Do Puma Shoes Run Big or Small? [A Guide to Puma Shoe Sizing and Puma Size Charts for Men and Women]

Even though they have been making and selling shoes for a long time, Puma is new in the running shoe industry. As soon as the new products came out, they hugely splashed the fashion world. Generally, Puma shoes run small. It is always a good idea to size up at least half a size if you switch from Adidas to Puma since Adidas runs true to size. Different models of shoes have different sizes; hence it is necessary to know your exact shoe size for a specific shoe brand before purchasing.

A Comprehensive Guide to Puma Shoes Sizing

You don’t want to skimp on getting the right size shoe, so kindly don’t. The shoe size is essential, whether you will wear it to work or social events. Compared to other brands of shoes, Puma shoes run a little smaller than they should. 

People who have always worn Nike shoes will find a pair of Pumas comfortable and have a good fit. The same might not always be true for other well-known manufacturers that run bigger. Pumas aren’t easy to size up. It isn’t easy for some individuals to find the right size.

What Is My Puma Shoe Size?

What Is My Puma Shoe Size

Before purchasing Puma shoes, ensure that you get the right size by measuring your feet.

Here is how to measure your feet size to avoid any doubts when buying shoes:

  • Step on a piece of paper.
  • With the pencil, outline your foot. (Keep it as straight as possible).
  • Take measurements from your heel to the end of your longest toe.
  • Measure both feet and choose the bigger one.
  • Look at the Puma size chart below to see how the measurements compare to the chart.

It’s better to have footwear that is a little bit bigger than those half a size too small. You might be able to avoid getting painful bunions or blisters if you pay attention to your feet.

Men’s Puma Size Chart

You can use this chart to find the right size for men’s Puma shoes.

Foot size (inches)Foot size (cm)USUKEurope

Women’s Puma Size Chart

Finding the right size is the same for women, but you’ll need to look at the Puma size chart for women.

Foot size (inches)Foot size (cm)USUKEurope

Different Sports Fit Differently

Different Sports Fit Differently

Depending on what you do, you might need a little more or less room in your shoes. It would help to have about a thumb’s width behind your heel when wearing tennis or running shoes. If you want to play soccer, you’ll need a snug fit.

The essential aspect is that the shoes are comfortable and don’t get in the way of good blood flow. There is a lot of padding in sport’s shoes, hence more layers of fabric, and the shoes won’t stretch as much as regular shoes would. You need to find the appropriate size right away and avoid trying to get used to a tight pair.

The model you choose always affects how it fits. There can even be differences between different iterations of the same brand. Adding a thicker insole could make a massive difference in how the shoes fit.

Fit Your Shoes Before Buying

When you try on the shoe and ensure it fits, you’ll know it’s right. If you are buying online, make sure you can return the item if you don’t like it, and get as much information on the model’s fit as possible before you buy it.

Previously, you might have worn a pair of Puma sneakers in size 7.5. But now, that very same size feels way too small. If your feet have changed, it doesn’t imply that shoe sizes are smaller. It could be because your feet have changed in shape. You could perhaps measure your feet every time you buy new shoes and look at the revised Puma size chart.

Are Puma Shoes True to Size?

Are Puma Shoes True to Size

According to some people, most Puma shoes are half a size smaller than they should be. They also often seem to be a little small. Many other brands of shoes, like Adidas, are a little bigger than Puma.

The only Puma shoe series that seems to run true to size is the Puma golf shoe series. There are different levels of Puma shoes that are small. This is based on which footwear brand you are used to. 

People who have become used to Nike shoe sizes might find Puma shoes that fit well. However, if you are used to Adidas shoes, you may discover Puma Shoes are a little tight. Always use the size charts for your favorite brands of shoes.

Are Puma Shoes Wide or Narrow?

Puma shoes run a little small. So, it makes sense that its width also seems smaller than many people’s medium/standard width. There is, of course, a lot that goes into this, like the model you are wearing. 

Some of Puma’s shoes have wider widths that you can choose from. However, Puma shoes aren’t thought to be the best option for people with wide feet. You can’t be able to find an excellent pair of shoes for wide feet, but if you can, Puma is the best choice.

The Final Word

Puma shoes don’t fit true-to-size. They are often half a size small. So, when purchasing, ensure you choose the right size that fits snuggly to enhance better blood flow. The best way to determine the right size is by measuring your feet and comparing the measurement with the Puma size chart.

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