Trampoline Park Equipment Cost (List Of Equipments & Pricing)

The trampoline park industry in the US is estimated to be worth $1.6 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% between 2018 and 2023.

The industry has been around for a long time, but it has recently been introduced with new innovations that have led to an increase in the number of installations.

The cost of equipment can vary depending on the brand and type of equipment. The total cost to build a trampoline park may range from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 if you want this part a fully functional one. (According toIATP)

Trampoline Park Costs Typically Include The Following:

1. Most trampoline floors can be purchased by the square foot, but some can cost up to $50K in case you have a larger area to cover or want access to different colors.

2. A basketball hoop costs from $20 to $50.

3. Trampoline business owners spend anywhere from $100 to $500 on various types of toys. Toys can cost a lot of money if they’re not bought wisely.

4. Drinks and snacks may range from $1,000 to $2,000 to get started. Common refreshment options include bottled waters and sports drinks, fountain drinks, fruit, candy, soft pretzels, and pizza.

5. Minimum purchase: trampoline jumping socks cost anywhere from $40 to $100, depending on the quantity you purchase

To save on manufacturing costs, we recommend looking into getting quotes from several contractors and comparing them before making a choice. With some research, you might find that a building with the room requirements already in place would be your best option.

10 Items To Buy To Start A Trampoline Park

There are many items that you can purchase to help start a trampoline park. You can choose from the items below or you can purchase a package that includes some of these items and more.

1. Trampoline And The Average Cost

Trampolines have become very popular in the last few years. So much so that they have been a hot topic on many news programs and more importantly, you can find these items in most kid’s toy stores and department stores. On average, a trampoline costs approximately $100-$200.

2. Bungee Jumping Gear And The Average Cost

When you are considering bungee jumping, it is important to think about the cost of the gear. Most people who jump will want to purchase a harness and some other equipment such as a bungee rope. A general guideline for the price of the equipment is between $40-$60.

3. Coveralls And The Average Cost Of The Gear

Coveralls are a type of clothing that is specially designed for the workplace. They have long sleeves, waterproof protection and are made of breathable fabric to keep workers cool. They can be bought from a variety of stores for between $25 and $60, which is significantly cheaper than other types of protective clothing.

4. Gloves And The Average Cost

Gloves can vary in price depending on what style the gloves are and what material they’re made of. A basic pair of gloves can cost as little as $1 at a dollar store to $100-150 at a department store.

5. Foot Protectors And The Average Price Of Foot Protectors

Foot protectors are becoming a popular item as we look to protect our feet while doing summer activities. The average price for foot protectors is $24. However, there are some brands that cost more than others.

6. Buckets Of Sand And The Average Price

The average price of a gallon of sand is $6.

7. Safety Matting And The Cost

Safety matting can cost between $4 and $12 for every square foot.

8. Toilet Paper And Plastic Bags Costs On Average

Costs of these two products range from $0.20 to $1.00 per roll, while the average cost of a plastic bag is $0.10. There is also a difference in price between generic and name-brand items, with name-brand toilet paper costing an average of $1.90 and generic costing about $0.80

9. Lock Boxes For Money And Valuables

In times when people are more concerned with security than ever before, many consider purchasing a lock box for their valuables. A lockbox is a secure place to put your valuables while you’re away from home. They are typically made of metal or plastic and can be opened only by the person it’s meant for.

Push button or dial combination lock boxes cost around $25 – $100, depending on the size and model.

10. Slides For Park Average Cost

Slides are used in different ways, and can be either attached to a swing set or free standing. They can range from $100 – $1,700 in cost and come with different designs for smaller&larger children.

Other Trampoline Park Equipments:

A trampoline pad ($40) – a mat designed to be placed on the ground and used for jumping, bouncing, and somersaults.

A bungee cord ($20) – a stretchy, elastic piece of material used for jumping, bouncing, and somersaults.

A safety net ($80) – the netting is designed to protect against falls from outside of the enclosure while also giving jumpers space to do flips or aerial maneuvers without worrying about hurting themselves.

A zipline ($200) – this is an overhead line made out of nylon webbing that can be used for multiple purposes.

How Many Sets Of Stuff May Be Required Initially In A Trampoline Park?

It is important to buy the right trampoline park equipment so that it will operate smoothly and efficiently. Here are some of the items you should buy if you want to start a trampoline park:

– 10 x spring pads

– 10 x foam pads

– 10 x safety mats

– 10x safety netting

– 10 x swing arm assemblies

– 1x tarp

– 1x vinyl mat

What Are The Questions To Ask Yourself Before Building A Great Trampoline Park?

– What kind of trampoline park are you thinking about visiting? Do they offer a variety of different activities?

I’m thinking about visiting a trampoline park this summer. I see they have a variety of different activities that I know will be fun.

– How much time do you want to spend at the park per visit?

– What is your budget for the entire trip?

– Do you want to bring your own equipment or use the trampoline park’s rentals?

These questions will help you planning your business properly and make your dream park as sustainable as possible!

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