Where Are Reebok Shoes Manufactured?- All You Need to Know

Reebok shoes are manufactured in most parts of the world, but Vietnam does most of the production. Manufacturing their shoes in different locations doesn’t change the design. Reebok shoes are one of the most outstanding running shoes available. The headquarter of Reebok is in Boston, Massachusetts. Before 2017, most Reebok shoes were manufactured in Asia, but they have now transferred most of their production to the United States. Reebok is the most acceptable option when thinking about running shoes.

How Did the Reebok Brand Come to Be?

The Reebok brand was founded in 1958 in the United Kingdom as a joint venture between J.W. Foster and Sons, a sporting goods company with roots in Bolton. The Union Jack was used as part of the brand’s trademark from 1958 to 1986 to highlight the Company’s British heritage. Hence, it is safe to say that the Reebok shoe Company’s origin is Britain. 

Besides having manufacturers diversely in different parts of the world, the corporation has regional offices in Mexico City, Montreal, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam, and it’s headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It is ideal to say that the Company ideally monitors the manufacturers from afar. 

This article will expound on where the Reebok shoes get manufactured and how to spot a fake Reebok shoe. You will learn how to get the perfect shoes if you keep reading this page!

Where Are Reebok Shoes Specifically Made?

Where Are Reebok Shoes Specifically Made

As earlier mentioned, Reebok shoes are made in different countries. Below is a list of the prominent manufacturers:


Reebok is a subsidiary of Adidas, and it manufactures its shoes in Asia, specifically in Vietnam. Before 2017, most of Reebok’s manufacturing companies were based in Asia. Reebok’s most extensive running campaign, “Run Easy,” was also launched. 

The campaign’s purpose was to encourage people worldwide to see its potential and cherish its uniqueness. People went along with the drive and flocked to buy the shoes.

To minimize costs, the Bao Cheng Group (the Chinese name for Pou Chen) shifted shoe production to Vietnam in 2000. 

The Yue Yuen Factory produces shoes for Reebok and Adidas. Yue Yuen Factory II and Yue Yuen Factory III are mostly Nike suppliers. The factory is shared among them as they make the best Shoes of all time. Currently, there are few factories around for Reebok in Asia.

Lincoln, Rhode Island

The presence of Reebok on this Island is unique as it makes shoes using modern robotic technology. Previously, all Reebok footwear was made in Asia, as stated earlier. However, the Company opted to open its Liquid Factory manufacturing lab in Lincoln, RI, with the A.F. group. 

They formed this alliance meticulously to get the most out of what they are doing: using these technologies. Reebok’s Future Team invented the Liquid Factory, which uses software and robots to make three-dimensional footwear. 

Here is how their technology at Island works: This technology draws shoe componentry precisely and in three-dimensional layers using a proprietary liquid substance developed by BASF for Reebok. After that, the exclusive layering technology is used to manufacture “unique footwear without standard molds.”


Most manufacturing companies tend to open their production platforms in America. Why not? It is a central place. Shoemakers in the United States believe their products should be mass-produced in other nations and then marketed to Americans. 

Adidas-owned Reebok has created a revolutionary method of producing shoes in the United States using 3-D printing technology. This new method would see the boots made in impressive figures and designs.

Although some Reebok shoe models are manufactured in the United States, Reebok imports most products. It is like having imported products and producing them afterward in the chosen country. It happens in the US.

The Made in USA range of boots and shoes includes styles approved by the US Postal Service, Berry Amendment-compliant US military styles, and athletic work styles.

How Can I Tell If My Reebok Shoes Are Fake?

How Can I Tell If My Reebok Shoes Are Fake

If you want to purchase Reebok footwear and are not sure if they’re original, don’t worry; there are hacks to help you identify fake Reebok sneakers. 

As a well-known brand, many counterfeit Reebok shoes are on the market. But first, there is a clarification on the difference between genuine and counterfeit Reebok shoes. So how do you know a fake Reebok shoe?


One of the most crucial components when checking counterfeit Reebok shoes is the lace. You can identify the laces on imitation sneakers. Reebok makes their Classics laces from high-quality flat woven yarn as their material signature. 


A logo is unique, and it is hard to copy someone’s logo. Examining the box in which a pair of Reebok shoes arrived is the first step in establishing whether or not they are genuine. You should also include the logos of the red and blue flags. 

There are other unique things on the box that you should check. Look for a white sticker on the box with all shoe information, including the style number, size, and other shoe attributes. 

Sock Liner

You’ll notice an extra layer of foam when you fold the sock liner back, which gives your foot extra comfort. Take note of the clean join between the foam and cloth uppers, with no excess adhesive or harsh edges. 

Ensure there are three layers in the sock liner: two foam layers (one course, one dense) and one fabric layer on top.

Q.R. Code

One letter and five numerals are required for the Q.R. code. The style number on the tongue label should also match the one discussed in the previous step. On the tongue, there is also a Q.R. code. 

You can find a sticker with the same code number inside your sneaker sole. Always keep the stitch of the tongue label in mind rather than being a sticker. If you see a shoe that doesn’t have this, you should know it is a counterfeit.

The Bottom Line

Reebok is a renowned brand in the athletics world. But do you know where most of the brand’s shoes are manufactured? Well, the company manufacturers most of its footwear in Asia, more precisely Vietnam. The reason for mass production in Vietnam is mainly due to the availability of cheap labor. However, some of the brand’s shoes are made in the USA.

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