Is Fishing Cruel?

Is Fishing Cruel

Without much ado, yes, fish feel pain because they are created with nerves like other animals. Trapped fishes become anxious and suffer from physical pain, breathing also become difficult. Anytime fishes are being hauled out of their aquatic habitat to terrestrial environment, they start to suffocate which mostly leads to the collapse of their gills. …

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How Is Hiking An Aerobic Activity?

Hiking An Aerobic Activity

Hiking can simply be introduced as an aerobic activity of energetic intensity. When you are moving up and down mountains, this activity increases your intensity and is highly beneficial to your heart. Also whenever you hike through the hills, you actively engage your leg muscles for some period of time. Hence, it significantly strengthens them. …

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Fishing Without A License In California

Fishing Without A License In California

Apparently, there are rules and policies guiding fishing activities in California. Which fishing license has been stated as one these rules. As a result of this, fishing without license in California water bodies is prohibited according to  the California’s Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule, Section 4175 (a). This can further hand you penalty charges such …

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Why Are Hiking Shoes So Ugly

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are built to prioritize its functionality before fashion. Whenever you are moving or traveling outside, keep at the back of your mind that these hiking boots are designed to secure, protect, and support your feet and ankles, not to look fashionable. Thus, the function is the determining factor in hiking shoe design while form follows. …

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