The Best 6 Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts For Summer Workouts

Women’s High Waisted Biker Shorts

Summer running is a refreshing exercise for the running fanatics who enjoy covering a few miles in a sweaty and sticky state. However, women with skin chaffing issues find the runs punishing. The humid conditions experienced during summers make summer runs frightful when you have to deal with skin chafing in your inner thighs that …

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Difference Between A Skateboard Helmet And Bike Helmet For Biking (Safety & Recommendations)

A Skateboard Helmet And Bike Helmet For Biking

Helmets are designed differently based on the intended use. This means that a skate helmet is different from a bike helmet. Everything about them differs from their level of protection to style. Therefore, cyclists must choose the correct helmet to protect themselves from severe head injuries. Can I Use A Skateboard Helmet For Biking? You …

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Does Cycling Count As Resistance Training? (Health Benefits And The Importance Of Cycling)

Cycling Count As Resistance Training

Yes, cycling is both a cardio workout and strength training sport. Resistance training cause muscles to contract against an external resistance to increase strength, power, or endurance. For resistance training, you will need materials such as dumbbells, exercise tubing, your body weight, and other objects that cause the muscles to contract. Cycling for about an …

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Does Swimming Make You Taller?- Facts Or Myths?

Does Swimming Make Taller

Many wonder whether it is possible to increase their height.  Some people claim that good nutrition can increase an adult’s height, while others believe that particular exercise plays a role in improving your height.  But does swimming as a sport make you taller? Swimming is a popular form of exercise dominated by many tall athletes …

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Running At Midnight- Is That A Good Idea? (Benefits, Drawbacks, & Safety Considerations)

Running At Midnight

Running at midnight might lack reputation, but when equipped with appropriate gear suitable for running in the dark, it is a splendid experience. All you need is to take necessary caution to avoid unforeseen incidents, and you are good to go. Most night runners use the exercise for meditation by sweating off the day’s obstructions. …

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How Long Does It Take Biking Across America?

Biking Across America

Maybe you wonder whether it is possible to take a bike across America from one end to the other, covering thousands of miles. Or perhaps you are asking yourself how long it would take you to complete the journey. You are in the right place. Here we will discuss the possible routes to take and …

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Does Running Build Leg Muscles? (Running Intensity & Muscle Building Nutrition)

Running Build Leg Muscles

Many people associate leg muscle building with strength training, but running is also a muscle-building activity if you stick to proper nutrition and training plans. If you desire to build leg muscles through running, you must challenge yourself to achieve the goal. Running is an alternative worth embracing for those who loath weight lifting but …

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Fort Collins Vs. Colorado Springs- Which Is Better To Hike?

Fort Collins Vs Colorado Springs

Are you looking for the best hiking trail in Colorado? Fort Collins and Colorado Springs may have popped into your mind, but you may still be undecided between the two. Every town has its advantages and disadvantages. One person may prefer hiking in Fort Collins, while another person may find Colorado Springs better. We will …

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Is Running With Gas Mask Beneficial Or Harmful To Your Health?- How To Use Them

Running With Gas Mask

Gas masks protect the wearers from inhaling airborne pollutants and toxic gases by covering the nose, mouth, and eyes. Some runners use gas masks while running as they claim that they help in improving performance. Unless you are in the military, there is no need to run using a gas mask. Gas masks cannot simulate …

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Balega Socks Size Chart- Why Are Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks Popular In 2021?

Balega Socks

All seasoned runners value the safety and comfort of their feet while on the move. We tend to focus on running shoes as we all understand that the right shoe provides comfort to the foot and makes a difference in performance. You may spend several dollars to acquire the best pair of running shoes that …

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