How To Turn Off Numerous Variations Of Fitbit Charge

Are you experiencing any difficulties when trying to turn off your Fitbit charge? Well, you should worry no more. In this article, you are about to find out how to shut down various Fitbit charges. A Fitbit charge is a technological piece that people can wear around their wrist to measure their daily heart rate, steps, and more. Typically, these devices allow people to track their attainments while exercising and assess the data through the Fitbit Smartphone app.

Are There Valid Reasons For Shutting Down Your Fitbit Charge?

Most fitness fanatics ask how exactly they are supposed to turn off their Fitbit charge. Surprisingly, it is not easy as it sounds! And oddly, some Fitbit trackers cannot be shut down at all! You may want to turn off your Fitbit charge to preserve battery life, fix errors, or keep the device away in the event you are not using it for a while.

In this article, we have not only delved into how you will put off a single Fitbit charge, but we have covered how to do the task in numerous Fitbit charge variations. Keep reading to gain knowledge.

Why Own A Fitbit Charge?

Why Own A Fitbit Charge

A Fitbit charge is crucial for healthy enthusiasts willing to track their activities. People wear Fitbit charge on their wrists to track their daily steps and improve their fitness. Depending on the specific model of Fitbit charge, you may also use it for:

1. Tracking your sleeping pattern

2. Monitoring and tracking your heart rate

3. Retaining track of the level of oxygen in your blood

4. GPS tracking during exercise

5. Storing and listening to music 

6. Receiving calls and message notifications

7. Paying for goods and services when out and about.

Shutting Down Your Fitbit Charge

Knowing how to turn off a Fitbit charge may not be as crucial as it once was. Luckily, it is necessary to understand that Fitbit’s charge does not let you turn off many of its trackers. There exist many variations of Fitbit charge in the market today with varied features. 

Although it is impossible to switch off a Fitbit charge, the device often allows you reboot the tracker. This means that the only option your charge tracker will turn off is if it runs out of battery. Below is a list of some Fitbit charge variations featured in our discussion:

1. Fitbit Charge

2. Fitbit Charge 2

3. Fitbit HR

4. Fitbit Charge 3

5. Fitbit Charge 4

6. Fitbit Charge 5

Let’s now find out how to switch off the commonly used Fitbit charge variations successfully:

How To Turn Off Fitbit Charge And Fitbit Charge 4

The method listed below will temporarily turn your Fitbit Charge off and then restart it without hassles.

1. Move to the ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Reboot Device’ tab. 

2. Hold the button for about eight to twelve seconds, and if the tracker is not responding, release it.

3. You will know the tracker has turned off when you see a smile icon. The tracker vibrates and comes back on instantly.

Turning Off Fitbit Charge HR

1. Hold into the back of the tracker and plug off its power supply.

2. Hold down the side button for about ten to twelve seconds.

3. The screen will go dark, which means your Fitbit HR is now off.

4. Unplug and set aside until you wish to turn it back on again.

Turning Off Fitbit Charge 5

1. Press the left home button and then swipe to the setting screen.

2. Click setting and swipe until you see shut down.

3. Click the arrow on the bottom right.

4. Click the checkmark to ascertain shut down.

5. To turn your Fitbit Charge 5 back on, press any button.

Are You Unable To Turn Off Your Fitbit Charge?

When you cannot turn off your Fitbit tracker, you can try to turn off or dim its screen. To automatically cover the screen, go to the ‘Settings’ app> tap dim screen brightness and click it to lower your screen’s overall brightness. 

If you discover that your Fitbit screen is lighting up frequently when you do not need it, you likely have screen wake enabled. When powering on the device, start by turning on the screen, then twist your wrist towards you, and the screen will automatically turn on.

Shutdown Screen Wake

If you are among those people who move their hands a lot, your Fitbit screen likely turns on unnecessarily when not required. That is due to the automatic setting for screen wake, which recognizes when we move our wrist and assumes you are checking the time. Below are some steps to follow when shutting down the screen wake:

1. Open your Fitbit Charge quick setting menu.

2. Scroll to screen wake and shut it down or turn it to the manual option.

How Long Does A Fitbit Take To Charge?

Most Fitbit charge variations will get fully charged when connected to a standard USB outlet within two hours. However, some may fully charge in an hour or less. You will know your Fitbit is fully charged when a green battery appears with a 100% charged display. A Fitbit charge battery could last between five and seven days when properly charged before requiring another charge. It also depends on the model of your device and how frequently you use it.

The Take-Away

Many fitness enthusiasts wish Fitbit charge offered an easy way to shut down all its Fitbit models, including smartwatches and trackers. However, as you are informed now, some Fitbit charge models do not just allow you to shut them down. Your best option is to control how and when the screens activate and light up for not turning off variations. These alternatives include changing your screen brightness, turning off screen wake, and adjusting the always-on display features.

For battery draining problems, you can improve your battery life by altering these screen settings and changing things like GPS, notification, and heart rate monitoring. If your Fitbit Charge cannot turn off and displays errors, your best option is to restart it and see if that fixes the problem.

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