Type Of Fish Weighing Scales – Getting The Weight Of Your Catch Accurately!

Fish weighing scales are needed when selling the catch commercially.  Selling can be done through net weight because it scrutinizes the yield within the wrapping or by gross weight in case the container is reduced within convinced weight limits. Commercial fishers who supply the retail market uses weighting scales to ensure they are not incurring losses whatsoever. 

But if you are doing angling for recreational purposes, you can use it to measure the weight of your catch, thus ensuring the fish do not surpass the size limit. So, it is good to choose fish weighing scales that meet your requirements, whether you are a commercial or recreational angler. Here are the main types of fish weighing scales to choose from:

CH Hanging Balance- Kern 

Ken’s CH hanging scale is a precise, convenient, and handy hanging scale used to hang items from a weighing hook. The device includes a robust waterproof casing and an adjustable hook meant for weighing purposes.  It’s perfect for small and straightforward hanging weighing applications like feed bags for livestock or weighing carry bags of yields. 

CH hanging scales are multipurpose devices often used in sports clubs and recreational activities. Among the recreational activities is fishing competitions, which use the device to weigh the catch. The weighing of fish is done by attributing the scale’s weight hook over its gill plate. In doing so, the scale can firmly and precisely record the weight of the trapped fish without jeopardy of injury.  The CH as well contains a peak hold function making them perfect archery or bow scales for determining draw weight in archery clubs. This device is ideal for hook weighing of large fish such as tuna, salmon, and Karp.

281 Spring Balance – Kern 

The 281-spring balance is a moveable pocket-sized scale for suitable weighing. It’s lightweight like the CH hanging scale and is used for weighing smaller, more subtle fish by using the slight hook attached. This device is made from a durable anodized aluminum tube; hence it gives a reliable and accurate reading. It has tare and zero alteration containing a tare screw with incremental spin, to circumvent unintended adjustments.  

The rotatable, swivel-able, and detachable suspension bow of this device is guided in the ring for easy use and safety of the scale.  The good thing with the device’s lower suspension swivels is that it can easily be changed using unique grip accessories.  Like many other weighing scales, it’s a multi-functional device. 

WBZ Washdown Scale- Adam Equipment 

WBZ washdown scale is a substantial weighing scale with a water-resistant casing and a stainless-steel weighing pot that is both easy to clean upon usage and multipurpose. It’s a trade-approved scale and is best for selling fish through weight commercially. Like any other weighing scale, it gives reliable and accurate results, making it among the best in the market. 

Warrior Washdown Scale – Adam Equipment 

The warrior washdown scale is a water-resistant IP66- rated washdown scale with a large stainless weighing pot that has a high weighing capacity.  The good thing about this device is that it’s a highly accurate and reliable scale.  The warrior can serve as weigh-ins inside the fishing competition. Also, this device suit laboratory, industrial, food production, and other harsh surroundings. Its features such as lights and alarms are perfect for stock management and food processing. Like many other weighing scales, it is dependable and durable. 

The warrior makes for an operative water-resistant weighing scale without the jeopardy of internal impairment to the scale interior. You may ask yourself how?  By offering the loadcell protection chamber and sealed loadcell hence internal prevention impairment. So, if you are looking for a fish weighing scale, then you should consider a warrior washdown scale given that it offers a large variety of weight capacities and platform sizes.

CPWplus M Weighing Scale – Adam Equipment 

CPWplus M is a versatile platform weighing scale made from robust stainless steel and joint with a digital scale indicator. The stainless-steel surface is impairment-resistant, easy to clean upon spillage, and rust-proof.  It’s ideal for commercial fishing, chemical laboratories, food prep facilities, distilleries, and dockyards. The scale indicator in this device incorporates a lightweight aluminum made and is provided with a partition mounting bracket as standard.

The inherent function of the scale is to provide for a wide diversity of weighing applications in factories, processing plants, vet practices, and the shipping department. 

Final Words

People should know that fish weighing scales are essential tools for weighing fish. So, it’s good for commercial fish traders to have one from the listed above weighing scales.  This is because they can endure rigorous use and are versatile.

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