PetSmart Fish Return Policy

Return policies vary immensely depending on the store, and some policies can be mind-boggling. In today’s post, we take you through the PetSmart fish return policy that also applies to most of their animals. We break it down to the finest detail for you to understand every facet. Are you looking to return your fish, whether dead or alive? Read through this article to know how to go about the process. You will be glad you stopped by!

The PetSmart fish return policy states that customers can return a fish dead or alive in 14 days. You need to carry your ID, the fish, and sometimes a water sample for dead fish.

You can return a fish to PetSmart, whether it’s dead or alive, within 14 days of purchase. Sometimes, you can be allowed to return the fish even after 14 days have passed at the PetSmart store manager’s approval.

What Are The Requirements For Returning A Fish To PetSmart?

 When returning a fish, PetSmart will require you to provide the original sales receipt, but they can also look up your purchases since they file the purchase for up to two months. You will also need to bring back the fish even if it has died and provide a valid identification document. 

Some stores will also require you to bring a sample of the water from your fish tank. They will usually test the water sample to be sure it did not kill the fish, and if the water tests unacceptable for fish, your return is denied. It is advisable to call your local store before you go for you to know of their specific requirements.

When your return is approved, you will receive your refund, and it will be credited to the original payment method. If you paid via PayPal, the refund will not go back to your PayPal, but instead, it will be in the form of a merchandise credit that you can use for different items. If you paid via debit card, the refund will be in cash. If you returned a dead fish, you could choose to replace the fish instead of getting a refund.

Summary Of Requirements When Returning Fish To Petsmart

Receipt Proof of purchase that does not exceed 14 days
ID or drivers licenseTo verify that you made the purchase
Water sampleIn case the fish is dead: to verify that the water didn’t kill the fish
The fishdead or alive to get a refund or replacement 

Can You Return The Fish To PetSmart If You Lost The Receipt?

Yes, you can. So long as it’s not past the 14 days return window, PetSmart can look up your purchase from their file or using your mobile number if you are a member of their pets reward program. You need to bring your photo ID with you as proof of identity. If your purchase is verified and the return approved, you will get a merchandise return card that you can use for any of your future purchases.

Will I Get Back My “Treat Points” When I Make A Return?

If you return an item that you used treat points to purchase, you will not get the points back. Also, if you earned points from the original purchase, the points will be deducted when you return the item.

Can You Return A Sick Fish To PetSmart?

Yes. If you notice that your fish is sick or has any signs of illness within the initial 14 day period, you can return it to the store where you bought it for a refund or replacement. You can also return your healthy fish if you do not like it, and PetSmart will gladly accept it back. You can also get a refund or replacement if the fish dies within the 14 day return period. For dead fish, you need to bring a water sample from your fishtank alongside your ID document. 

What Will PetSmart Do With The Fish I Return?

Sometimes, you might want to return your fish for various reason but are too afraid that the fish might not get the right treatment or a better home. If you’ve heard about sick fish being put in a sick tank, you are probably more skeptical than everyone else. You need not worry while returning your fish to PetSmart since they will receive the right care. 

The returned fish will first go to a clean and medicated tank, commonly known as the sick tank. This tank is cleaned and medicated daily to ensure the fish stay in a healthy environment. The sick tank helps the fish to be observed and hospitalized. After about a week of observation and the fish looks healthy, they are put back to the display, ready for reselling. If the fish are sick and cannot be treated, they are killed to save the lives of the other fish. Sometimes, returned pets are given up for adoption to organizations or individuals that are willing to rehome these pets.


Caring for fish is fun and enjoyable but also tasking at the same time. Sometimes when you have pet fish, you might consider taking them back to the store for various reasons. Whether you may no longer be in a position to care for it or you no longer want it are all valid reasons to return your fish. Whatever the reason might be, don’t be afraid of returning your fish. Ensure you return the fish before the 14-day return window lapses for it to be accepted. Carry all the requirements to avoid numerous trips back to the shop.

We hope that this article has made it easier to understand the PetSmart fish return policy and how their refunds work. You can now confidently return your pet to the store where you bought it. Be sure to call them beforehand and find out if they have additional regulations, especially during this pandemic period. Good luck with your return!

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