Is It Right To Wear Doc Martens Boots With Shorts?

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens boots with shorts. It’s straightforward to style Doc Martens with shorts, especially if you have the 1470 or 101 styles instead of the taller 1490 boots. The outfit will work street style trends to the maximum. Most men have a boot tucked somewhere in the shoe storage area. Boots are practical, comfortable, versatile, and stylish and suit perfectly with most outfits. A pair of Doc Martens boots can take you from work to the weekend with ease since boots go well with innovative casual and semi-formal ensembles like shorts, making them a valuable wardrobe addition.

How Do You Pair Your Doc Martens Boots With Shorts?

Pairing men’s boots with shorts can be pretty tricky. If you wear heavy footwear, it may draw attention to itself and make the outfit feel awkward. This is why most men will wear their shorts with sandals or canvas shoes. However, there will come an occasion where you need something more thoughtful and sturdier, which will lead to selecting men’s boots to pair with your shorts. The good news is, it’s possible to wear your Doc Martens shoes with shorts and get that intelligent look.

Some of the best Doc Martens boots to wear with shorts are desert boots. Desert boots were invented for the hot, dry, and sandy weather. Therefore, they are a good match for a pair of shorts. Desert boots are lightweight, and most do not have linings. Moreover, they are available in colors suited for the summer wardrobe. When going for that casual look, you should avoid showing your socks while wearing boots with shorts. 

Styling Your Doc Martens Boots With Shorts

Not every Doc Martens boot will go well with all outfits; for instance, it’s tricky to pair the boots with shorts. During warm seasons most men love wearing shorts, and it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the different types of boots that will go well with shorts and how to style them. As mentioned earlier, if you will be wearing shorts, avoid the taller Doc Martens styles. Go for the 1470 or 101 styles since they will look stylish with your pair of shorts.

If you would like to achieve a unique aesthetic look during summer, combine your Doc Martens Chukka boots with shorts to get a relaxed option. The appearance is handsome and straightforward, and you can rock the look around town as it’s casually appealing. It would be best to pair your boots with a tailored shirt and some chino shorts to get a rugged and modern look. You can also throw in a light sweater or jacket if it gets cold as you happily transition from day to night effortlessly. Chukka boots are an excellent and casual essential in a man’s wardrobe, just like shorts. An addition of some Doc Martens chukka boots will instantly change your whole look.

Wearing Doc Martens Ankle Boots With Shorts

Doc Martens’ ankle-length boots are among the most versatile boots type for men. The shoes have a minimal appearance and suit a range of outfits, even the smart-casual looks. If you would like to rock a pair of Doc Martens ankle boots with shorts, you should first select your boot style. Available options include 2976 Ambassador Leather Chelsea Boots, Cabrillo Men’s Crazy Horse Leather Desert Boots, and 101 Yellow Stitch Smooth Leather Ankle Boots. The Chelsea and Yellow Stitch boots are a smart and easy option, while the Deserts will also pair well. Once you choose your shoes, pair them with shorts and a button-up shirt. You can also add in a roll-neck sweater. If you’ve decided to wear the Chelsea boots, go for the brown or suede pairs to get the best look. Alternatively, you can select a pair of black or burgundy Doc Marten Chelsea boots and pair them with a short suit.

Wearing Doc Martens Lace Up Boots With Shorts

If you are feeling tough, you can add a pair of combat boots to your casual outfit. Lace-up boots appear similar to those worn by soldiers and will immediately add a rugged touch to your ensemble. Lace-up boots are perfect for casual outfits and weekend outings. They also look best if teamed with different edgy designs. Choose a dark color palette and go for heavy-duty fabrics like denim and leather for the best look.

When To Pair Up Boots And Shorts

Men love wearing shorts when going hiking with hiking boots. However, in any other scenario, this may generally be seen as fashion faux pas. If you plan on stepping out wearing a pair of shorts with boots, you should keep in mind these two rules:

wear them during hot weather: before you decide to wear shorts and boots, you should consider the weather. 

When not attending formal events or business meetings: if you are a fashion pro in the entertainment industry, you may get away with shorts and boots in business meetings and formal occasions, but if you are directing a sophisticated and formal event, you should wear trousers with your boots.

Which Are The Best Socks To Wear With Shorts And Doc Martens Boots?

You can wear socks with your boots as long as they won’t be visible to others. It would be best to stick with liner, ankle, and no-show socks since they go well with shorts and boots. Socks keep the moisture in the feet from ruining the boots. Wearing ankle or no-show socks will ensure that you stay dry and comfortable all day. Your ankles will also be able to breathe safely.


It’s always good to add a pair of boots to your wardrobe to get different looks with shorts or trousers. Dr. Martens’s ankle-length boots with shorts will give you a modern and streamlined touch to your business look. The Chukka and desert boots are perfect for a cozy, comfortable look and the lace-up boots provide a versatile look with shorts. Therefore, if you are wondering whether to wear your best Dr.Martens boot with your favorite pair of shorts, the good news is that you can. You only need to be careful with the colors to get a unique style.

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