Rock Climbing Magazine (Top 10 Magazines With Review)

There are many rock-climbing blogs on the Internet, but not many rock-climbing magazines that give information on rock climbing activities such as bouldering, sport climbing, indoor climbing, traditional climbing, and mountaineering are available. In the year 2015, the International Federation of Sport Climbing estimated that there were 35 million climbers worldwide. With an ever-increasing number of climbers and fans all around the world, rock climbing has become a sport that is attracting many followers on daily basis.

The Benefits Of Reading A Climbing Magazine

Even though we are now living in the internet-inspired age, print media can inspire and inform your sporting experiences. While printed magazines are not what they used to be before the advent of the internet, reading a publication by an experienced professional is still well worth your time and energy. 

Our information lives are now centred around the multitude of blogs, tweets, status updates, profile messages and pictures, and other forms of electronic media. Nonetheless, having a magazine subscription can still be a very useful addition to your outdoor life. Most outdoor magazines carry priceless information from week to week, month to month on gear, technique, destinations, and routes, while the power of words and pictures on the pages are always more inspirational than sitting and staring at a personal computer, television, or smartphone.

From the few numbers of rock-climbing magazines that are available, this article will focus on the 10 most prominent magazines in the world of rock climbing that are attracting massive followership and subscribers from all around the globe. From the list and reviews below, you can find some of them to suit your rock-climbing profile, preference, and location. For unrestricted access to rock climbing information, you can subscribe to any of them. 

Alpinist Magazine

Alpinist Magazine, according to its website is “an archival-quality, quarterly publication dedicated to the art of ascent in its most powerful manifestations, presenting a vision of climbing and its lifestyle that matches the intensity of the pursuit itself.”

It is a United States-based climbing magazine with subscribers and followers all around the world. Founded by Christian Beckwith and Marc Ewing, the first issue of Alpinist launched from a small office in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2002. In 2009, the magazine was re-launched by Height of Land in Jeffersonville, Vermont. From the beginning, the staff and contributors have maintained that making great climbing stories and art requires the same boldness, commitment, integrity, and imagination as the most cutting-edge ascents.”

Why You Should Consider Subscribing To Alpinist Magazine

1. Alpinist won the Maggie Award for Best Overall Design/Consumer Category from the Western Publication Association (WPA) for its Autumn issue (Issue 8) in 2005, and the Maggie Award for the Best Quarterly/Consumer Division in April 2004 for its Winter 2003–2004 issue (Issue 5).

2. Though it is published only 4 times a year, I didn’t notice it because it took me a long time to read through the Alpinist. This is because the stories are so intense. It is worth the high cost as it’s a true bookish journal.

3. It is the height of quality writing and photography on glossy paper.

4. Created to inspire mountaineers, arm-chair mountaineers, and anybody who wants to know more about climbing history or wants to experience the sport.

5. It is available in print, iTunes, Zunino on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)

6. The Subscription is (1 year, 4 issues)

Top Reviews Of Alpine Magazine On Amazon

1. Beth Reibli from the United States said this “Great magazine! Very articulate and engaging articles, the pictures are beautiful and the stories are inspiring!”

2. Mathew Edward also wrote from the United States “My favorite outdoor reading. Quarterly publication and well worth the wait for serious and in-depth writing and high-quality photography. Look forward to it every time! “

3. John Lance of the United States said “am sorry, there can’t be a good discussion or any debate at all, since it’s already settled: Alpinist is the best climbing magazine, lightyears ahead of pretty much everything else. Few ads, beautiful quality, great in-depth articles by the best climbers, writers, and photographers on the planet, an amazing mountain profile with each issue… I am guaranteed to get psyched within five minutes of picking one up”.

Rock And Ice

The magazine is dedicated to rock and ice climbing and mountaineering. It was first published in 1985 in Boulder, Colorado, but later relocated to Carbondale, Colorado in the year 2002, under the new ownership of Big Stone Publishing.

The magazine highlights the world’s top climbing website,, with constant news and video updates, and a weekly e-mail newsletter. Also publish weekly, the e-blast, which is the popular Friday item called Weekend Whipper, which shows climbing falls and gives commentary or explanation. The magazine is published in print or digital editions globally.

Why You Should Consider Subscribing To Rock And Ice Magazine;

Subscribing to this magazine will be worth your investments for the reasons highlighted below;

1. The Rock and Ice magazine is published bi-monthly. It is being produced and mail to readers every two months.

2. It combines thought-provoking articles with well-written stories from many disciplines. It showcases fantastic photography and quality paper materials.

3. It features a variety of writing styles and pieces to keep you reading from page to page. Traditional climbers, alpine, and sport climbers will all find articles that relate to them.

4. It is well suited to the demands of a more intermediate/advanced climber because it assumes the reader of the magazine has a background knowledge of climbing.

It is the only magazine dedicated to climbing and climbs athletes worldwide, it offers up-to-date climbing news, comprehensive profiles of climbers, critical gear reviews, miniguides to newly-discovered crags, expert performance tips, and the world’s most outstanding climbing images.

Top Review Of Rock And Ice Magazine On Amazon

1. Bensen said “This is an excellent climbing magazine; it is full of resources and new material for climbers of nearly and skill range! They have very interesting stories of climbing injuries, which are accompanied by a breakdown of how the injury occurred so that you can prevent yourself from ending up in the same situation. There are new gear, ratings, and reviews of gear, new climbs, reviews and information on climbs, news on famous climbers and so much more. I like the magazine a lot and think it’s worth having- whether you are a casual climber interested in keeping up with the climbing world or you are interested in finding resources to help you become more skillful, you will find what you are looking for. It is very entertaining and interesting to read.”

2. Mark Johnson from the United States in his assessment of this magazine said “I don’t think there is any other magazine that does it better than Rock and Ice. Their analysis of the sport is second to none. I know many names of climbers, their area of climbing, and their profiles, thanks to Rock and Ice magazine.”

Climbing Magazine

Climbing Magazine has been in operation since 1970, with its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. It has been a prominent source for top-notch and authoritative information about sport climbing, trad climbing, bouldering, and alpine climbing with deeply researched features, technical and training how-to advice from pro climbers and leading experts. It helps create an avenue to learn important climbing skills through lively humour columns.

The magazine is;

1. A very nice “starter” magazine. It will keep you informed about the “big names” in climbing, and their type of climbing.

2. It focuses more on the practical approach of how to do techniques and attempts to make climbing fun and enjoyable with lots of images and a playful feel.

3. It emphasizes more on a weekend-warier style climber, with lots of professional advice for bouldering, sport, and trad climbers.

4. Published nine times a year. With that, it ensures you are always informed about your favorite sport. 

Top Reviews Of Climbing Magazine On Amazon

1. Zach, from the United States, said “This is a great compilation of essays from climbing magazine.”

2. In the words of Daniele Fornai “Nice collection of old and more recent short stories. A perfect book for late evening reading and a great gift for armchair climbers.

3. K. Freeman said “This anthology of essays from Climbing is full of engrossing materials, primarily of the trip report variety. The writing contains all the hold-by-hold, nut-by-nut detail that real climbers may like to read about; armchair mountaineers will probably be somewhat bamboozled, but the stories are exciting enough to grip anyone.”     


The Austrian Alps are identified as the rendezvous for mountaineers. The climax is an Austrian magazine which tells some interesting stories of different traverse of the climbers not only in Austria but all around the world. The amazing photography further adds to the glamour of reading this awesome magazine which is released quarterly. It is known as the first publication on climbing that started regular columns on sustainability-related issues. 

You can subscribe or follow this magazine for these reasons;

1. This publication is written in German and has a large number of fans all around the globe.

2. Published and released 3 times a year, the magazine brings a “fresh view on climbing.” The climax was the first climbing magazine to start a regular column that deals with sustainability-related issues and they’re a member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association and 1% for the planet.

3. The magazine reaches out to the tough climbing scene as well as to the young, urban, outdoor savvy public.

California Climber 

California has extraordinary unique and distinct geological formations that could provide numerous climbing adventures to both beginner climbers and professionals. For this reason, California Climber, an independent magazine dedicated to rock climbing in California was formed. It is free, seasonal climbing to help the climbers that are resident in California on their mission for a high-quality local cliff.

If you reside in California, the magazine can be a good companion, if not, then you can subscribe for these reasons;

1. It offers a detailed description and serves as a guide to climbers in helping them to navigate mountains and figure out the best climbing routes. 

2. You can subscribe to California Climber for $30 per year and get four issues of the magazine delivered to your doorstep.

3. It has awesome and appealing photography. Check out the online pdfs to see stories, pictures, and reviews that may entice you to buy the printed subscription.

4. Free at climbing gyms and retailers throughout the state of California. Otherwise, you will have to pay to have it delivered to you.

Reviews Of California Magazine On Amazon

1. According to Candance Scott, “This is a book geared more towards novice hikers than experienced ones. If you are new to the sport and have never laced up your boots, then this guide will help you immeasurably.”

2. From an Amazon customer “This guide allows all levels of climbers a chance to experience the beautiful mountains in California. As a college student, I need accurate depictions of the route, including time constraints and skill levels. This book is great for everyone.  

Gripped Magazine

Gripped is undoubtedly the most famous magazine published in Canada every 4 months. The unique method of storytelling of the mountaineers is the major strength of this magazine. In the modern world where the internet has become the mainstay for getting information, where you could easily get any publication in digital format. People find this Gripped magazine their best entertainer by telling stories about rock climbing, fatal experiences, and several climbing competitions.

You Can Subscribe To The Gripped Magazine For These Reasons;

1. The storytelling is always enjoyable and all-inclusive (bouldering, sport, trad, alpine, competition, it’s all there).

2. A fast but fun, easy-going, and engaging read geared towards all levels of climbers, focused on Canadian rock-climbing areas and climbers.

Review Of Gripped Magazine On Amazon

1. Elizabeth Smith said “My friend gave me this issue and got to say it’s the best magazine for outdoor adventure” 

2. Thomas Lance from the United States said “I look forward to every next issue of Gripped Magazine. It keeps me informed about recent developments in the world of climbing. Am already anticipating the next edition.” 

Escalar Magazine

Being a Spanish climbing magazine, which launched and release its first issue in 1997, Escalar quickly gained recognition and momentum among other magazines due to its lavish devotion towards reporting international mountaineering stories in a very magnetic way. The magazine offers some phenomenal climbing stories, photographs, training tutorials, and some inspirational interviews from professionals. 

You can order or subscribe to this Magazine for these reasons;

1. The Escalar publication is equally good both for the practical and armchair mountaineers because of the diversity in their stories. It is published both in print and digital versions. 

2. They have been committed to reporting on worldwide climbing news since 1997. They often feature stories, interviews, history, and training.

3. The magazine is worth all the hype because it has a broader feature list and “has been covering all things vertical for many years: mountaineering, climbing, BASE jumping, sky running, interviews, gear reviews, excellent photography, you name it.” -Ricardo Iriarte

4. Escalar is written in Spanish, available digitally or in print, and can be bought through a yearly subscription or publication issue.

It has reviews on Amazon written in Spanish.

Climber Magazine

Climber magazine offers all you need to know about both indoor and outdoor climbing, mountaineering, and bouldering. The print/digital issue is packed with gear reviews, interviews, comprehensive coverage of key news, detailed destination articles, and amazing photography.

The magazine is unique, popular and will be worth your time and money base on the following reasons;

1. It is a bi-monthly publication with 6 print / digital issues a year with an emphasis on indoor and outdoor rock climbing, bouldering, snow, and ice climbing.  

2. Whether experienced or new to climbing, it has something for everyone including important news, comprehensive destination articles, interviews, detailed gear reviews, opinion pieces, amazing photography, regular columnists, bouldering venues, expert coaching, and training advice.

3. Also, it offers a good price for the print version if you are residing in the US, though you can save up to $40 by getting the digital edition.

Reviews Of Climber Magazine On Amazon

1. Ruthie from the United States said “I have ordered Climbing magazine every year for want to say the past 25 years. Money so very well spent because my son loves it and he reminds me when it’s time for me to renew this jewel!”

2. In the words of Justin H Clark “Probably like this magazine most for the pictures, I had almost called it climbing porn. If you are new to the hobby and curious about climbing, this magazine lets you know what’s out there.”

Summit Magazine

Summit was the first monthly climbing and mountaineering magazine in America. It was founded in November 1955 by Jene Crenshaw and Helen Kilness in Big Bear City, California. The magazine became very influential in US climbing circles for its comprehensive reporting on climb walls, rock, ice, hills, or mountains. It offers professional advice and inspirational articles for all climbers, climbers, and mountaineers. It ran until 1989 and a new owner, David Swanson started the publication in 1990. 

You can subscribe to this magazine for these reasons;

1. The magazine is published 4 times a year, fully packed with needed skills and advice on how to become a better climber.

2. A quarterly magazine directed to British Mountaineering Club members. Get all the news from climbing to walking to mountaineering.

3. 2.99 British Pounds per issue through the Pocket Mags App – for both iPads and Android tablets. Or you can buy print via their store. Summit magazine is free for BMC members.

Reviews On Summit Magazine From Amazon

1. T. White from the United States said “Couldn’t put it down and am now sad that I have completed it. On the top of my all-time favorite books!”

2. Bret Landauer said “I never write reviews, but this was an excellent book. Very well written, it was tough to put down and had a fantastic finish I could not see coming. The great first novel, I am looking forward to his next.” 

SA Mountain Magazine

SA Mountain Magazine is South Africa’s only dedicated climbing magazine. The publication started fifteen years ago and have endeavored to serve their readers and advertisers in the best possible ways. South African Mountain magazine is published once every 4 months and it offers a wide range of articles on Mountaineering, Climbing, Trekking, and other mountain adventure sports.

You Can Subscribe To the SA Mountain to;

1. To enjoy insightful climbing and mountaineering news on South Africa’s dedicated climbing magazine.

2. Though due to Covid-19, they are not currently printing the hard copy, but you can read a free copy of the magazine online.

3. It helps you to increase your knowledge of the South African mountain terrain and other related climbing information.

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