What Does Walmart Bike Insurance And Warranty Cover?

Are you planning to buy a bike from Walmart stores, and you don’t understand how their protection plan and product warranty covers you? Worry no more. Any bike you purchase from Walmart comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that ranges between 90 days and one year. Besides the warranty, Walmart offers an optional protection plan for your newly purchased bike. The plan covers defective components as well as damages resulting from ordinary wear and tear. How much to pay for the plan is dependent on the value of the bicycle you buy.

This article explains how to acquire a Walmart protection plan, the importance, and a step-by-step guide for claiming the cover. We also provide the answer to the question on everyone’s lips, “Is Walmart protection plan worth it?”

What Is Walmart Bicycle Warranty?

What Is Walmart Bicycle Warranty

When you purchase a cycle from Walmart, you can include the Walmart protection plan, which offers warranty protection to your wheels. 

You may opt to include the plan when purchasing or within 30 days after buying the bike. However, be aware that many bikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty that might combine with the Walmart protection plan to offer you a suitable cover.

What Does The Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

After purchasing your bike from Walmart and paying for the protection plan, you get covered by ALLSTATE, a renowned insurance brand that ensures you have peace of mind. The plan protects your bike from normal tear and wear. So if your bike breaks down or malfunctions while in normal use, the cover ensures that it is either repaired or replaced.

Be warned that if your bike malfunctions when attempting stunts and show-offs, the plan cannot compensate. Also, beware that the cover doesn’t include the following:

1. Theft of your bike.

2. Intentional destruction.

3. Faults from the defective assembly.

4. Damages resulting from any use that isn’t normal.

5. Pre-existing problems.

If you bought your bike within the past 30 days, go to the Walmart protection plan website, fill the forms, and pay for the premium to get your item protected.

The Walmart Protection Plan Cost

The value and the bike brand you buy from Walmart determine the cost of the protection plan. For instance, if you purchase a huffy bike costing $150, you have to pay a protection plan worth $16 for one year or $22 for a two-year cover. Alternatively, a Schwinn costing around $200 requires a protection plan of $34 covering three years or a four-year cover for $45.

If you wish to learn more about how much the bike you want to buy will cost in terms of insurance cover, check them at the Walmart.com website. Whenever you select a cycle and add it to your purchasing cart, the protection plan for that particular item appears on your screen.

Cancellation Of The Protection Plan

If you wonder whether you can cancel your Walmart bike’s protection plan, relax and be assured that it is possible within a 30-day window since you purchased it. If you cancel your bike’s protection plan within 30 days, Walmart refunds you a pro-rated sum hinged on the remaining time on your purchased plan.

How do you cancel your Walmart protection plan? Simple, you have options that enable you to cancel your plan. You can either visit the store you purchased it from with the original receipt or log in to your Walmart.com account and cancel the plan. If you are keen on canceling the plan and it is past 30 days since you purchased it, then you must do it online with square trade.com

How Do I File A Claim?

Filing a claim is a simple process. All that you require is the original purchase proof, such as a store receipt, and you are good to file the claim. You may opt to call customer service and explain your problem.

If you file a claim with Walmart and your bike undergoes repair to fix the same issue twice, and it requires a third repair to fix the same recurring problem within 12 months, your bike will be replaced with an identical or comparable cycle. Walmart might also opt to refund your cash so that you can purchase another bike.

What Happens If My Bike Has The Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Suppose your bike has a manufacturer’s warranty; you are eligible to get repairs and other services from the manufacturer subject to the terms in the warranty paper. Different brands come with varying warranty coverages, but the main areas covered by the warranty are defective materials or poor workmanship.

Now the question is, “what happens if my bike has a warranty and I have Walmart protection cover?”  if you have a protection plan and the manufacturer warranty is still valid, you are required to file a claim with the protection plan. After filing your claim, Walmart studies the claim and advises you if your claim is eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty. If so, you get a referral to the manufacturer for repairs.

Can I Return My Faulty Bike To Walmart For A Refund?

If you don’t wish to go through the hassle of the claim process, you can return your bike to Walmart for a refund. But you should do so within 90 days from the date of purchase. Ensure you return the bike accompanied by the purchase receipt for a successful return. Walmart refunds all your money if you are not satisfied with the product.

Benefits Of Walmart Protection Plan

Benefits Of Walmart Protection Plan

1. Peace Of Mind

The protection plan is modestly priced, and it offers you peace of mind in case of any eventualities. As long as damages are caused while the bike is in regular use, you’ll sit pretty and wait for the protection plan to sort you out.

2. You Can Cancel The Plan

If at any time you decide that you don’t want to carry on with the plan, you are at liberty to cancel it within 90 days from the purchasing date, and your money is refunded pro-rata.


Purchasing a Walmart protection plan for your Walmart bike is the way to go. The warranty that comes with the plan involves normal wear and tear at a modest price, giving you peace of mind when the unimagined happens to your bike.

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