Planet Fitness For Kids- Is It Possible To Bring Kids To Planet Fitness?

If you are a gym enthusiast, you’ve probably come across Planet Fitness-a club providing a great workout environment for everyone, so they are comfortable. Planet Fitness requires members to get a membership plan to enjoy unlimited access to the home club and support from the friendly and knowledgeable staff. As a PF Black Cardmember, you get additional benefits such as bringing guests for free. If you have kids and wonder whether you can bring them to Planet Fitness, the club does not offer childcare services to keep their costs conveniently low. Their website advises against taking children below 13 years to the facility for their safety.

What To Do If You Have A Child And Need To Join Planet Fitness?

Since Planet Fitness does not allow children into the facility, they compensate by keeping their clubs open as long as possible to accommodate each member’s schedule. Therefore, you can find a daycare elsewhere at any time or a babysitter and leave your kids for a few hours to workout. Since working out is often a priority for parents as it provides stress relief and helps parents work towards a healthy life, parents need childcare to visit a gym. The only solution is finding childcare services before becoming a Planet Fitness member. Although many parents depend on their gym’s childcare, unfortunately, not all gyms offer the service.

Even an older child who can handle reading a book or playing video games on their phones will still not be allowed to get in the facility. However, if your kids are 13 years old and above, they may accompany you to the club, but as a parent, you must be a member of the Black Card guest of your minor member as stated on the club’s website. Any 13- or 14-year-old must be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times.

What To Do If You Want To Work Out And You Have A Small Kid?

Want To Work Out And Have A Small Kid

The most popular option is to find a childcare center near the Planet Fitness club and leave your child with them whenever you need to workout. This option allows you to exercise and get healthy and, at the same time, leave your child in a safe daycare environment. As you look for a daycare center, also check the in-home daycares, which are a cheaper option. In-home daycares, day rates are pretty affordable, and before you leave your child, you should ensure that it is licensed to provide the childcare services. These daycares also offer half-day rates, so your child will be able to learn while you work out, and you won’t have to pay full-day rates but only the hours they rendered the services to you.

Another option is to alternate daycare with another member. Working out is a necessary stress relief for parents, and that’s why you shouldn’t stop working out only because you can’t get a childcare facility near the club. You can look for another member with a kid who also needs childcare while working out. Plan on watching the kids while one parent goes to the gym, and when they are done, you can switch. The benefit of alternating childcare is that you won’t spend any money paying for the services, hence, a cheaper alternative. The option can also work out well if there’s trust between the two of you.

As a parent, you must be creative if you want to hit your body goals. If the above options aren’t working, hiring a babysitter and cost-sharing with another parent is the other option. Sharing babysitter costs is a cheaper option than hiring one for your kid only. An added advantage is that your kid will also interact and play with the other kids as the babysitter watches them. This way, you will get more time to work out at your local Planet Fitness without worrying about your child.

The last option you can utilize is working out while your spouse is watching the kids at home. However, this means that you may need to go to the gym early in the morning before they leave for work or late in the evening after coming from work. This option also means that you cannot work out at Planet Fitness with your spouse at the same time.

Reasons Why A Parent Needs A Planet Fitness Membership

Reasons Why A Parent Needs A Planet Fitness Membership

As a parent, you have many things going on, and if you are not careful, you may forget to work out. Working out makes you feel better and reenergized. This is why you need to find a Planet Fitness gym around you for these benefits.

The Gym Is Open 24 Hours A Day

Regardless of your work schedule, you do not have any excuse not to make it to the gym. If you have babies, you can leave them with your spouse at night and go to the gym for a 2-hour night workout. With Planet Fitness, you don’t have to worry about your unpredictable schedule. As long as you possess a Black Card Membership, you can hop into any Planet Fitness gym at any location and enjoy a great workout session.

Planet Fitness Is A Judgment-Free Zone

Parents tend to feel conscious about their bodies as some people may judge them. However, at Planet Fitness, you will feel comfortable without intimidation and judgment. Planet Fitness’s mission is to ensure that members are comfortable, and in case a member intimidates or judges others; they are asked to leave the club.

You Can Get A Massage After Your Workout

Working out and taking care of kids can be a little draining and tiring. As a Black Card Member, you will get a hydromassage bed and a seated massage chair at your disposal to use after a tough workout session. Therefore, you can return home to take care of your kids, feeling more relaxed and less tired.


Planet Fitness Club is an affordable gym with plenty of perks to help members get started. If you are looking into achieving your fitness goals, Planet Fitness is the gym for you. However, if you have kids, you will need to look for childcare services elsewhere as the club does not allow kids below 13 years in the facility. Therefore, as long as you have an ideal place to leave your kids, you can work out at Planet Fitness any time of the day or night.

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