Running In Converse- Is It Good?

Some people argue that converse shoes are ideal for running. However, the idea of running with converse is not appealing. Converse shoes are generally heavy and flat, meaning they lack arch support. Lightweight is the key when acquiring running shoes. Good running shoes must feature breathability, arch support, durability, responsiveness, and cushioning. All or most of these features don’t appear on converse shoes, making them unsuitable for running.  

Is It Reasonable To Run With Converse Shoes?

Is It Reasonable To Run With Converse Shoes

No, converse shoes are not meant for running. First, the shoes’ upper material is not breathable. The canvas upper lacks flexibility and snug fit found in running shoes. If you happen to wear your pair of converse shoes to the running trail, you will probably develop blisters that might lead to bacterial infections. No runner ever enjoys the level of disruption blisters cause while running. Additionally, remember converse shoes don’t have any cushioning at all. So, when on the trails, your body absorbs all impacts.

Now that we have established that converse shoes are not ideal for running, this article will look deep into the history of the original use of converse (Chucks) shoes, the drawbacks of using converse as running shoes, and the recommended right shoes for running.

The History Of Converse Shoes

The History Of Converse Shoes

The converse shoe company got established in 1908, but it produced the Converse All-Star sneakers in 1917 and introduced them as athletic footwear.

During that period, the All-Star sneakers were embraced by basketball players. In the 1940s, a good number of basketball players spotted the converse shoes on the playing field. It was ideal footwear for the game back then. Generally, the converse is the bestselling basketball shoe to date, thanks to the buying craze of the 1940s.

However, as things stand now, most basketball teams have abandoned converse and replaced them with modern athletic footwear.

The ideal purpose of converse shoes is to be used as a walking shoe; to be precise; they are short-distance walking shoes.

Drawbacks Of Using Converse Shoes As Running Shoes

1. Converse Can Injure Your Feet

Converse shoes don’t have any support that cushions runners’ feet. Using the shoe as a running pair over a long period will cause injuries to your feet and affect your performance. An injured foot to an athlete is similar to a flat car tire as you can’t be able to participate in further runs until you recover fully.

2. Converse Shoes Might Make Your Feet Over-Pronate

Running with converse shoes is detrimental. The shoes don’t have any form of supporting sole; hence, when landing, your feet absorb impact, which might develop flat feet commonly known for over-pronation.

3. Lack Of Heel support

Using converse, especially for hardcore jogging, is harmful to your heels. The shoe has no heel cushioning; hence, it might lead to Achilles tendonitis because of running with unsupported heels and ankles.

4. The Shoes Are Heavy

One attribute of good running shoes is weight. Running shoes need to be as lightweight as possible. Unfortunately, converse shoes’ weight is the opposite. The reason runners prefer lighter shoes is that they enable them to increase their running pace quickly without spending much energy lifting heavy shoes. With lightweight running shoes, changing direction becomes a smooth affair hence avoiding muscle tension and fatigue.

One attribute that makes converse heavy is its bulky gum sole molded from rubber.

5. They Are Non-Breathable

Professional runners prefer shoes with higher breathability traits. Non-breathable shoes such as converse lead to excessive sweating, which results in skin chaffing and blisters. A simple wrong decision like using converse shoes for running might end up upsetting you with bacterial infections.

6. Lack Of Shock Absorption

The significant difference between converse and modern running shoes is their inability to disperse impacts. Converse can’t absorb impacts when jogging or doing serious running on the trail or paved surfaces. Failure to deal with impacts means that your body is prone to injuries that are better avoided by simply acquiring the proper running footwear.

Contrary Opinion

Although all evidence points out that converse shoes are not ideal for running, some proponents argue the opposite. For instance, in 2011, Mark Remy from Runner’s world opted to experiment running in converse. After running for 4 miles, he advocated for the use of the converse in the running. He equated the shoes to cheap minimalist running shoes.

What Running Shoes Are An Alternative To Converse?

Running for pleasure or competition requires genuine running footwear. This article will briefly discuss the two best running shoes to consider when opting for running footwear.

1. Asics Gel-Kayano 22.

2. Hoka One One Bondi 6.

1. Asics Gel-Kayano 22

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The Asics Gel-Kayano is a well-cushioned running footwear ideal for long-distance running, and it is suitable for runners with flat feet. Its Gel-cushioning technology ensures that you enjoy exceptional comfort while focusing on your run.


1. Rear Foot And Forefoot Gel Cushioning

The Asics Gel cushioning offers unrivaled shock absorption to safeguard your feet from impacts.

2. Impact Guidance System

The Trustic system used to engineer the Kayano 22 improves your natural gait by providing a stable path.

3. Breathability

The mesh upper of the Asics Gel-Kayano 22 allows enough airflow to your feet to keep them dry and comfy.

2. Hoka One One Bondi 6

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The Hoka One One is the best running shoe featuring soft cushioning with excellent responsiveness. Its construction uses the meta-rocker technology that works with EVA Foam midsole to provide a heavenly running experience.


1. Lycra Comfort Frame

The Lycra frame ensures that the shoe mimics your heel’s curves to provide comfort.

2. Breathability.

Courtesy of the open engineered mesh, Hoka One One provides optimal breathability.

3. Molded EVA Midsole And Meta-Rocker

The EVA Foam featured in the midsole ensures added cushioning to your body, while the meta-rocker technology provides a smooth ride.


Are Converse Shoes Comfy?

Whether converse is comfy or not depends on your feet type. If you don’t sweat a lot and have flat feet, they are comfortable shoes for short-distance walks. However, if you have a substantial arch and sweat a lot, stay away from them.


The choice of the best running shoes is down to individual taste. Converse shoes are not ideal for running, but proponents argue in favor. They have a right to their opinion. They can run in whichever shoes they feel are suitable for them. However, the truth is proper running shoes such as Asics Gel-Kayano 22, and Hoka One One Bondi 6 can’t disappoint on the running trail.

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