Reasons Why You Can’t Wear Underwear With Bike Shorts (Tips About Wearing Bike Shorts)

If you are a first-timer in wearing bike shorts, the experience is a bit intimidating. However, when you get used to wearing the attire, you will fall in love with them. The shorts are the definition of comfort in the biking world. Maybe you know little about bike shorts, and you are wondering, “which is the right way to wear my bike short?” hold on; we have tips to guide you on the correct use of your first pair of shorts.

Should I Wear My Underwear With The Bike Shorts?

Should I Wear My Underwear With The Bike Shorts

The question about wearing your underwear with bike shorts has been raised a zillion times. A resolute answer to the quiz is a resounding “No.” if you value your comfort when riding, avoid wearing your underwear beneath the bike shorts. New cyclists ignorantly wear underwear with bike shorts, only to regret it later. But why can’t you wear your undies with bike shorts? Bike shorts have a unique design that enables moisture management. If you wear your favorite undies beneath the shorts, the moisture control ability of the bike shorts gets compromised.

This article articulates why you shouldn’t consider wearing your underwear with the bike shorts. We also share essential tips that guide you towards the proper use of cycling shorts. Read on to broaden your biking knowledge.

Which Is The Best Bike Short?

Individual bikers have different tastes and preferences. A bike short that works well for you might be frowned upon by another rider. So, deciding which bike short is ideal depends on your choice. However, be aware that while some shorts have heavy padding, others feature minimalist padding (chamois).

Tips To Choosing A Correct Bike short 

Tips To Choosing A Correct Bike short 

As we have mentioned earlier, preferences for the bike-short depend on individual riders. However, you need to understand different types of shorts before making a decision. Let’s delve into essential tips about wearing your first bike shorts:

1. Try Several Bike Shorts  

If you are a new rider, you haven’t identified the correct short that works comfortably with you. To determine which short fits you best, we recommend that you try different types before settling on your ideal choice.

After testing the shorts, you will make an informed decision whether you will go with highly padded or minimalist shorts.

Here below is a list of shorts to choose from:

Lycra Cycling Shorts: These cycling shorts are crafted using a stretchy Lycra material. They feature a sewn-in chamois and come in a range of inseam length; hence they might be short or long. Lycra bike shorts are considered the traditional biking attire.

Bib Shorts: Bib shorts are synonymous with professional racers and staunch cyclists who value their added comfort.

These shorts offer added coverage, meaning you will concentrate on your biking without worrying about your jersey riding up.

Another benefit gained from the bib shorts is that they exert minimal pressure on your waist. Less pressure means reduced chaffing and enhanced comfort.

The downside of Bib shorts is that they present a challenge when stopping to pee.

Baggies: Although baggies are synonymous with mountain bikers, they are also suitable for road riders.

They come either with a separate chamois or with an inbuilt one. Those baggies that come with separate chamois feature snaps that join them together.

Suppose the baggies come without the chamois; then this is an exceptional case where you are forced to wear padded underwear beneath it.

2. Wear Your Bike Short Properly

1. As a cardinal rule, avoid wearing your underwear beneath the cycling shorts. Your undies negate the ability of the bike short to manage moisture and friction when riding.

2. Ensure that the jersey goes over the bib straps and not the other way round.

3. After every ride, take a bath the soonest possible and change out of the bike shorts.

4. Stick to the shorts that work for you.

3. Use Chamois Cream

The chamois cream is handy for riders prone to chaffing and saddle sores after biking for an extended period. Applying the cream while riding helps to minimize friction between your nether areas and the saddle or your shorts.

4. Ensure Proper Care Of Your Shorts

1. Avoid using hard detergents when washing your bike shorts.

2. Wash your bike shorts in cold water and hang them to dry.

3. If you are not sure of the washing process, check the product label and follow instructions.

Why Are Bike Shorts Popular?

Why Are Bike Shorts Popular

It is not a coincidence that most bikers fancy cycling shorts. Besides them being stylish, they come with benefits such as:

1. Providing extra cushioning between you and the bike seat.

2. The shorts reduce friction. The snuggly fitting fabric of the shorts moves with you while pedaling to avoid rubbing against the skin.

3. The fabrics used to make the shorts manage moisture excellently by wicking it away to avoid skin chaffing.

The Best Bike Shorts Of 2021 And Beyond

Any competent rider understands the importance of wearing the best cycling shorts to add comfort to the biking adventure. Here are the best bike shorts to wear in 2021 and beyond:

1. .

2. .

Baleaf 3D Padded Bicycle Quick-Dry Shorts (Best For Men Riders)

No products found.

This inexpensive short comes with gel padding that keeps your bottom comfortable while pedaling. Sagging your shorts is not an option, thanks to silicone leg particle grippers featured in the attire.


Fabric Type: 80% Nylon and 20% spandex.

Closure Type: Elastic.

Fit Type: Relaxed


3D Padding

The short features 3D padding in ideal places to cushion you from the hardness of the bike’s saddle.

Comfortable And Durable

The blend of nylon and spandex offers durability, breathability, and moisture-wicking abilities to the shorts.

SUGOi RS Pro Bib For Women (Best For Women)

No products found.

This women’s bike short features a unique aerodynamic design, and it endears itself to lady bike racers. The Bib provides a perfect fit and comfort to the riders, affording them humble time to concentrate on pedaling.


Color: Black.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Design: 3D Chamois Design.


Formula FX Chamois

The FX Chamois combines with Poron foam at sit bone region to provide optimal performance.

Silicone Grippers

Silicone grippers are infused on the legs to provide a smooth fit.


Bike shorts are well padded to provide comfort and protect riders from skin chaffing. However, be advised to avoid wearing underwear beneath the shorts as they will negate their performance. Follow the tips provided here to understand how to use your bike shorts.

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