Is It Possible To Transfer A Fitbit From One Person To Another? – A Detailed Fitbit Transfer Guide

Yes, it’s possible to transfer a Fitbit from one person to another. This means that you need to dissociate the Fitbit from your account and let the other person associate it with theirs. Doing this is simple as you only need to open the Fitbit app on android, use the menu at the upper left to go to “Devices.” Select the device you want to transfer it to, then click on the “Garbage” can and accept the dissociation. The other person will have to do the reverse. Open the Fitbit app, use the menu on the upper left to go to “Devices.” Click the “+” to add a device to their device. Lastly, they can select the device and walk through the steps for setup.

A Quick Guide On How To Transfer A Fitbit To Someone Else

A Quick Guide On How To Transfer A Fitbit To Someone Else

If you want to get a new Fitbit and give out the current Fitbit as a gift to an acquaintance or a loved one or sell it on eBay, you can quickly transfer the Fitbit device to the other person. Moreover, you will not lose any of your fitness data but before that, let’s discuss how Fitbit can sync fitness data with your new account.

Fitbit tracks your fitness data and automatically syncs it with your phone as the two devices are paired via Bluetooth. Your smartphone also uploads your fitness data to your Fitbit account, ensuring that you do not lose the data when you misplace your phone or if it gets damaged.

If you want to gift someone your current Fitbit, it’s essential to remove every connection your personal Fitbit account has to the watch and link your account to a new Fitbit after purchasing one.

The good thing is that it is effortless to do all this, and it’s unlikely that you will encounter any difficulties as you attempt to transfer your Fitbit device to another person.

Below are some detailed steps to follow to transfer your Fitbit to another person.

1. You must make sure that your current fitness data will not go missing. Therefore, you should manually sync your used Fitbit device with the Fitbit account. To do this, launch the Fitbit app on the phone and click on “Sync Now.”

2. After that, delete the Fitbit device to get rid of all your data from it. If the Fitbit is an old model and has no way of erasing the data, you can skip this step as the data will instantly be deleted from the device after unlinking the device with the account.

3. Next, you have to remove the Fitbit device from the Fitbit account through the Fitbit app or use the Fitbit website. To remove your Fitbit device through the mobile app, you should follow the following steps

4. Launch your Fitbit app and click on the “Today” tab.

5. Click on your app profile picture.

6. Tap on the picture of the Fitbit device you would like to remove and scroll down to find the option of removing the device (iOS). You can also tap on the trash icon on your android.

Follow all instructions given on the screen to remove your device from the account permanently.

1. The used Fitbit device you plan on transferring is now entirely dissociated from your Fitbit account.

2. Lastly, you can link another Fitbit device with your current account, and you won’t lose any data.

How To Get Your Used Fitbit Working

Have you just received a Fitbit from your friend or bought an already used one? Below are the steps on how you can set it up quickly.

1. Download a Fitbit app from your app store according to your user OS (Android, iOS, or Windows).

2. Register and verify your new Fitbit account.

3. Alternatively, you can also sign up for a new account on the Fitbit website. However, downloading an app is necessary because you need to set up the tracker by connecting it to your smartphone through Bluetooth and your Fitbit app.

4. After creating the account and signing in, ensure your Bluetooth is turned on and pair the two devices. When you pair the tracker with the Fitbit app, you allow the tracker to communicate with your smartphone and sync your fitness data directly to the Fitbit account.

After doing this, you will have successfully configured your Fitbit device.

What’s The Need For Replacing A Fitbit Device Instead Of Just Adding Another Fitbit To Your Account?

Replacing A Fitbit Device Instead Of Just Adding Another Fitbit To Your Account

If the new Fitbit is a warranty replacement from a broken or bothersome device, or you want to replace a lost device with a similar model, it’s essential to do a one-on-one replacement.

However, if you bought a new Fitbit device model or upgraded the current one, you may want to add the new device to your list of account devices.

Having many devices gives you some flexibility, mainly if you want to get a different model for different activities, such as office use and swimming or going to the gym.

Connecting more than one Fitbit accounts aggregates and syncs the data across all your devices. Therefore, your Fitbit dashboard will show you the sum of all your data.

After replacing your existing Fitbit, ensure that you connect it to the current Fitbit account instead of creating a new Fitbit account. This means that you have to log in as an existing user with the Fitbit account that you usually use, even on the older Fitbit.

Unfortunately, although Fitbit allows users to have multi trackers on one account, the feature is not offered for all its devices. For instance, the new models, including Sense, Versa, Charge, Luxe, and Inspire, do not support multiple device use. You can only connect these devices one at a time to your account.


It’s easy to transfer Fitbit to another person, just as it’s easy to set it up. It’s recommended to manually sync your fitness data with the Fitbit to avoid losing any of your data after you erase the tracker and detach it from your Fitbit account.

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