Qatar Airways Hand Baggage Allowances

Your flying experience starts when you open your bags and pack all the traveling essentials you need. Ensuring that you carry all the imperative items you need makes your trip smooth and enjoyable.

Although flying is highly convenient, there are several terms and conditions regarding baggage allowance that you should familiarize yourself with before flying with Qatar Airways.

All airways count personal kinds of stuff as hand baggage allowance. The carry-on luggage allowance depends on the cabin class that you will use. The weight and dimensions of your luggage matter a lot. Dangerous items are also strictly restricted.

Qatar Airways is known for its generous hand baggage allowance, although carrying too much luggage will cost you extra fees. 

What Are Qatar Airways Carry-on Luggage Weight And Dimensions Limits?

Qatar Airways Carry on Luggage Weight And Dimensions Limits

With every airway, hand baggage is restricted to a certain weight and dimensions limit. Qatar also has restrictions on how much hand baggage you can board the aircraft with. They take these baggage restrictions too strictly to ensure safety within the cabin.

The cabin class you pay and the route you’re traveling to through Qatar Airways determines your hand luggage allowance.

The Table Below Gives illustrations Of Hand Baggage Allowance Based On Size, Number, And Weight.

Hand BaggageEconomy ClassBusiness and First Class
Number of PiecesOne pieceTwo pieces
Total Maximum Weight7kg (15lbs)15kg (33lbs)
Maximum Dimensions50×37×25cm50×37×25

Note: Economy tickets issued in Brazil for economy class allow one to carry up to 10kg (22lb) of hand baggage.

The following are the factors that Qatar Airways strictly adhere to while allowing carry-on luggage in their cabins.

1. Class

Apart from the checked-in baggage, you can also board the Qatar Airways flight with hand baggage. The class you board in determines hand baggage allowance.

In Economy class, you can carry only one piece of hand baggage. The maximum total weight of your hand baggage should strictly be 7 kilograms (15lb).

On the other hand, First Class and Business Class give you the privilege of carrying two pieces of hand baggage. The total weight of the bags should not exceed 15 kilograms (33lb).

The maximum dimensions of every hand baggage you carry should be (50×37×25cm).

Your bags will not be tagged if your carry-on luggage exceeds the given weight limits. If your hand baggage is not labeled, the security will not let you check-in. Qatar Airways is so strict when it comes to overweight baggage. 

In addition to the hand baggage, you can carry an extra personal item regardless of the class you board. These personal items can be:

1. A camera.

2. Binoculars. 

3. A blanket.

4. Walking stick.

5. A small briefcase or a handbag (for the ladies).

6. One umbrella.

7. A coat.

8. Reading materials.

2. Electronics Devises Check

When you have various electronic devices in your hand baggage, you must go through the following security checks before boarding any Qatar Airways plane.

a. If the electronic device is more significant than a mobile phone, the security staff will ask you to turn it on. After turning on the device, it will be taken through security screening to ensure that it is not harboring any harmful data.

b. If you’re carrying any electronic device when flying with Qatar Airways, it is essential to ensure that the devices have sufficient power. These devices have to be taken through screening while they are switched on. 

Imagine how hectic it can be running around the airport looking for a charging point? Ensure the devices have enough power to demonstrate their functionality fully.

1. You will be asked to pack electronic devices that you don’t need throughout the journey in the check-in baggage.

2. If you do not have hand baggage and you may have some electronic devices, the Qatar Airways security staff will deposit your device in the Lost and Found section. You will be required to leave the device at the airport and claim it back on your return.

These electronic devices are printers, laptops, Radios, game consoles, and portable electronic music instruments.

3. The Route Being Used

Qatar Airways charges excess baggage fees if you have overweight luggage and the dimensions exceed the required standards.

The fees charged depend on the routes covered by your journey. Some regions are at the advantage of being charged less excess baggage fees than others. If the path you’re traveling through has flights operated by other airlines, the extra baggage fees will vary from Qatar Airlines’ fees.

What Is Allowed In Hand Baggage On Qatar Airways?

What Is Allowed In Hand Baggage On Qatar Airways

1. Liquids – Any liquid in your carry-on luggage should be packed in a transparent and resealable 1liter bag and should be 100 ml (3.4oz). Duty-free items, baby milk, and some liquid medicinal drugs are exempted from this policy.

If you need to carry medication, it is essential to have a prescription.

2. Wheelchairs – Qatar Airways serve different passengers, including Persons with Disabilities. When traveling with a disabled person, wheelchairs are allowed as extra carry-on luggage.

3. Baby prams, baby carrying baskets, and baby safety seats are extra personal items.

4. Sports equipment counts as hand luggage in Qatar Airways. You should ensure the sports equipment are of the standard size and meets the weight and size limits of the Airways.

The hand baggage allowance of Qatar Airways enables children to carry the same capacity of luggage as adults.

What Is Not Allowed In The Hand Baggage?

1. Bladed items like knives.

2. Highly flammable items like explosives.

3. Firearms and any weapons.

4. Devices that use batteries.

5. Repellant sprays.

6. Compressed gas.

7. Any form of chemicals.

8. Alcoholic drinks contain more than 70% alcohol content.

9. Any form of lighters.

10. Powders.


While preparing to travel with Qatar Airways, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with their hand baggage policy before packing essential items. Qatar Airways is known to be very strict with its baggage policies. You can visit their website and get important information about their hand baggage allowances. Hand baggage allowance varies depending on the different factors discussed above. With the suitable measures put in place, you will be assured of a delightful trip.

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