Size 9WT 9’0  “4PC

This rod features a powerful, intuitive, fast action. This commands enough power that combats big game fish. It is built to perform in both freshwater and saltwater, and all components are saltwater-ready. 

The predator family encompasses models ranging from spooky-bone fish, duty 5-weights, to tarpon-ready tarpon-ready 12 weights, including unique speciality models like 7’10 inches, eight weight, and dedicated pike and musky models that have extended fishing butts for boat side figure 8.

Key Features.

1. Has aluminum oxide shipping guides with ceramic inserts.

2. Has an anodized mechanized aluminum reel seat.

3. Intuitive, fast action dialled in-hand balance.

4. Laser-etched reference on a reel seat for quick rod identification.

5. Section tips are epoxy coated to prevent sticking.


1. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. It is lightweight

3. It has balance

4. It has a Cordura tube for easy carrying and packaging.

8. Best For Unisex Adult; St.Croix Avid Series Spinning Rod.

Brand  nameSt Croix 
Color black
Fishing technique Spinning 

The care and technology that go into this spinning fishing rod will ensure that you are ready to reel in any fish that catches your line. 

This fishing rod is built with advanced SCIII graphite construction delivering high-performance and value.

High modulus, high-strain graphite fibre produces sensitivity and lightweight with excellent durability.

It has integrated poly curve(IPC) tooling technology that eliminates all transitional points providing smoother actions, increased strength, and greater sensitivity.

Key Features

1. It has slim-profile ferrules, a Fuji concept guide system, aconite rings, and black frames.

2. Select grade cork handle.

3. Two coats of flex coat slow-cure finish.

4. 15-year transferable warranty

5. It is fast action.


1. It is a fast action

2. It is very light

3. It coats well.


1. It may be a little whippy

2. It may snap off from tip.

9. Best For Drift Boat; Moonshine Rod Co. The Vesper Series Fly Fishing Rod With Carrying Case And Extra Rod Tip.

No products found.

Brand nameMoonshine rod company
Size3WT 8’6”
Fishing techniqueFly 

This is the most expensive fishing rod on our list. This rod looks like nothing you’ve ever seen on the rack at your local fly shop. It has some of the best action and sensitivity. Its tip also has anodized copper hardware from reel seat to tip. 

The colour scheme is vintage and has exquisite Burlwood with double lock reel seats. It is lightweight with superb balance and dampening. It also has anti-glare, slate blank with midnight bindings. 

It comes with a portable Cordura tube which is durable. This tube has five compartments and an extra rod tip section. The line is embroidered with the moonshine logo. This dynamic rod includes light wire, single foot guides, and AAAA grade cork with tobacco tiger reel seat and down locking rings. This ensures high sensitivity. This fishing rod is built to last with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features.

1. It has a five compartment rod sock with embroidered Cordura tube.

2. Double blackout uplocking rings with Delrin Bushings.

3. Features AAAA grade cork with salt-ready aluminum reel seats.

4. Has a solid titanium frame sic stripping guide.

5. It has a high modulus, Nano matrix carbon fibre.

6. Anti-glare, state blank with midnight bindings, metallic copper accents, and alignment dots.


1. It has a lifetime warranty enabling you to fish in peace.

2. It is lightweight.

3. It has balance.

4. Features a sock and embroidered carrying case

5. Comes with an extra tip.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Fishing Rod.

Choosing the proper fishing rod is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, factors in having success out on the water. Using the right and a quality rod will make your fishing activities enjoyable, while using an incorrect rod will make it harder for you to enjoy the fishing practice. Here’s all you’ll need to know before you buy a new fishing rod.

Fishing Rod Components

Before deciding on the best fishing rod, you intend to buy or use, you must know the different components. These pieces are primarily universal, with slight changes depending on the fishing rod style. They include;

1. Handle

The handle is the end of the pole that you hold on to. Most fishing rod handles are made from either EVA foam or cork for a durable and comfortable grip. The handles vary in length, and the size you choose should be directly proportional to the casting distance.   

2. Reel Seat

The reel seat is where you slide the reel foot to help tighten the setup and eliminate any possible wobble. Have an idea on choosing a fishing reel so that your angling setup can be solid from top to bottom.

3. The Blank And Guides

Blank is the central portion of your fishing rod. The blank refers to guides, which are the circular pieces that your fishing line is threaded onto. It can be made from either plastic, metal, or ceramic materials and are attached to the windings of the rod. On casting rods, the guides are located on the top side, while on spinning rods, the guides are on the bottom. The tip is the last guide in the sequence and is usually the thinnest and most flexible part of the rod. 

1. Ferrules

this refers to the location where your rod comes together in collapsible rods. For you to achieve a straight plane of travel, always ensure that the guides are lined up.

2. Rod Length

After you have known all the essential parts and pieces of your fishing rod, you can determine which pole best fits your fishing style. For shorter casting distances, smaller rods are ideal, and longer rods work well for casting long distances. Smaller rods are also more preferable in instances where close combat is needed.

The length of a fishing rod can be anywhere between 6 feet to 12 feet. You need to consider your fishing environment, the type of species you are targeting and your type of fishing. For beginners, the recommended length of a fishing rod is 7-8 feet. This medium-length allows you to have a balance between accuracy and casting distance as you improve your skills. 

3. Types Of Rod Materials

the material used to make fishing rods can either be graphite, fiberglass or composite, which is a combination of the two. Mostly, graphite rods are preferred by more advanced anglers for their rigidity and fighting power.

Fiberglass is a stronger option, but the added strength brings added weight. Beginner anglers can benefit from fiberglass rods because of their durability and little maintenance. Fibreglass is also preferred by anglers who are intending to catch bigger and more aggressive fish species like pike. Composite rods are ideal for those anglers who want a taste of both worlds. It is essential to consider your skill level and preferred fishing method before deciding on the material to choose.

4. Power And Action

Having the right combination of power and action is essential to ensuring your lure and baits work well. Power is referred to as the amount of force you need to bend the fishing rod. It can either be ultra-light to ultra-heavy, with ultra-light rods being more suited for smaller species like trout or panfish and ultra-heavy being used in deep-sea fishing trips. Power is sometimes referred to as the rod weight.

Action is where the bend occurs along with the blank. Slow action rods are those that bend closer to the handle, while fast action rods bend only at the top. Fast action rods best used for larger baits or around heavy cover. Slow action rods are suitable for slower baits and lighter lures.

Types Of fishing Rod

having known the length of the rod you need and its powerful action, the next factor to consider should be the style of the rod. Fishing rods come in two styles, and what you choose will be determined by the environment and species you intend to catch.

1. Casting Rods

Casting rods have guides located on top of the blank for better precision and accuracy. They come in either baitcasting or spin-cast models to match the type of reel.

2. Spinning Rods

Spinning rods house spinning reels and are lighter and smaller than casting rods. They also have their guides at the bottom of the blank, while casting rods have guides on top of the blank. This makes for a very comfortable option that is easy to use for anglers, especially for beginners and those looking for an ultra-light rod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will take you through the questions that you may have but have not been addressed in the article. 

  • How much does an excellent fishing rod cost?

If you want to buy a fishing rod, you can get a spinning combo, that is, rod and reel together, for a reasonable price of $45 to $449. You can also spend a little more than $45 and step up the quality of your heartbeat, buying your rod and reel separately, ending up with a total of less than $100.

  • Are expensive fishing rods worth it?

Yes, expensive fishing rods are worth it. They are more sensitive, enabling them to detect smaller bites and generally more fun to use than their cheaper counterparts. There is a much more difference between a $50 rod and a $200 rod.

  • Are old fishing rods worth it?

Many used fishing rods are cheap and worth less than $50. If you want to get a used fishing rod, it’s good to know what to look for to determine its worth. 

  • What is the best fishing rod brand?

According to our research, Moonshine Rod Co. has it. This brand has what it takes to be the best. Their rods are lightweight, come with rod sock. The length of the rod is also ideal and most preferred by anglers since it is short.

Wrapping Up

 We hope that having reached this point, you have decided which fishing rod suits your needs. You can see that almost all factors affect which fishing rod is suitable depending on what kind of fishing activities you engage yourself in.

At this point, we also take the Moonshine Rod Co. to be our pick. In our case, we had two, the vesper series and the drifter series. Which one you buy depends on which type of fishing you take part in and the one that you loved the most.

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