North Face Backpacks Lifetime Warranty

The North Face has been renowned for producing the best backpacks for years. They have a huge variety of setups on backpacks to choose from. When purchasing a backpack, the first thing you’ll look out for is its functionality. Secondly, you will lookout for a backpack with a good quality of craftsmanship. Lastly, you will have to check out the policy of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The North Face backpacks have a lifetime warranty against defects. This means that whenever your North Face backpack has defects, they can always have it sorted out for you regardless of the time it’s been in use. 

The Policy Of The North Face Backpack Lifetime Warranty

Policy Of The North Face Backpack Lifetime Warranty

It is crucial to note that the lifetime warranty of North Face backpacks only covers manufacturing defects in artistry and materials used.

The lifetime warranty does not cover damages caused by normal use and wear and tear. Wear and tear is the damage that inevitably occurs due to the common use of the backpack. The North Face warranty does not cover damages caused by:

1. Wear and tear.

2. Negligence.

3. Improper laundering procedures.

4. Accident.

5. Improper care.

6. Breakdown over extended use.

7. Breach of warranty.

If your North Face backpack fails due to manufacturing defects, they either replace it, credit it at their discretion, or repair it without charges. This happens only if your backpack is authentic and unaltered.

Warranty Evaluation And Limitations Of The North Face Backpacks

Warranty Evaluation And Limitations Of The North Face Backpacks

According to North Face’s eligible reasons, if your backpack proves faulty, it is your right to claim your warranty as a client. To submit a warranty claim, you will:

1. Have to own the original purchase receipt of the backpack and follow their return policy. If you’ve misplaced your purchase receipt, you will have to wait for the management’s discretion.

2. Show the order details if you have purchased your North Face backpack online.

3. You must be the original owner of the backpack. The North Face policy states that backpacks eligible for warranty are covered by original owners.

4. Return the backpack directly to the North Face Company.

5. Need to clean the backpack. If you return a dirty backpack for warranty assessment, North Face will assess your cleaning charges. On the other hand, if the backpack cannot be adequately cleaned, it will be sent back to you.

6. Pre-pay and ensure all shipping fees to warranty. North Face is not liable for backpacks that are lost during shipping.

7. Ensure that your backpack is not modified in any way and the manufacturer’s original artistry is unaltered.

8. Check that your North Face backpack does not have any other damages that are not covered under warranty. If it does, North Face will repair the damages, and you will incur extra charges on return shipping.

How To File The North Face Backpack Lifetime Warranty

Before filing for warranty claims of your backpack, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the North Face warranty policy. 

There are various ways to claim a warranty for your backpack. They are:

1. Send Back The Backpack

The first rule of sending back your backpack to The North Face is pre-paying the shipping fees. The backpack should also be accompanied by the purchase receipt and a warranty claim form.

Once the warranty department has received the backpack, The North Face will send you a confirmation email. The email has information about the repair status. 

Normally, repair takes 6-8 weeks. This period is not constant, and it can vary depending on the workload and the present state of the backpack. 

Once the repair process of your backpack is completed, North Face will send it back to you. You should as well cater for return shipping fees.

2. Contact North Face

You can choose to contact North Face for your warranty claims. Contact the North Face Warranty team and fill out an online warranty claim. You should address the claim form to the North Face Warranty Repair Department.

You can also email them and ask them all questions regarding your backpack’s lifetime warranty. Sending an email or visiting their warranty department website here can come in handy while evaluating a warranty.

If a buckle is missing or dysfunctional, you should contact North Face for replacement. Accompany the warranty information with a photo and a description of the buckle. This description will assist the warranty team in sending you a buckle that matches your backpack.

3. Use The Web Browser

You might have accidentally misplaced your backpack warranty. Use the Donotpay web browser of North Face to generate an argument under the given warranty laws. Donotpay helps with a wide range of warranty-related issues.

The following steps will guide you to file a warranty claim using the Donotpay web browser.

1. Open the web browser (donotpay).

2. Select the claim warranty feature of your backpack.

3. Select the nature of any error that occurred while placing your backpack warranty claim.

4. Generate your warranty claim.

Why Does North Face Offer Lifetime Warranty For Their Backpacks?

Is a North Face backpack a worthy addition to your collection? Well, The North Face has a deep commitment to producing quality backpacks and protecting the environment while at it. 

By offering a lifetime warranty to their backpacks, The North Face upholds its commitment to protecting the outdoors by reducing waste disposal. 

Instead of throwing an old backpack in the trash, The North Face’s warranty allows you to send it back to them for modification, and that reduces the negative impact on the planet.

In a case where your backpack is damaged beyond repair, a replacement will be done on agreed terms with the warranty team, and they will recycle the damaged backpack.


The North Face warranty department repairs so many backpacks in one year. Who can resist a backpack with a lifetime warranty anyway? It reduces on cost as well. The team that deals with repairs is highly experienced and identifies your backpack’s defects before sorting it out for repair. 

Only exceptional brands manufacture backpacks with a lifetime warranty cover, which means repairing and replacing all defects. The North Face happens to be one of these exceptional brands when it comes to its backpacks.

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