Are Fitbit Devices Waterproof?: Let’s Find Out!

As the technology gradually grows from time to time, many trackers are now waterproof. In the past, the feature was reserved for high-end devices. Luckily, today even cheap fitness trackers can take a chance. However, it is unfortunate that not every Fitbit device is worth a pool. A waterproof object comprises a material that does not allow water in or is unaffected by moisture. Some models are better off if kept on dry land. 

This article will discuss various Fitbits and their ability to get unaffected by water to help you choose a suitable Fitbit device. 

Does Fitbit Warranty Cover Water Damage?

Does Fitbit Warranty Cover Water Damage

The company doesn’t cover water-damaged devices. In this case, the last thing you would have wished to do is damage an expensive Fitbit just because you were ignorant about whether it is water-resistant before you decided to go on a run or in the rain. 

It would be best to remember that there’s no completely waterproof Fitbit. A water resistance rating in every Fitbit device infers whether it can endure a sweaty workout or swim in a pool. In addition, Fitbit devices are designed to be pool-worthy, and most of them are water-resistant to 50 meters, and they can also withstand heavy workouts. 

At least some best Fitbit trackers have a particular code, commonly known as IP code. It’s a standardized index for comprehending water resistance. Fitbit doesn’t publicize these ratings for its smartwatch activity brands. The firm only tells whether a given product can submerge in water or not.

What to Do If Your Fitbit Device Gets Wet

What to Do If Your Fitbit Device Gets Wet

It doesn’t mean that Fitbit devices can go anywhere wet and perform anything when submerged. Each of these devices has limits and can’t go beyond them. If your Fitbit gets wet, it’s advisable to take it off and dry it appropriately before putting it back on. 

If your Fitbit comes into contact with any other liquid besides freshwater, such as a deodorant, ensure you clean it with fresh water and soap and dry it with a soft cloth. Exposing your device to soaps, shampoos, and other corrosives could gradually weaken the device’s water resistance. 

Opt to remove it from your wrist before taking a shower. Water resistance deteriorates from time to time, and any of the following causes it:

  • When exposing your Fitbit tracker to high-velocity water.
  • Accidental fall of the device.
  • Exposing your Fitbit to detergents, deodorants, insect repellents, perfumes, or sunscreen.

Drying Out a Fitbit

  • Use a paper towel or a dry cloth to remove any excess water on the outside of the device.
  • Leave the tracker to air dry for some time.
  • Once you detect no moisture within the device, test your Fitbit by pressing and holding the button on your tracker for about 4 to 6 seconds.

Various Fitbits That are Water Resistant

Fitbit devices are suitable for running, walking, and a wide range of sports. Avoid showering with Fitbit trackers and washing the dishes while wearing them. However, below are some Fitbit devices that are water-resistant:

Setting a Fitbit Device in Water Mode

It’s necessary to know how to put your device in water mode. Below are some of the steps to guide you:

  • Swipe up the button to bring the control center.
  • Click on the water lock icon. (a water droplet symbolizes it)
  • When it’s enabled, you’ll be able to see the water lock icon displayed on the top of the screen.
  • Your device is now in water mode and will immediately disable all input in the device until you disable it.

What is a Water Lock Feature?

What is a Water Lock Feature

 Water lock is a feature that can lock your device while in contact with water. Its purpose is to prevent your device from getting water inside the screen, or you do not inadvertently activate the screen.

Have you ever wondered if the water lock turns on automatically? Yes, it turns when you start a water-based activity, for instance, surfing or swimming, and activates the water lockset.

Turning Off the Water Lock Feature

How do you shut down the water lock on your Fitbit device? It’s a straightforward process and very essential indeed. If you carefully follow and understand the procedure, you’ll be good to go. Here is how to turn off the water lock feature:

  • On your device, click water lock.
  • Firmly click your device’s screen twice or thrice.
  • Double-tap your screen repeatedly to turn off the water lock.
  • Remember that the water lock turns on automatically when you begin to swim or during a sweaty activity. 

Additionally, a water lock isn’t essential as some devices are equally water-resistant regardless of whether the water lock is turned on. The water lock hinders accidental screen contact when exposed to water and removes any water traces from the speaker.

Can Water Damage a Fitbit?

Fitbit models turn off while moist. Attempting to charge while still wet or using a damp device can cause additional damage. Please don’t charge, turn it on, or use your device until it’s 100% dry. You can’t buy a new wristband, but you can purchase changeable straps. 

Fitbit recommends taking off its trackers before going for a swimming adventure or shower since there are possible skin complaints if wet rubber has extended contact with the skin. It may cause allergic reactions.

Essential Tip: For Fitbit to serve you better for as long as possible, it’s fair to take good care of it. Consider general things like not using your device while in the shower. 


Fitbit devices are not waterproof, but most of them are water resistant. Although you can swim with your Fitbit, most manufacturers recommend that you avoid it. Continuous exposure to water and other liquids might compromise the longevity of your device’s wristband. You also risk skin reaction when your skin comes into contact with water while wearing the Fitbit. Importantly, you should be aware that there is no warranty for a device that is damaged by water. Therefore, ensure that you avoid water contact while wearing the device.

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