Single Speed Bike-Why Hipsters Like It?

A single-speed bike or a fixie is any bicycle with a solitary gear ratio, and they boast as the only unsophisticated bike around. These bikes have no gear cables or derailleurs, meaning that they are cheaply and easily maintained compared to geared bicycles. Single-speed bikes are known to transfer pedal power with efficiency and are reputed for all-weather riding.

What Are The Common Characteristics Of Single-Speed Bikes?

The only characteristic common with all single-speed bikes is that they all boast a single gear speed. There is quite a variety of single-speed bikes available in the market today. They include; single-speed commuter bikes, single-speed mountain bikes, single-speed road bikes, single-speed cyclocross bikes, single-speed cruisers, and BMX bikes. Data points out that most fixies are urban bikes that are designed for short-distance riding.

The fixies mostly come with flat handlebars, with your riding position being either upright or semi-upright. The structure of the handlebars is meant to enhance visibility when riding in high-traffic areas.

The fixie’s frame is a bit sturdy as compared to geared bikes. Geared bikes are engineered for speed, whereas single-speed bikes are for short riding within urban areas.

Reasons Why Hipsters Identify With Single-Speed Bikes

No matter what, Hipsters will always be remain Hipsters. They like doing things their way, and you can’t stand in their way. Everything they do is fantastic, and they find a fixie to be an excellent riding companion. Hipsters are fixated with single-speed bikes because they view them as classic bikes. Given below are the reasons why a fixie is a to-go-to bike for modern Hipsters;

1. Fixies Are Simple And Classic

Hipsters find the fixies classic because they don’t come with the baggage of gears and derailleurs, which demand expertise handling. Riding a fixie is a simple process of peddling, balancing, and focusing on the terrain. Being a hipster brings an urge to identify with originality, and the single-speed is original since they are the genesis of bikes.

2. Affordability 

Unlike road bikes and mountain bikes, fixies are cheaply available and can be afforded by h

Hipsters who have just gotten out of college with no huge money to indulge in luxurious bikes like mountain bikes. You can pick a fixie for almost nil price and revamp it into road worth bike using a few dollars.

3. Fixies Are Easy To Customize

Hipsters have a limitless choice in customizing their fixies. In the Hipsters’ world, customization of their wheels involves acquiring colored tires or adding distinct markers to the upper frame.

4. Effortless Maintenance Of The Bike

 The chain of a single-speed bike presents fewer problems as compared to geared bikes. Since the chain was not designed for gears, you are assured of a smooth ride and more minor maintenance issues. You only have to ensure that the chain is tight before embarking on your journey. With proper care, the single-speed bike’s chain will last for a very long time. In addition to checking your bike’s chain, you should do a quick check on the tire, and you are free to ride.

5. Fixies Offer A Cool Experience.

Hipsters believe that they are the most fantastic guys around, hence needing an excellent bike that makes no or little noise. The coolness they crave is offered by the single-speed bike, which comes without grinding from wheel ratchets. The fixie’s chain has no cogs, hence rare cases of misalignment. Hipsters will enjoy the ride with no sound at all apart from the sound of their breathing.

6. Single-Speed Bikes Are Lightweight 

If you find yourself pushing your bike either uphill or downhill at any given moment, the single-speed bicycle is ultra-lightweight as it is not weighed down by the components included in other bikes. The bike’s lightweight means you will push it quickly without much fuss.

Frames Used In Single-Speed Bikes 

Single speed-bikes use frames made from; Steel, Aluminum, Carbon fiber, and titanium. 

The Best Single Speed Bikes

Here below are the best two single-speed bikes available in the market;

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1. The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

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The 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike is a stand-out single-speed bicycle in the market today. Besides the bike being quick, it is equally lightweight and durable.

Features Of The Urban Track Bike 

1. Frame And Fork

The Urban Track Bike is designed using a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame. The frame is uniquely designed such that it features double-butted alloy that has a smooth weld, thus the sleek top-notch appearance of the frame structure.

The bike also features an alloy fork and stainless steel that does exceptionally well in shock absorption while riding on bumpy tracks.

2. Saddle

The bike boasts a lightly padded and comfortable saddle.

3. Handlebars

The Urban Track Bike features a riser handlebar design that allows you to sit in almost an upright position, relieving back strain.

4. Drivetrain

The drivetrain of the Urban Track Bike has a wrapped rear hub that prevents the clogging of dirt in the drivetrain. If you desire freewheel riding at some point, the hub of the Urban Track Bike permits flipping around to enjoy the freewheel ride you crave.


1. Lightweight.

2. It features Double Brakes.

3. It is a faster bike.


1. Handlebars demand that you bend slightly, hence a slight discomfort to the back.

2. Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

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The Kedzie Single-speed bike is a versatile bike that can alternate between fixed gear and single gear speed. The bike oozes comfort and speed without compromising on your safety whereas you are riding.

Features Of The Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

1. Fixed Gear 

The bike features one gear speed that permits long stretch coasting on the road.

2. Steel Frame And Fork

The bike comes with a lightweight steel frame and fork. The frame is sturdy in that it can handle any challenge thrown its way.


1. Lightweight.

2. Durable.

3. Smooth ride.


1. Poor braking system

Choosing The Best Single-Speed Bike

It could be challenging to settle on the best single-speed bike that will suit your needs. However,  select the one that is durable, lightweight, and versatile.

The Takeaway

Even though Single Speed bikes are popular with Hipsters, anybody else can choose to ride them. If you feel that the fixie is the right bicycle for you to ride, go for it.

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