The 7 Cheaper And Quality Alternatives To North Face And Patagonia 

North Face and Patagonia brands are some of the most trusted outdoor gear manufacturers in the United States. The brands remain sought-after. North Face offers a wide variety of products, including casual and sportswear. Also, the two brands have a wide range of prices. Patagonia gear is more expensive than the north face because they use high-quality products. Still, north face offers affordable pricing, allowing consumers different options without compromising quality. 

Do We Have Affordable Alternatives To North Face And Patagonia?

Affordable Alternatives To North Face And Patagonia

If you want to buy from other brands, below is a list of some brands offering the same products at different prices. These brands include Eddie Bauer, Arc’teryx, Mountain Hardwear, Backcountry, Mammut, Marmot, and Salomon.

A Comparison Of Rain Jacket Prices From Different Brands

Brand Price
Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket$149
North Face Dryzzle$230
Eddie Bauer Cloud Cap$74
Arc’teryx Men’s Delta LT$108
Mountain Hardwear Men’s Acadia $120
Backcountry Tabernash $104.47
Mammut Men’s Albula HS$115.99
Marmot Men’s PreCip $100.00
Salomon 2L JKT M117.62

1. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer was founded in Seattle nearly ten decades ago. The company now owns 275 stores in North America, and they manufacture technical outdoor clothing at affordable prices. Therefore, if you prefer a cheap alternative to Patagonia and North Face, you should consider Eddie Bauer. The brand uses nylon and polyester as its primary materials.

Moreover, they also use various innovative technologies to manufacture jackets, including Thermafill synthetic insulators. The brand also uses WeatherEdge, a technology used when manufacturing clothes. Eddie Bauer is a unique brand that participates in various sustainability programs guaranteeing certified products after particular quality standards. 

2. Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx is an outdoor clothing brand that was born in 1980 in Canada. This brand is an excellent alternative to Patagonia and North Face and sometimes may even be better than the two brands. 

The brand uses Gore-Tex when manufacturing clothes to ensure they last longer and are resistant over time. Arc’teryx pays particular attention to sustainability and uses rigorous protocols in providing a minimal environmental impact of their products. This is why the brand aims to produce durable garments and products. 

3. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear produces high-performance outdoor gear. The brand also has outdoor equipment, including numerous variants of tents. 

Some of their best-selling products include jackets and waterproof pants. They also sell technical fabric shirts and trousers. The brand ensures that its materials are impermeable by applying Gore-Tex technology which also helps to insulate against atmospheric agents.

4. Backcountry

Backcountry sells a wide range of products with a few in-house lines that a buyer should consider. Backcountry jackets tend to be a bit cheaper than Patagonia, and you will also find frequent sales offers on their website if you are looking for deals.

5. Mammut

Mammut is a Swiss outdoor apparel brand known for its top-quality specialty gear. The brand makes hiking, skiing, mountaineering, and climbing clothes and accessories.

Mammut is an excellent alternative to Patagonia for people looking for specialty outdoor clothes and accessories. Mammut is famous for its incredible boots wearers use for climbing and mountaineering. 

Their boots are comfortable, durable, and are excellent in rough and rugged conditions. Most experienced hikers go for Mammut boots. Alpinists also find the boots perfect as they are reliable and long-lasting.

Mammut also manufactures unique cold-weather jackets with various ranges for different uses. The brand is among the top options if you need climbing equipment, especially highly technical gear.

The brand uses top-end materials and technologies to manufacture its clothes and accessories. Therefore, they may not be as affordable as other brands. Their gear is usually more expensive than other brands but cheaper than Patagonia and North Face. The quality is fantastic, justifying the price.

6. Marmot

Marmot is a US-based brand famous for incredible outdoor recreation apparel. The brand sells excellent jackets, hoods, tents, and sleeping bags. Their product range mainly features various outdoor adventure gear and some camping equipment.

Marmot uses high-end products to manufacture their apparel. They also utilize innovative technologies in their products; therefore, users get excellent performance by using the gear. 

The brand works with synthetic and down insulation. Some of the technologies used include Gore-Tex, Thinsulate, DWR, and EvoDry.

What Makes Marmot Brand Stand Out?

One thing to love about Marmot is their focus on improving sustainability efforts as Patagonia does. The brand uses recycled items to manufacture outdoor gear. It also only works with raw materials that are responsibly sourced. The company focuses on its employees’ sustainability efforts by offering them fair working conditions.

Marmot pricing for the outdoor gear is almost similar to Patagonia’s. Therefore, if you are searching for a more affordable alternative, you may try a different brand. However, if you want some good quality product and are not worried about the price, Marmot is the place to buy.

7. Salomon 

Salomon is quite a famous outdoor manufacturing gear company. The brand produces high-quality products for runners. Some of their popular products include their trail running shoes. Therefore, it is not surprising that Salomon is a top brand for people spending most of their time running.

The footwear is comfortable, long-lasting, reliable, and made with top-quality materials and innovative technologies. Every product is carefully manufactured to ensure that clients deserve the quality.

Does Salomon Produce Outdoors Clothes?

Salomon makes other products apart from shoes, including hiking, skiing, and snowboarding clothes. Therefore, they are a great option regardless of what you want to buy. They use popular technologies to make their gear like Thinsulate and Gore-Tex. 

Moreover, they make their products from recycled material. This helps reduce their carbon footprint while expanding upon the existing sustainability practices.

 Salomon is also quite affordable, and their products are way cheaper than similar products from North Face and Patagonia. Therefore, if you are looking into buying quality outdoor gear from a North Face and Patagonia alternative at a cheaper price, Salomon would be an excellent option.


Patagonia and North Face are among the top-rated companies for outdoor gear. Their apparel is of high quality and at different price points. However, there are also other great alternatives that you can try. Some of the options mentioned above are cheaper than Patagonia and North Face, but still have excellent quality products.

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