Nike vs. New Balance: Which Company Makes Better Running Shoes, and What Are the Differences?

Nike and New Balance are renowned brands that have taken their innovation technology a notch higher. The Nike vs. New Balance war makes it hard to single out the best brand for running shoes. The best brand between these two giants depends on individual users’ preferences and requirements.

What Are the Major Differences Between New Balance and Nike Running Shoes?

Major Differences Between New Balance and Nike Running Shoes

The two brands are great, but each features a different design to suit specific needs. While New Balance shoes offer a firm and cushioned ride suitable for long-distance runners, Nike shoes lack stability, making them ideal for short-distance running.

A deeper analysis of the two brands reveals that the New Balance shoes have superior cushioning to their Nike counterpart. However, this observation is subjective as there are runners who will hear none of it since Nike is their go-to running shoes.

Looking at the Backgrounds of the Two Brands

The New Balance brand strives to promote a sustainable environment and give back to the community. Besides these values, the company produces the best running shoes courtesy of their creativity and exceptional skills that give out the best.

On the other hand, Nike rides on innovation. Nike has a reputation as an innovative running shoe brand.

Nike boasts of famous shoe models that it has churned out for a long time. For instance, Nike Pegasus has been around for 30 years plus, and it is still a favorite to runners. Nike never shies away from introducing the latest technologies in their production line to propel their products further.

To better understand which brand is superior to the other, which is the best running shoe for you, and the differences between the two brands, we’ll have an in-depth comparison of a New Balance shoe model with another one from the Nike brand.

Comparing the Nike vs. New Balance Running Shoes: Which is the Best Brand?

In our comparison, let’s analyze the New Balance Fresh Foam More in comparison with the Nike Zoom Fly 3:

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 Running Shoe

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The Nike Zoom Fly 3 is a versatile shoe with aesthetic and technological innovations that comprise a dense midsole.

The shoe boasts a roomy upper that allows versatility for daily use. The shoe’s Vaporweave upper is sturdy and water-resistant, while its midsole has a carbon fiber plate.

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 is ideal for track or road running, courtesy of its responsiveness and sufficiently cushioned thick React midsole. This is the best shoe for aggressive training since the Vaporweave upper is comfortable, and the React foam is not repulsive.

Below are some of the features of the Nike Zoom Fly 3:

  1. React Foam-Carbon Fiber Plate Midsole

This shoe features a carbon fiber plate sandwiched between the midsole and the React foam. The carbon fiber plate enables the Nike Zoom Fly 3 to have added cushioning around the heel than the forefoot.

The shoe is stiff and delivers the much-needed firmness for buoyancy effect, courtesy of the carbon-filled sole.

The midsoles are sufficiently cushioned since the heel boasts 1.5 inches of foam, and the forefoot has a 1-inch foam cushion. If you are searching for a shoe that supports long runs and speed, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 is your go-to shoe.

However, if you are looking for an ideal shoe for overpronation, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 is not your choice. It has a narrow heel and a broader forefoot that is not ideal for overpronators.

  1. The Vaporweave Upper

The shoe features a Vaporweave upper that doesn’t retain water, hence better breathability. The upper comprises a combination of polymers and thermoplastic nylon. 

Your shoe receives a secure fit since the upper doesn’t stretch. The shoe also has a mesh sleeve positioned beneath the Vaporweave.

The shoe also features an ankle collar that doesn’t irritate, but its stitches might irritate the skin if you wear them with ankle socks.

  1. The Outsole

The outsole comprises a combination of rubber and foam. The upper forefoot area features Blown rubber. It has lattice-pattern grooves that allow the flow of water trapped beneath your sole.

The New Balance Fresh Foam More Running Shoe

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Are you looking for a maximal shoe with added cushioning without extra weight? The New Balance Fresh Foam More is the shoe that ticks the right boxes.

The shoe boasts a 34mm heel-to-toe drop and 30mm in the foot region. The shoe rivals Skechers GOrun shoes and the entire line of Hoka in supporting maximal running.

The vital point to note is that the New Balance Fresh Foam More rolls your foot forward with ease with every step you make.

Here are the features of the New Balance Fresh Foam More Running Shoes:

  1. The Midsole

The midsole comprises a sturdy and thick Fresh Foam. The side walls of the midsole are laser-edge to reduce pressure on the runner’s foot.

Your running stability is enhanced thanks to the shoe’s design that allows your foot to sit deeper in the midsole.

  1. The Outsole

The New Balance Fresh Foam More features a unique outsole with a Ground Contact EVA-based material. The material has honeycomb threads for optimal traction when running on wet pavements and snowy areas.

  1. Snug Fit and Breathable Upper Mesh

The shoes are true to size, and they consist of a breathable mesh upper that stretches to ensure a snug fit on your feet. The shoe also features gel-like pods on both sides of the ankle joint to enhance cushioning ad stability.

Your movements are supported in each stride, courtesy of the seamless and soft upper mesh. Additionally, the shoe boasts a rigid heel cup that supports and locks the foot.

Nike vs. New Balance: The Verdict

The New Balance Fresh Foam More running shoes are ideal for maximal training. The shoes are versatile for everyday use and suitable for longer tempo runs.

On the other hand, the Nike Zoom Fly 3 is suitable for better performance on tracks or roads. Nonetheless, the shoe doesn’t offer support to stability runners.

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