Mountain Bikes – Know The Detailed Information About Them

Riding a bike is a type of enjoyment for enthusiastic bikers. These bike aficionados love moving their bikes through different terrains. However, ordinary bikes cannot give you the right value when you need to move through mountainous paths. A mountain bike can make your journey more adventurous with its innovative and advanced features. We have now shared interesting facts and details about this bike.

Mountain bikes have a special design for off-road cycling. You can find similarities between mountain bikes with some other standard bikes. However, manufacturers have added unique features to add durability and retain the best performance while you are riding mountain bikes in some rough terrain.

These mountain bikes comprise suspensions, light frames, sturdy wheels, lower gear ratios, and knobby tires. You may use those bikes on mountain trails and unpaved surfaces. With these bikes, you can easily manage obstacles, including big rocks, potholes, bumps, and tree roots.

Mountain biking- Know the history

Originally, mountain bikes were intended for sports during the 1970s. In due course, we have found the introduction of different subtypes (cross-country, downhill, and freeride) of these mountain bikes. We have started using the synonym, ATB (all terrain bike), for the mountain bike. The old bike models are the modified cruiser bicycles.

Then, mountain biking became a popular sport in Northern California, and the modified bikes were known to us as ballooners. After 1980s, road bicycle manufacturers started manufacturing mountain bicycles with lightweight materials, including M4 aluminum. Lawwill Pro Cruiser is the first produced mountain bicycle.

What are different categories mountain bikes?

Based on the variation in designs and terrains, we have found different mountain bicycles.

1. Trail bikes

They are very common mountain bikes useful for general purpose. They are capable of managing tough trails while maintaining comfort and speed.

2. Cross-country bikes

For the competitive cross-country bike riding, you may choose these models. When you have chosen flat off-road trails, you may invest in these bikes. Cross-country mountain bikes have lightweight frames that ensure endurance and speed.

3. Downhill bikes

With slack frames, these bikes help you to feel comfortable, and you can easily manage high speeds. Moreover, downhill bikes always use full suspension. An additional amount of travel is essential to make the bike resistant at higher speeds. You must avoid using these downhill bikes for the flat surface. However, downhill terrains may cause challenges to some riders.

4. All-mountain bikes

From this name, you may easily guess that these models manage a variety of terrains in hilly zones. Aggressive trails and steeper drops- both are easily manageable with all-mountain bikes. Frames of these bikes are similar to that of trail bikes. What’s more, they always have full suspensions in their designs.

Mountain biking- Learn about some amazing facts

5. Mountain bicycles were initially a tool

Before we come up with the mountain biking idea for recreation, off-road bikes were useful for moving through over rough, mountainous terrain. Buffalo Soldiers used these bikes when it was 1890s. The look of those bikes was different from modern bikes that have brake systems and gearing.

6. We imagined mountain bicycles as one-directional

The term, one-directional does not indicate that the bike can move forward and backward. We used to think that it only goes downhill. Although the uphill may make the biking activity stressful, modern bikes smoothly moves in both ways.

7. In the mountain biking field, America plays a pioneering role

The USA is the first country where mountain biking becomes a competitive field. NORBA held the first event in the year, 1983.

8. Age is not a factor in the mountain biking competition

To some of us biking is a hobby and an adventurous activity. Most of us think that young riders always win the mountain biking race. Surely, Sam Hill won the championship when he was 16. However, the most impressive fact is that Fred Schmid won national championship while his age was about 80s.


Are mountain bikes usable for normal street riding?

Obviously, you may use these bikes for your street riding purpose. You can find comfortable seating position for wider tires and suspensions. When there is snowfall and mud, tires of these bikes will provide you with better level of traction. 

Why do mountain bicycles have slower performance?

The heavier body with thicker tires can cause these bikes to move slowly. The body position of MB riders is not aerodynamic. The gear ratio is another factor lower the speed rate.

How do hybrid bikes differ from ones, intended for mountain trails?

A hybrid bike is a blend of a mountain and road bike. It can offer a high level of speed while retaining ruggedness. Gear systems have similarities to those bikes. Conversely, brake levers and handlebars of a hybrid are like that of road bikes.

What are the available sizes of mountain bikes?

The wheel sizes of these bikes can range from 26 to 29 inches. When you have chosen largest wheels, you can find slower performance. Moreover, these wheels are not easily maneuverable. However, for cross-country rides, you may choose bikes with the biggest wheel size.

Which pedals are best for mountain bikes?

You may rely on your preference for choosing these pedals. However, most of the serious riders prefer clipless ones. Make sure that you have worn special shoes to use clipless pedals. These pedals give you better control of the bike and you can find a higher pedaling efficiency. 

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