Top Fishing Reel Brands

Are you a fishing enthusiast and looking for the top reel brands that can satisfy your needs? Look no more. We have done our research and come up with a list of the top 10 fishing reel brands that are exceptional and will serve you just the way you like it. The good thing is that, under each reel, we have what it is best for to make it easy for you to identify one that best suits your needs.

In this article, we have put together details of the best fishing reels just for you. We have a comparison table that will help you compare the different brands and settle for one that is best for you. We also have factors that you should consider when making a decision on which brand deserves you. That is not all, we have a section for questions that you may be asking yourself, but we have not answered in the article.

This article will help you get the best reel brand without a doubt. Read on for more information.

Top Fishing Reel Brands

This is a list of all the ten brands with the best seller of each one. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go through the article, this section will enable you to pick out some brands and their outstanding qualities.

1. Shimano: Best Innovators

This company was founded as a bicycle parts manufacturer in Japan in the year1927. In 1970, the company introduced the fishing reels, and their success story began in 1972. They’re innovators who have come up with technology in the fishing world.

Best Seller: Shimano SLX DC

2. Daiwa: Best For High Class.

Daiwa started in 1955, producing single lines of spinning reels, and expanded in 1966. They produced quality fishing reels that are great for freshwater and saltwater.

Bestseller: Daiwa BG800 Saltwater Spinning Rod.

3. Kastking: Pocket Friendly

It was founded in New York by college students who wanted to help anglers get good fishing products at a lower price. These anglers helped them develop ideas for the best fishing reels, and most of them cost less than $50.

Bestseller: kastking Summer And Centron Spinning Reels

4. Abu Garcia: Smoothest 

It started as a watch-making company in 1920. They began designing fishing reels, and in the late 1950s, the public’s ambassador line of reels was noticed. Their antique can go for thousands of dollars.

Bestseller: Abu Garcia Black Max&Max X Low Profile Bait Caster

5. Okuma: Best For Beginners

This company started in the mid-1980s, and their designs include bait casters, spinners, saltwater, freshwater, and fly. These reels are popular with beginners.

Bestseller: Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

6. Zebco: Best Deep-Sea Reels

It started in the 1940s, and the founder was a watchmaker. Their fishing reels are heavy-duty and quality for the deep sea. They make spin casters that are popular among kid s because they are tangle-free.

Bestseller: Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Fishing Reel

7. Lew’s: Best Spinning Reels

The founder of this company used to sell shrimp to local anglers, and later on, he started making his rods before he got into the reel. 1979, his first bait caster was born. This company is popular for producing teardrop reels.

Bestseller: Lew’s Mach 2 Speed Spin Fishing Reel

8. Pflueger: Best For Freshwater

It started in 1880, producing fishing tackles. A few years later, they introduced glow in dark lures. In 1916, their reel-making journey begun. They mostly produced rod and reel combos.

Bestseller: Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Rod

9. Piscifun: Best For Saltwater

It started in 2013, and they produced spinning, bait casting, and fly reels. Their products are of high quality and functionality. They are famous for the large sealed drag fly reels.

Bestseller: Piscifun Spark Pro Baitcasting Reel

10. Penn: Best For Experienced

It was started in 1932, and the second design put it on the map. This design had both a casting lever and a star drag wheel. Their first products worked in saltwater perfectly.

Bestseller: Penn Battle Two Spinning Fishing Reel

Comparison Table 

This section features a comparison table to help you compare all the product features side by side. From this table, you can easily tell the specific features and pick one that stands out for you.

Brand Name BestsellerSpecs Rating  Out Of 5Best For 
ShimanoStable spool design, hagane body, intelligent digital control.4.8Innovators 
DaiwaAnodized aluminum housing, braided line, infinite anti-reverse system.4.8High class
KastkingGood looking, smooth performance, graphite frame. 4.6Pocket friendly 
Abu GarciaComfortable, lightweight, Mag Trax brake system.4.6Smoothest 
OkumaPowerful, machined aluminum spool, anti-reverse spool.4.7Beginners 
ZebcoPowerful, reliable, smooth retrieval, versatile use.4.7Deep-sea 
PfluegerStainless steel body, graphite body, carbon fiber drag system.4.7Freshwater 
Lew’sTen bearing systems, lightweight, zero reverse systems.Spinning reels
PiscifunDouble shaft, high precision machined gears, ergonomic handle.4.5Saltwater 
PennSuperline spool metal body, CNC gears.4.8Experienced anglers 

Top Fishing Reel Brands

In this section, we will take you through the details of each brand of fishing reel. We will give you a brief history of how it started and the features that will help you decide.

1. Shimano: Best Innovators

Shimano started in 1927 in Japan. It started as a bicycle spare parts manufacturer and got known for brilliant engineering and ingenious technology innovations. In 1970, they formed a fishing reel niche which was very successful. In 1972, they introduced the DUX Auto series. After the DUX Auto Series, the innovators introduced the Bantam zoo reel. This was the first ultralight bait caster. It was very big with a microwave computer inside.

Best Selling Shimano Reel: Shimano SLX DC

Item weight0.22kg
Item dimensions(L×W×H)6×6×6
Material Aluminum 


1. Shimano Stable Spool Design (S3D).

This S3D technology reduces spool vibration and creates a smooth feeling when you cast and retrieve lures.

2. Super Free Spool.

This is because it was free of friction.

3. Hagane Body.

 The body is a metal reel body. The stiffness and resistance reduce body flexing due to its strength.

4. Intelligent, Diligent Control.

This is the newest innovation of these fishing reels. It has an externally adjusted break dial, which is easy to use.

2. Daiwa: Best For High Class 

Daiwa came into existence around 1955, and they focused on spinning feels. This brand has been having a gradual growth. In 1966, they dominated a large part of the western hemisphere fishing tackle market. Lately, they have been recognized for producing high class and commitment to fine craftsmanship.

The manufacturer is focused more on making freshwater rods and reels, although they also make saltwater rods and reels. Many freshwater reels are for spinning and outcasting, but they have few fly reels. They have two known reel lines: heavy-duty, sturdy sealed ball-bearing, and light and tough (LT) constructed from lightweight alloys.

Best Selling Daiwa Fishing Reel: Daiwa BG800BG Spinning Reel

Item weight1 pound
Item dimensions6×5×4


1. Black Anodized Machines Aluminum Housing. 

The aluminum housing is strong and durable. It also makes it resist corrosion. 

2. It Has An Infinite Anti-Reverse System.

This system ensures that you don’t lose your catch.

a) It has a braided line-ready spool and a waterproof drag system.

b) It is a solid screw-in handle, air rotor, dynamic cut aluminum  ABS spool.

c) Manual return bail.

3. Kastking: Pocket Friendly

This company was founded in New York by college students. They wanted to make life easier for the anglers. They made sure their prices were very low by removing intermediaries. In designing their reels, they got suggestions from anglers who use their products. This brand is well-known for its low prices and value, with a higher percentage of their reels falling below $50.

Best Selling Kastking Fishing Reel: Kastking Summer And Centron Spinning Reels

Item weight0.7pounds
Package dimensions5.24×4.96×3.74
Material Aluminum, graphite


1. Premium Quality Inner Parts.

 These fishing reels have a shaft made of hardened metal and a perfect mesh drive gear.

2. Good Looking

They are attractive from their brilliant finish with two colors of the anodized aluminum spool.

3. Smooth Performance

Centron’s nine quality ball bearing with one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing. These features give it ultrasmooth performance.

4. Lightweight.

 This reel is made with a narrow graphite frame. It also has a computer balancing system that works with high performance.

4. Abu Garcia: Smoothest

Abu Garcia started as a watch and taximeter maker in the 1920s. Demands for these products declined during WW2, and they had to look for an alternative source of income. Göte, son of the founder, loved fishing which led to him designed fishing reels. These designs caught the eyes of Garcia Corporation, the largest fishing gear by then. Antique Abuse Garcia reels are costly. This brand is best known for smooth spinning reels. 

Best selling Abu Garcia Fishing Reel: Garcia Black Max&Max X Low Profile Baitcaster.

Item weight0.03kg
Item dimensions6.5×6.5×.69


1. Comfortable.

 This fishing reel combines a machine’s aluminum spool with an ergonomic bent handle. This supports all-day fishing trips.

2. They Are Lightweight.

This is due to their one-piece graphite frame.

3. MagTrax Brake Systems

These brakes help boost accuracy when casting.

4. These Reels Have Four Stainless Steel Ball-Bearing.

This stainless steel makes it corrosion-resistant.

5. Okuma

Thus fishing brand joined the fishing tackle market in the 1980s, making it quite new in the fishing field. The company designs spinners and bait casters. These products are popular in the USA, although most are manufactured in Taiwan. 

These reels are pocket-friendly and good for beginners who have an idea of researching a perfect product that will satisfy your needs. Seasoned fishermen mostly know their mid-priced reels.

Best Seller: Okuma Ceymar Spnning Reel

Item weight0.5 pounds
Material synthetic


1. These Fishing Reels Have A Powerful Multi-Disc Drag System. 

This system uplifts and extends the fighting power of the reel.

2. They Have Seven Balls Bearing And One Roller Bearing.

This ball bearing gives it ultimate smoothness.

3. They Have An Aluminum Spool.

Aluminum ensures that these reels are strong and durable.

4. C-65 Size Includes An Ergonomic Grip Handle.

This grip gives it exceptional cranking power.

6. Zebco

The founder of this company was a watchmaker. It started in the 1940s and grew as a maker of many outdoor items. Fishing gear is among the best products it’s known for. It has many smaller fishing companies yet remaining among the best fishing equipment supplies. This company makes good quality deep see reels, meaning that they are good for saltwater fishing. They also design Spinning reels popular among kids.

Best Selling Zebco Reel; Zebco Omega Pro Spin Cast Fishing Reel.

Item weight 10.6 ounces
Item dimension1×1×1
Material Aluminum 


1. These Reels Are Powerful.

They feature an aluminum cover, an extra dual-paddle handle. 

2. It Has Instant Anti-Reverse Technology.

This helps secure your catch.

3. It Has Seven Bearings, A 19-Inch Retrieve Rate, Right/Left Hand Retrieve.

The gears are made of metal, withstanding any challenge in its way.

4. It Has A Mono-Capacity Of 8/10.

This makes the fishing reel ideal for heavy species such as bass and Walleye.

7. Lew’s

This company started as a small shrimp shop in 1949. The founder, Lew loved fishing, so he started planting bamboo to make his rods since the ones that were there were not good enough for him. During his search for bamboo to plant, he met investors who helped him fund his idea. In 1979, the launcher Lew’s speed spool Baitcaster. This company is known for its teardrop reels. American fishers mostly use these spinning reels.

Best Selling Lew’s Fishing Reels: Lew’s Mach 2 Speed Spin Fishing Reel 

Item weight0.7 pounds
Item dimensions6×6×4
Material synthetic


1. Ten Bearing Systems.

These fishing reels have ten bearing systems made of stainless steel.

2. They Are Lightweight.

 High strength C40 carbon skeletal speed rotor ensures their weight is light.

3. They Have A Zero-Reverse System 

This ensures that they are rock solid and reliable.

8. Pflueger

This brand was originally known as Enterprise Manufacturing Company. Pflueger was started in 1880 as a manufacturer of fishing tackle. It then introduced glowing fishing lures in the market. This marked the revolution of the fishing tackle market. As a pure and hook maker, the company enjoyed its success and began making reels in 1916. The first reel they made was the Pflueger Bait cast. Today, the company has few reels, but they still enjoy perfect brand loyalty in the fishing industry.

Pflueger company has put most of its attention in producing rod and reel combos. These combos have proven to be among the cherished ones by the public due to their low price. This has been evidenced by their increased sales yearly. The company makes bait casters, flies, trolling rings, and spinners that are good in freshwater, making saltwater rigs.

Best Selling Pflueger Fishing Reel: Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Rod.  

Item weight6.46 pounds
Material Aluminum 
1. It Has A Bearing System.

This system has a stainless steel ball-bearing that is corrosion resistant.

2. This Fishing Reel Has A Graphite Body And Rotor.

This makes it lightweight.

3. It Has A Carbon Fiber Drag System.

This provides powerful drag, along with smoothness.

4. It Has ‘B’ At The End Of The Model Number.

 This represents the type of packaging.

9. Piscifun

This is a young company that was started in the year 2013. Its main focus is updating products. Their commodities are often updated, making them be of high quality. The company is mainly specialized in fly fishing reels, baitcasting, and spinning. Piscifun has a strong foothold in producing reels, but they also manufacture other fishing equipment such as tackle boxes and backpacks.

They mostly produce large-scaled drag fly reels and open design bait casters that are excellent in both fresh and saltwater. Piscifun company will be a leader in producing fly reels and attract a large percentage of saltwater market share soon.

Best Selling Piscifun Fishing Reels: Piscifun Spark Pro Baitcasting Reel

Package weight0.2kg
Package dimensions5.59×4.8×2.83
Material Aluminum 


1. It Has A Double Shaft

The double shaft supported lime wind increases the durability, stability, and overall performance of the reel.

2. It Has The High-Precision Machined Gear.

This reduces the weight of the reel without interfering with its strength and durability.

3. Ergonomic Handle Design.

This feature reduces the jiggling of the rod and reel in your hand as you crank hence using lessons energy.

10. Penn

Penn was found in 1932 in a loft. The founder, Machinist Otto, was offered a production contract. His second design, Long Beach, is the one that put him on the map. It was the first reel to have both a casting lever and a star drag wheel. The fishing reel is known for its dependability in ocean fishing. They work with skilled personnel in their production. This personnel can analyze and make used reels as good as new from their experience in repair.

Best Selling Penny Fishing Reel: Penn Battle Two Spinning Fishing Reel

Item weight100g
Item dimensions5×4×3
Material Stainless steel metal


1. Super Line Spool. 

This spool requires no backing since it is ‘braid ready. It has a rubber gasket to keep the super line from slipping.

2. Full Metal Body And Side Plate.

 The metal body of this reel keeps it tough and rigid. It keeps gears protected and in alignment.

3. It Is Equipped With CNC Gears.

 Software and CNC machinery have been used to cut the drive, pinion, and oscillation gears for maximum precision.

4. HT 100 Carbon Fiber Drag Washers Finish.

These washers ensure that they do not corrode in saltwater.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Fishing Reel Brand

 With all the reels brands in the market today, you can easily get confused on which one to settle for. What are the key considerations when choosing a reel brand? Let’s look at some factors to consider to get the best and most functional reel.

1. Reputation

Everyone who knows the field of fishing would want to ensure that they choose a brand that has earned respect in the market by having a good reputation. A good brand will have great customer reviews, and their products will look the part. If you are starting to fish, you can read reviews of different brands online or ask seasoned anglers for their recommendation.

2. Price Range

Are you comfortable with the price range of the product off-brand you want to buy? Before you decide on which brand you want to purchase your fishing reel from, ensure that you can afford it with ease. Sometimes brands may have cheap fishing reels that give ultimate results compared to expensive reels. In case that you have financial difficulties, then buy your fishing reel from a pocket-friendly brand.

3. Durability

Does the brand you want to buy your fishing reel produce the reels that will have a long life span? Or will the reel become useless after just a short time of fishing? The durability of products made from the same company may be different, but at least ensure that your purchase can work for a reasonable time before it wears out. 

4. Customer Service 

Customer service displays the overall performance of a company. You would rather consider using a product from a company that responds positively and have a warm welcome to complaints or problems of the customers as long as the product is decent enough to work than going to a technologically advanced company that pays no attention to your concerns.

5. Technology 

You will prefer using the products that have been technologically advanced to meet the gradual changes of the market. You can’t use old version fishing reels and expect to compete favorably with anglers using up-to-date fishing reels. 

6. Environmental Policy

Before buying a fishing reel, ensure that the brand adheres to environmental requirements. It should not violate green policies and have negative effects on the surrounding. As part of your responsibility to take care of the planet, ensure that you buy an environmentally friendly fishing reel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will take you through the questions that we think you might be asking yourself but we have not answered in the article yet. 

1. What Are The Types Of Fishing Reels?

There are four types of fishing reels. Fitting your rod with the necessary reel is extremely important because every reel needs different skills and functions. The four types of reels are spin cast, bait casting, spinning, and fly reels.

Spincast is the best reel designed for children as they are easy to operate. It may not be good for you if you want to be an extreme angler.

Bait casters are really difficult to operate since it requires high accuracy. This reel requires heavy lunes and lures. It is best for highly experienced anglers and not beginners.

Spinning reels are the ones that anglers of all levels can use. Its design makes the spool have perfect line capacity and exchange easily when needed. This reel is not great for heavy lines. 

2. Are Expensive Fishing Reels Worth It?

Yes. The excellent performance and durability of your rod may depend on how much you will bug it. You may notice the difference in how perfect the reel is and how sensitive the rod is when you use expensive ones compared to cheap ones. 

3. Is Zebco A Good Fishing Brand?

Zebco is a good fishing brand, as the combination of its fishing rod and reel performs excellently when used. This combination gives even amateur anglers the advantage of catching more fish. They can also be used to fish at any time.

Final Word 

As well come to the end of this article, we are hopeful that you have gained some knowledge. We are confident that you can now decide with ease which brand is best for you. This will mainly depend on your needs and how deep you can go into your pocket. Just ensure that it will be a good decision

We cannot finish without telling you our best. Our pick is SHIMANO. This brand has the title of innovation. They are in the frontline when it comes to technological advancements. Their reels have metal bodies which ensure that they are sturdy for any weather that may come in their way. They also are free of friction, making the spool free.

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