Is It Good To Mount A Chainsaw In A Bike? (The Pros & Cons Of Mounting A Chainsaw in a Bike)

No, it is not a good idea to mount a chainsaw in a bike because a chainsaw is not suited for this kind of work, and the engine is not torque for that. Although it is not a good idea, you can do it, and the whole process is not easy because you are not supposed to mount it on the frame; therefore, you have to be creative. Instead of mounting a chainsaw in a bike, you should get yourself a bicycle motor kit. Mounting a chainsaw on a bicycle is only helpful in increasing its functionality.

What Are Motorized Bicycles?

What Are Motorized Bicycles

A motorized bicycle is identical to a conventional bicycle but equipped with an engine above the chain or back brake. The chainsaw motors give the bike the ability to accelerate more than a regular bike can do. Moreover, the rider doesn’t need to use the pedals anymore because the motor controls the bike’s movement.

Installing A Chainsaw Engine

Installing A Chainsaw Engine

Installing a chainsaw engine on your bike can lead to severe damage to the motor if done the wrong way. Therefore, you should mount the engine by getting another rear wheel and spreading the front forks a little more to fit it upfront. After that, mount your engine to the front forks and create a front-wheel drive.

Due to the increased popularity of motorized bicycles among youngsters and adults who love adventure, the availability of bicycle engine kits with an incorporated manual and a chain to install between the pedals has also increased. You can find the kits in stores such as Walmart, eBay, etc., and they have improved features such as the U-clamp adapter, inline fuel filter, etc.

Precautions When Installing A Chainsaw

1. When installing the engine, you should wear safety goggles to protect the eyes from dirt and debris.

2. You should ensure that the engine is off before beginning the installation process to avoid getting injured.

3. Use a piece of wood as a buffer between your bicycle’s handlebars and the spinning saw blade as you attach them with screws. This prevents friction burns and injuries when they touch during operation.

4. If you do not want your bike with brakes, you can use an old brake cable instead of a metal wire connecting both handles as you pedal backward to the brake.

Using The Motorized Bicycle

A motorized bicycle works almost the same as a motorcycle. The only difference is the mechanism. To turn the motor on, you must pull the chain, and it will start working. The advantage of using a motorized bicycle is that you do not need to pedal to move further; the chainsaw engine will help you propel the bike.

Nonetheless, because a motorized bike can reach a high speed than a regular bike, it may expose people to plausible risks and severe injuries. Therefore, the American and Canadian governments have put federal regulations to govern the safety requirements, the speed limit, and the manufacturing standards. For instance, the speed limit for motorized bicycles should be 32 km per hour.

Pros Of Chainsaw Motor On A Bicycle

1. A chainsaw motor is great on a bicycle because it helps it go up and down hills without the rider pedaling. The rider only needs to turn their body in the direction requiring power.

2. The motor allows riders to pedal easily when going down a hill, as there’s gravity to help with that.

3. A motor engine also helps the rider stop using their legs when tired or hurt before finishing riding, which is common with long and steep rides. 

4. You will not need to use your legs for balance if you don’t want to with a motorized bicycle.

Cons Of A Motorized Bicycle

1. One disadvantage of installing a chainsaw engine on a bicycle is that it is challenging and time-consuming. 

2. The rider must be cautious when drilling a hole for the motor because they may damage the bike or injure themselves if they do it wrong. 

3. The process takes many hours either with electric tools or by hand; therefore, you should put enough effort before starting the project. Otherwise, the project will fail.

How To Take Care Of Your Motorized Bike

It’s essential to take good care of your motorized bike, although over time, you will notice that it does not ride like before. The engine may feel sluggish or not start at all. The build-up of rust and carbon in the muffler causes some of these problems. The good thing is that you can fix the issues by cleaning out the muffler. Cleaning your muffler will prevent any long-term damage and related problems. Such problems include:

1. Reduced exhaust manifold efficiency

2. Decreased engine performance

3. Increased bike weight

4. Reduced muffler longevity

If you want to avoid experiencing such problems, you must ensure that you clean your muffler regularly. Cleaning a damper is pretty an easy thing to do, although it may take some of your time. Ideally, it’s essential to clean the muffler after every few months.

Proper maintenance of the muffler is essential; however, it will get to the point where cleaning it won’t be enough to keep it running correctly. Therefore, after every five or six years, you should replace it. Yet, if you reside in areas with bumpy roads and other harsh environmental conditions that may cause excess build-up and wear on the muffler, you might need to replace it earlier.

Is It Legal To Mount A Chainsaw On A Bike?

It’s not illegal to mount a chainsaw on a bike. However, you must comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) applicable to the motor-driven cycle when you put a gas motor.


A motorized bicycle is essential in riding up and down the mountain, extending the treks, exploring the woods, and challenging terrains. Although it is unrecommended to mount a chainsaw on a bike, you can still do it, but you must be careful not to damage the bicycle.

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