What Are The Top Bomber Jacket Brands Of 2021?

Like many fashion mainstays, the bomber has its beginnings in the military but has found its way around the world as diverse subcultures adopt it for its adaptable and fashionable looks. The bomber’s numerous variations over its illustrious history have made it all the more tempting to own, as they complement practically any style. A decent bomber is a must-have item for your wardrobe, whether you own one that stays true to its military roots or one that a designer has reimagined.

The bomber, as we know it now, has appeared in high fashion and streetwear everywhere. Many celebrities have worn the garment in a variety of ways, each expressing their unique style.

This article analyses the best bomber jacket brands in the market today. Nonetheless, first, we have to delve into the history of bomber jackets.

Main Bomber Jacket Designs

Main Bomber Jacket Designs

1. The A-1

In 1927, the US Army received the first mass-produced flying jacket, the A-1. Early variants comprised solid sheep leather with cotton linings, but later models feature goatskin or horsehide. The jacket was unique in that it had a button-up front, which is a feature that is much less frequent today. The jacket’s flyboy cool received further enhancement by a knitted collar, cuffs, and waistband, as well as two substantial flap pockets at the hip.

2. The Irvin Flying Jacket

The RAF Flying Jacket ‘Irvin’ was Britain’s response to the American bomber and the first incarnation of the shearling pilot jacket that kept hundreds of pilots warm during WWII. The Irvin, which first appeared in 1931, was fully lined and had a broader fit to accommodate heavy knitwear underneath. Despite being over a century old, its belted waist, zip-up cuffs, and wide collar influence contemporary designers.

3. The A-2

The A-2 bomber varied from the A-1 bomber in that it had a zip front rather than buttons, a leather collar rather than a knitted collar, and shoulder epaulets. The epaulets on the shoulders don’t feature in modern designs, and the pocket designs are streamlined, giving the jacket a cleaner profile and more contemporary feel.

4. The G-1

The G-1 jacket of the 1940s is identical to the A-1, with the addition of a sheepskin collar being the most apparent difference. The G-1 was a classic bomber type that got duplicated many times in the decades that followed it. The military used it until the Korean War in the 1950s.

  1. The MA-1

The MA-1 rewrote the rulebook for bombers when it first flew in 1950. The MA-1 was composed of lightweight nylon and had a unique bright orange lining to make stranded pilots more apparent to allies. It came about as a result of cost-cutting efforts and the growth of jet air travel. The MA-1 is the most instantly recognizable bomber type, with its basic zip front, slanted flap pockets, and zip arm pocket. Its subtle swagger has seen it extensively embraced in fashion and streetwear.

6. Modern Bomber Jackets 

Kim Jones is one of the most significant contemporary designers when it comes to bomber jackets. Jones catapulted the bomber into the spotlight during his seven-year tenure as Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director, displaying everything from an orange silk version for spring/summer 2015 to metallic and nylon variations for his farewell autumn/winter 2018 presentation.

From approximately 2011, more high-end labels, including Burberry, Lanvin, and Valentino, began to support the bomber, while cult brands like Vetements and Balenciaga debuted bigger versions of the MA-1, which have now become a standard streetwear style.

The 5 Best Bomber Jackets Of 2021

1. Coofandy Men Bomber Jacket

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The Coofandy Bomber is a masterpiece in simplicity. It comprises high-quality polyester, which is lightweight, durable and pleasant, and soft to wear. It does not shrink or pill, making it an excellent choice for the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Bomber Jackets are timeless. This men’s stylish flight jacket will never go out of style, with its ribbed stand-up collar, elasticized ribbed cuffs and hemline, zipper front, and slim fit, making you seem current and relaxed in everyday life. This well-priced jacket is ideal for individuals searching for a simple, attractive bomber that can work with almost everything.

2. Not So Ape Streetwear Back Logo Bomber Jacket

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For a good reason, the Not So Ape Streetwear Back Logo Bomber jacket is a staple on every “best bombers” list. This bomber gives a more contemporary version of the iconic garment with a water-resistant, recycled polyester mix fabrication—snap fasteners on two side pockets, hems with ribbed edging, and lined in orange. The sleeve pocket is a welcome homage to its military history, and the form keeps the classic bomber shape. When you factor in its low price, you’ve got yourself a must-have bomber.

3. Tacvasen Bomber Jacket

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What’s fantastic about Tacvasen is that their products always manage to combine comfort, functionality, style, and innovation. It’s no different with their Tacvasen Bomber. The ultra-modern bomber is made of cotton and has a zipper fastening.

On the left, you’ll find the zipper head, full zip-up with a stylish stand-up collar. It has a snug fit, ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem, and it features two slash zipper pockets on the front, one pencil pocket on the left sleeve, and one inside pocket on the chest that has a warm and fashionable orange polyester lining.

4. Filson Quilted Bomber

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Without Filson, would that “best jacket” list be complete? Filson’s Alcan bomber features a PrimaLoft insulator, the military’s preferred insulation brand in the 1980s. Filson’s Alcan Quilted Jacket is everything you’d expect from a hunting label. The bomber’s heavy-duty wax canvas exterior is interwoven with Cordura ballistic nylon, resulting in a long-lasting, waterproof, and weatherproof bomber.

5. Madhero Lightweight bomber

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Consider this simple bomber jacket for the gentleman who isn’t into the flair and prefers well-made classics. Ribbed hem and cuffs, a slim collar, and a conventional zip-sleeve pocket are all smart features. There’s no reason to deviate from the tried-and-true trademarks.

Tips On How To Wear A Bomber Jacket

1. Always opt for bomber jackets that have excellent stitching.

2.  For the most classic look, go with a basic, unadorned bomber.

3. The jacket should be leather, suede, or cloth in traditional hues like brown, blue, or green. Avoid wearing black since it is too formal for a casual jacket.

4. The jacket should be a good fit; it shouldn’t be oversized or undersized, and it should be able to zip up and be worn as regular outerwear.

5. Wear a bomber or flight jacket with khakis, denim, cords, and button-down shirts for an upscale casual look.

6. With casual textures like knit ties and checkered shirts, a bomber looks terrific.

7. Avoid extremely casual shoes like trainers and dressier shoes like loafers. Instead, choose leather or canvas shoes that match the jacket’s functional-cool look, such as work boots or brogues.

8. Don’t wear a bomber jacket over another heavy garment since it adds too much bulk.


The style, reputation, quality, and creativity of these jackets make them stand out. The bomber jacket is only as good as you make it. There’ll be one to fit your style, especially since it’s now available in a broader range of fabrics.

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