Outdoor Fire Escapes In The USA – A Simple Guide To Safety

In the United States, fires are one of the most common causes of injury and death. The leading cause is cooking accidents. However, fire can happen anywhere. It can happen while you’re sleeping or enjoying a nice camping trip with friends. There is a big need to take precautions to avoid this type of disaster from happening to you and your family. That’s where outdoor fire escapes come in handy. 

These structures provide an escape route for the outdoors when their homes catch on fire. A well-designed outdoor fire escape can allow your family to escape even if they’re far from home. But not all outdoor fire escapes are created equal. There is a huge difference: some are more expensive than others, and some offer better protection. 

This article expounds on reasons you want an outdoor fire escape, the benefits of an outdoor fire escape, and different designs of an outdoor fire escape. There are things you need to know about outdoor fire escapes and how they work before you decide.

Why Do You Need An Outdoor Fire Escape?

Outdoor Fire Escape

An outdoor fire escape is a great option for homeowners who want to avoid the dangers of a traditional fire escape. They are also a popular choice for those who live in areas where earthquakes are common, as the outdoor fire escape can be safer and ideal for folks who want to make their home more energy-efficient. Fire escapes are important to prevent injury and death. They provide an escape route for outdoors when their homes catch fire.

Are you undecided whether an outdoor fire escape is a good thing or not? Please stay on this page as we elaborate on the reasons why the outdoor fire escape is a great investment despite its cost. We’ll also guide you on how to install the outdoor fire escape successfully. Keep reading!

Installing The Outdoor Fire Escape Process

Installing The Outdoor Fire Escape Process

1. Locate The Installing Company

The first step to installing an outdoor fire escape is locating a company that can do the work for you. You can find companies in your area by doing an internet search or by asking your friends and neighbors. 

Ensure you do a quick background check on the company you have located to determine if they offer epic services.

2. Choose The Best Design

Once you find a company, you must make sure they meet your specific needs and are licensed and insured. You can tell them to show you the different types of available outdoor fire escape staircases also if they have an expert adviser who will advise you on the best one to choose and the cost. 

The company’s price range will help you prepare for the installation process. Also, once you know the price range, you can compare it with companies that offer the same services and see if the price is correct.

3. Installation Process

Once you’ve decided, the installation process should take about two days, and your new outdoor fire escape will be ready for use! This way, you should also be always vigilant regarding fire outbreaks. Mentally prepare how you would use the outdoor fire escape to avoid deaths or any other hazardous thing that might affect you as a person.

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Fire Escape?

1. Avoiding Dangers

One of the benefits of an outdoor fire escape is that it can help you avoid the dangers associated with proximity to a fire. For example, if someone successfully escapes from their home but then returns to try to save their loved ones, they could end up dying as a result. 

The fire’s natural gas and smoke caused by the fire can cause unconsciousness or death within minutes. This way, if you are saving someone inside the house, always use the outdoor fire escape route.

2. Protection

What’s more, an outdoor fire escape can protect those who are too far from their home to get there safely in time. In many cases, people live miles away from work and school. It would be difficult for them to reach their home quickly when it catches fire. 

A well-designed outdoor fire escape could provide refuge for these people, so they have time to contact emergency services before they’re overcome by smoke or gas.

The Different Designs Of Outdoor Fire Escapes

You can find these structures in backyards and front yards and near homes with pools. Outdoor fire escapes come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the owner’s needs. The most common designs are:

1. Straight Staircase

The straight staircase leads up to the rooftop. This design is not very expensive but does not offer much protection from the heat of the fire. It doesn’t offer much protection as the heat can injure you. This way, you will be unhappy about the happenings. If you want to save yourself from the burning fire using the straight staircase, you should run fast up the stairs.

2. Spiral Staircase

Another type of design is a spiral staircase going up to the roof that provides better protection from heat. When you go in a zigzag way, you can reach safety. The fire will not harm you as you are not near it. Zigzag movements save you from the flames of the fire. It is not 100%, but it is better than the straight staircase.

3. Windows

Some outdoor fire escapes have been designed to provide residents with a way out from their second-story windows. Others have been designed to allow residents to go down a ladder while still inside their homes, allowing them to avoid being burned by the flames or smoke. 

Also, all outdoor fire escapes should be made of metal so they don’t catch fire themselves during a fire and burn down your house along with it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Installing An Outdoor Fire Escape?

The cost of an outdoor fire escape will depend on the size and design. The price will typically range from $1,000-$3,000. If you think it is too much for you, always remember the benefits that it comes with. 

It is an ideal thing to have in your home. It protects you from hazardous fire outbreaks. If it still hurts your pockets, you can always save for it. Develop a saving culture, and the installation will go smoothly.

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