A Guide To Using Grow Lights To Help Your Outdoor Plants Thrive In Indirect Sunlight

Most people have some green thumb or interest in gardening. And with the right plants and some sunlight, many can grow a garden in their backyard. But not all regions are as sunny as they seem. Many people struggle to keep their garden alive and thrive in less direct sunlight and cloudier days, such as the Pacific Northwest or Northeast. That’s why grow lights provide an excellent solution for people who live in these areas. There are many ways you can use grow lights to help your outdoor plants thrive in indirect sunlight!

If you’re having trouble with your plants not getting enough light, or if you’re looking for a way to add more light for your plants all year long, grow lights can be a great solution. But before you buy any grow lights, you’ll want to know what type of grow light is best for your needs, how to set up your grow light, and what kind of plants will thrive under these lights. 

This article will help you understand a bit more about the benefits of grow lights and how they can help you grow healthy plants in indirect sunlight.

How Do Grow Lights Help The Outdoor Garden With Less Sunlight?

 Grow Lights Help The Outdoor Garden With Less Sunlight

Grow lights are an excellent solution for people who live in cloudy areas or even in winter. They provide ample light for your plants, regardless of the number of hours of direct sunlight they receive. You can use your bought grow lights to supplement the limited amount of natural light available to your plant and help them thrive in indirect sunlight.

Since some types of plants require different lighting, it’s important to look into what type of grow light you will need to use for your plant. The major thing about the grow lights is that they act as a substitute and cover-up for enough sunlight that isn’t available.

For example, a plant that requires full-spectrum or bright white light would need a metal halide bulb, while low-light plants would benefit from using fluorescent bulbs. The type of bulb you decide on will depend on how much time you want to spend caring for your plants and how much money you want to spend, as these bulbs can be quite costly. 

Apart from that, you will solely decide on the grow light you want to use. The good thing is that you can always consult with experts and discuss available options. That way, they may help you and direct you on the amazing grow lights you use.

Grow lights are a great way to turn your backyard into your garden. Not only will it make gardening much easier, but you’ll also be able to grow plants that cannot withstand extreme weather conditions or direct sunlight. 

Grow lights have tremendous benefits:

1. Plant Growth

Grow lights are known to enhance plant growth. Since the plants use sunlight to increase their physiological activities, then in the process, they grow more. If you want to see your garden greenish and blossoming and don’t have enough sunlight, you can always try a grow light. 

2. Tremendous Yield

Once the plants start growing, they provide some food you want. For instance, if it is a passion plant, they yield passion fruits with time. You need to understand that the grow lights lead to high production where the plant produces more. Who wouldn’t want to see a flourishing garden with fruits?

3. Saves Time

Less time is spent tending to plants. When you use growth light for your garden, you spend very little time checking out your plants. The grow lights do most of the work for you. Assume that grow light is natural, and plants use it to perform well, and you will get the grow light working for you without constant monitoring, you can do other activities instead of dwelling much on the growing plants.

4. Ample Use

The beautiful thing about using the grow lights is that they enhance better water and fertilizer use. Water absorption is better when there is enough grow light for the plants. Also, if you have put fertilizers to enhance the growth of the plants, it is better as the plant absorbs the nutrients and uses them to their optimum.

5. Root Rot

When the plants’ lifespan ends, there is an occurrence of root rot and insect infestation. There is a reduced risk of root rot and insect infestation with grow lights. Root rot is majorly caused by the plants’ lack of nutrients and sunlight. Also, insects invade a plant when they see that it is partially alive. That way, it is easier for them to consume it.

6. It Saves Money

You save money on expensive garden equipment once you have bought grow lights to enhance your plants’ growth. This way, you can channel your money in the best suitable place or needs that you may have as a person. Grow lights are the ultimate investment for your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Grow Lights Are Best For You?

When you first start shopping for grow lights, you might be at a loss with all the different types and options. A popular option is to buy HPS grow lights. These are metal halide lights that produce a powerful light spectrum that plants can grow. You can also choose fluorescent to grow lights that produce a different light spectrum than HPS lamps. 

Fluorescent lamps are often cheaper but need to be replaced more often. Also, your choice will depend on the plants you are growing in the garden.

Is The Quality Of Sunlight A Problem For Your Plants?

If you stay in an area where cloudy days are common, then you might be struggling to keep your plants alive and thriving. The sun isn’t as strong, and it doesn’t last as long. So the plants don’t get to grow well as they aren’t receiving the right sunlight for the energy they require.

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