The Top 5 Work Backpacks

A backpack is the most classy and comfy method to carry your laptop, books, and everything else you need for the day when you’re commuting to work. A backpack is more comfortable than a messenger bag, contains more than a briefcase, and is more fashionable than a rolling bag.

Aside from a laptop sleeve that fits your laptop, the finest business backpack will include features that match your specific demands, such as locking zippers and concealed compartments for added security or a built-in tech organizer that organizes cables and cords. If you travel for work regularly, a backpack with a fold-out computer pocket that is easy to load and unload can help you go through security faster.

If you’re looking for the best office backpacks, there’s a good chance you’ll find one on the list below.

List Of The 5 Best Backpacks For Work






A Comparison Table Of The Best Five Work Backpacks

Backpack TypeWhat Is It Best for?MaterialDimensionsWeightRatings Out of 5 Stars
TIMBUK2 Authority BackpackBest for Tech guysPolyester18.9 by 11.8 by 5.1 inches2.6 pounds4.6
Fjällräven Raven 28L Best for business tripsPoly-cotton mix19 by 13 by 9 inches2.2 pounds4.8
Chrome 30 L Urban Ex 2.0 Roll Top Best for BikersPolyester with nylon lining24 by 16.5 by 7 inches2.5 pounds4.1
Rains Backpack MiniBest for stylish menVinyl17 by 10.5 by 4 inches1.6 pounds4.4
Topo Designs Men’s Rover PackBest for guys who prefer mountaineers look Nylon18 by 12 by 3 inches1.6 pounds4.6

A Review Of The 5 Best Work Backpacks

Review Of Best Work Backpacks

A small, compact backpack may be sufficient for some individuals (and will not obstruct public transit). Still, if you work out before or after work, a roomier alternative containing some extra gear may prevent the need to bring a separate gym bag. Similarly, a backpack-cooler combination is a space-saving option if you carry your lunch to work.

Finally, because you’ll be carrying it on your back, think about how it looks. We’ve chosen various designs and colors to help you dress for the job you desire, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your bag (so to speak).

1. Best For Tech Guys: The TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack

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If you want to carry a lot of electronics and your main worry is keeping it all organized and secure, this is a wonderful backpack with a lot of room. Furthermore, its appearance is appropriate for an office atmosphere.


The Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack stores and organizes many goods without bulging or appearing too techy. It features a strong polyester shell that protects it from bumps and bruises while you carry it to and from the office, and it comes with a lifetime fault warranty. Even more importantly, slinging it over your shoulder is a pleasurable experience.

You can be sure that your walk to work will always be enjoyable, thanks to the bag’s strong cushioned straps and back panel. The pack’s fit is solid and pleasant owing to a detachable sternum strap that connects the two shoulder straps and an air-mesh vented back panel that reduces back perspiration.

The Timbuk2 Authority’s large number of pockets and compartments let you organize everything you wish to bring into precise areas, making it easier to find what you need. The rear compartment and the main pocket in the bag’s center section can hold a notepad or a laptop up to 17 inches. A huge zipper bag, two open pockets, and two pen slots are among the storage possibilities in the front compartment.

The two outer zipper pockets on the front are ideal for smaller items you need to access often, such as an external power pack and an SD card. A baggage pass-through on the rear connects to a carry-on handle, which is a great addition.

Flaws: Although the Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe can comfortably store a wide array of computing gear, it lacks the capacity of other bags in its category. It is also pricey.

Product Specifications

1. Bag Dimensions: 18.9 by 11.8 by 5.1 inches

2. Weight: 2.6 pounds

3. Water-bottle holders: one

4. Bag Warranty: lifetime against defects in material

5. Maximum laptop size: 17 inches

6. Colors available: navy blue, black, dark gray, gray, and tan

2. Best For Business Trips: Fjällräven Raven 28L 

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This bag offers enough room for an overnight business trip and enough organization to grab items quickly in a TSA queue, as well as a structure and design that will still look nice when you get at the office after a red-eye flight.


This Fjällräven Räven 28 Backpack is tough, water-resistant, and packed with compartments, but it’s most importantly comfortable to wear for a long day on the road. It has a pair of exterior water-bottle pockets that may serve as holsters for travel papers like a boarding pass or a customs form, and its internals are well-organized.

This backpack is big enough for a 15-inch laptop, business gear, a change of clothing, and a pair of narrow shoes, yet it fits nicely below your seat while you’re flying.

A big open area and a second pocket for organizing paperwork, slipping in a binder, or keeping a tablet for in-flight entertainment are available in the laptop compartment.

The center zipped compartment has enough storage for a change of clothing, shoes, and a hygiene kit, so you won’t have to shove them out of the way to get to your laptop. Pens, business cards, adapters, and wires that might normally roll around in the main compartment are easily accessible in the other arranged compartments on the front of the bag.

The Räven 28 backpack is made of a tough poly-cotton mix that’s also water-resistant. You may get the bag waxed like a storm coat if you need further protection.

This bag isn’t as boxy, and the marking isn’t as prominent. The company provides nine more color options to suit various personal tastes, including a businesslike black and a fascinating navy blue.

Flaws, But Not Deal Breakers 

Both water bottle pockets are near the bag’s sides. This shape prevents them from seeming flabby while they’re empty, but it also means that your bottles may be a tight fit; a fully loaded bag may even swell enough to prevent bottles from fitting into the pockets.

Product Specifications 

1. Bag Dimensions: 19 by 13 by 9 inches

2. The Weight: 2.2 pounds

3. Water-bottle holders: two

4. Bag Warranty: lifetime (does not include accidental damage)

5. Maximum laptop size: 15 inches, with room

6. Colors available: dusk, storm, redwood, black, navy, dark olive, blue ridge, deep blue, dandelion, super grey, chestnut

3. Best For Bikers: Chrome 30 L Urban Ex 2.0 Roll Top 

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If you commute to your workplace by bike, you’ll need a backpack that’s both durable and comfy. It should also be large enough to accommodate all of your belongings, including a helmet, a bike lock, a water bottle, a jacket, and jeans.


The Chrome Urban Ex Rolltop 30L Backpack is entirely waterproof, has a tough shell, and has a capacity of 30 liters. The backpack is large enough to contain everything a bike commuter requires while still manageable.

The main compartment’s roll-top closure lets you effortlessly extend it when you need to fit a lot of stuff in or compact it for smaller loads.

It also has two interior pockets: one with a padded laptop sleeve that fits a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and another with slots for a phone and a few pencils, as well as a key ring. On the top, there’s a waterproof zip-up pocket.

The Urban Ex Rolltop is easy to find, reasonably priced, and has a limited lifetime guarantee. It also contains MOLLE loops on the exterior to clip on a helmet, a U-lock, a light, or other bicycle gear, as well as adjustable buckles across the chest to keep the pack tight while you’re riding.

Although it’s a good idea to add extra reflectors and lights for night riding, the reflective strips on the Urban Ex Rolltop are thicker than those on some of the other bags we examined (which is important for visibility during golden-hour and early-morning rides).

When it comes to comfort, the Urban Ex Rolltop’s back and shoulders are plush and nicely cushioned, with mesh and built-in openings for ventilation. Thanks to the twin handle on the top and side, the bag is easy to grip and carry.


The Urban Ex Rolltop is the largest of the eight bike-friendly versions we evaluated. And, while we think its huge size is a positive, other people, particularly casual commuters, may find it excessively unwieldy. Compared to the other bags we evaluated, this one features a less easy closing, requiring you to roll up the top and secure the ends with side buckles. Finally, there is no dedicated location for a water bottle on the Urban Ex Rolltop.

Product Specifications 

1. Bag Dimensions: 24 by 16.5 by 7 inches

2. The Weight: 2.5 pounds

3. Water-bottle holders: none

4. Warranty: lifetime

5. Maximum laptop size: 15-inch laptop

6. Colors: black, khaki, red

7. Build – This nylon backpack is 600D polyester, PU, and TPU backing with a 70D liner.

4. Best For Stylish Men: Rains Backpack Mini

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If all you need to bring is a little laptop, a meaty novel, and a light sweater, the sleek and thin Rains Backpack Mini is a good choice.


If you’re going to wear a backpack every day, it should be stylish, but it should also be practical, comfy, and well-organized. The Rains Backpack Mini’s sleek, minimalist lines keep things professional, but it also comes in various vibrant hues ranging from subtle to bold. This bag is as at home with business-casual office attire or a pair of denim overalls.

The Rains bag combines excellent organization with a small size, ideal for commuting. It features a zipped portion to keep your phone and transit pass secure, and its tiny, flat design makes it less likely to collide with someone when racing to catch a train. 

You may slide it off your back and hold it by its top handle when the train is too busy for backpacks.

The Rains doesn’t have much capacity inside, but its laptop pouch and inside zipped pocket will keep your essentials organized (such as your laptop and phone chargers), with enough for a few additional small items if required.

The magnetic flap snaps and carabiner lock on the Rains bag make it difficult for criminals and curious friends to break into your luggage while you’re not looking.

The Rains backpack’s waterproofing is also a plus. You may use the Rains backpack regularly during thunderstorms, and your belongings will always be dry. 

Finally, the Rains backpack is one of the most economical compact bags we evaluated, with an appropriate two-year guarantee.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers 

The Rains Backpack Mini’s small straps make it less comfy than competing backpacks with thicker straps. However, because the bag can’t hold a large load in the first place, you will spare your shoulders the pressure.

Product Specifications 

1. Rains Dimensions: 17 by 10.5 by 4 inches

2. Bag Weight: 1.6 pounds

3. Water-bottle holders: none

4. Warranty: two years; 30 days return policy

5. Maximum laptop size: 13 inches

6. Colors available: black, light gray, lavender, and mint green

5. Best For Guys Who Prefer Mountaineers Look: Topo Designs Men’s Rover Pack

No products found.

The Rover Pack is for you if you’re a practical city worker who likes a mountain aesthetic.


The Topo Rover Pack blends a camp style (with colors ranging from bright to mute) with a functional design that’s ideal for subway rides. Its primary compartment is a huge bucket with a barrier for your laptop that can readily extend to house a range of items—notebooks, chargers, books, lunch containers, and headphones. 

The Rover Pack cinches up with a buckle-down flap to keep the top covered for security. The bag’s outer zipped pockets are large enough to contain a portable charger, a snack, and cables. A travel cup and a water bottle fit well in the bag’s two extendable side pockets.

The pack is light, and the shoulder straps are cushioned and soft, so it will be incredibly comfortable even after you’ve packed it with all of your job requirements. Its fabric is also water-resistant, so you can be confident that your gear will stay dry if it rains.


The Topo Rover Pack’s front pockets are a touch on the small side. The exterior pocket of a backpack should ideally be large enough to hold a small book so that you don’t have to unbuckle, uncinch, and search through the interior to find anything to read during your commute. However, if you prefer to read on your Kindle or listen to a podcast, this will not be an issue.

Product Specifications 

1. Bag Dimensions: 18 by 12 by 3 inches

2. Weight: 1.6 pounds

3. Water-bottle holders: two

4. Available Warranty: lifetime against defects in materials and artistry

5. Maximum laptop size: 15 inches

6. Colors: Red/Black/White/Purple/turquoise/Charcoal

Quick Tips On Choosing The Best Work Backpack

Tips On Choosing The Best Work Backpack

Carrying a briefcase to work isn’t for everyone. We realize that sometimes you want to keep your hands free for your phone and your morning coffee. What you’ll need in these situations is a stylish bag that appears just as good and formal as your standard briefcase. Here are helpful hints for selecting the finest suit-friendly backpack.

Tip 1: Material

You might easily appear like you’re bringing your primary school backpack to work if you choose the wrong material. Quality and sophisticated backpacks are required to preserve a stylish and professional image in front of your boss and coworkers. One of the better selections is usually leather. Your backpack’s rich texture and unusual design give it a luxurious feel, and it’s the safest pick for any formal dress. Vegan leather is a good choice if you seek a more cost-effective solution.

Tip 2: Design & Style

Is there a luxury bag with a brand printed all over it? It looks great with your weekend clothing, but it’s a little too dressy for the workplace and boardroom. A subtle and simple design would be ideal for many sectors and working situations. Another advantage of a basic design is that it is highly adaptable and may be worn with various holiday outfits.

Tip 3: Functionality

While style is vital, you should never overlook the importance of functionality. Many individuals bring computers or tablets to work, and some need to bring essential documents with them while meeting with customers. As a result, a water-resistant backpack is necessary to protect valuables from rainfall and splashes.

Tip 4: Weight And Volume

Before placing your purchase, remember to pay special attention to the laptop compartment. Always make sure it’s large enough for your devices and made of cushioned material to provide extra protection. A backpack made of light nylon material is ideal for carrying a lot to work or commuting because it will never weigh you down.


Although everyone’s definition of an ideal backpack is different, all of the backpacks we’ve featured can handle a laptop and its power source, are comfortable to wear for a whole commute, and are attractive. These are backpacks for people who travel on crowded buses and trains.  They are also ideal for those who use bikes in the rain, tech guys, and those who want the main compartment that’s a black hole. 

Fashion-conscious individuals, those who want something small and super stylish, the road warriors who fly frequently, and fitness-minded people who bring their gym gear to work also embrace our list of backpacks.

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