What Are Bikes With Pegs? – Features And Functions Of Bike Pegs & When They Gained Popularity

A bike with pegs is a bike that has little cylinders that stick out from either side of the wheel axle. You can use the pegs on the front or sides, letting the rider center his weight over the wheel. When you place your feet on the pegs, you get a more stable platform to control your bike better as you do specific movements and tricks. Bicycle pegs have been around, with the latest use of pegs starting about 1985, which didn’t take off until around 1999 when they became more popular.

Bike pegs have numerous purposes. They are used on BMX bikes for showcasing tricks and some flair. On other bike styles, they hold other passengers on the front or the back of the bicycle.

Bike pegs are excellent for expanding the bicycle’s purposes and the number of passengers that can ride on it at a go. Nonetheless, people must be wary of the potential dangers of carrying too many people on the pegs and the weight exerted on the bike at once. Before you put pegs on your bike, you should consider these factors.

What Are Bike Pegs?

What Are Bike Pegs

As mentioned earlier, bike pegs are small metal bars attached to a bike on the front or rear wheels. Bike pegs are usually screwed on a wheel in the middle, the part where the wheel spokes come together. They are synonymous with BMX-style bikes since they have a frame that can hold the pegs.

If you attach the bike pegs properly, they are a great addition and can allow you to perform various tricks. Many pegs come standard on-street and stunt bicycles, but if you want to customize your bike, there are numerous options for that with these pegs. You may choose not to use the pegs as you ride if they slow you down or are not as aerodynamic, which is true in most racing bikes that ban the use of these pegs in competitions.

If you want to have a passenger ride on the bike pegs, you must be wary because they risk getting their toes ripped off after getting caught in the wheel spokes. Most bike shop owners warn buyers against this and advise them not to allow people to ride on them.

Can I Add Bike Pegs To Any Bike?

The most common bike style for attaching bike pegs is the BMX bicycle, but certainly, you may add pegs to any bike as long as they have the proper wheels for supporting the pegs.

If you would like to attach the pegs on your wheels, screw them onto the middle where the spokes come together. If your bike can hold a peg, it should have a screw head already out. You should buy pegs that can be screwed onto the open head and fit flush with the bike wheel.

If you don’t have a BMX or a street racing bicycle, you cannot add the pegs onto your wheels as it can be dangerous to you and your passenger who tries standing on the pegs. Pegs are added to wheels to allow the rider to do some tricks, and if you add them on different types of bicycles, you risk your life and that of people who ride on the wheels. It is helpful to be wary of the weight the bike can hold before adding any accessories or people to your bicycle. If your bike’s frame cannot carry excess weight, it could get damaged or even break.

Bike Pegs Features

Although some BMX bicycle pegs spin freely on the axle, most are rigid and fixed for reducing the risk of falling during tricks. The pegs might have a metal or rubber surface, according to your grip desires, and some may also feature flatter tops for helping your shoes grip the peg better. The width of bike pegs differs according to the rider’s needs, including the space required to place your foot and the demands of different tricks you may perform. People who love grinding tricks prefer the all-metal pegs.

Bike Pegs Are Based More On Function

You can style the BMX pegs as you desire, paint them, or have no covering on the metal. To some extent, the type of paint of décor used on the pegs may change how they respond under your foot. The pegs’ structural components are essential for performance and cannot be selected based on the style, which minimizes the creative liberties of the pegs.

Are Bike Pegs Mandatory?

Not every BMX bike comes with the pegs fixed on the wheels. Not fixing the pegs allows the bike owner to choose his pegs based on the feel and performance when performing a trick. Moreover, BMX bikes designed for competitions don’t have pegs as the feature is useless during races and will only weigh the racing bike down. If a bike is intended for stunts, it will need pegs. While bike pegs are optional, every freestyle and stunt rider should have a helmet and elbow pads for protection during falls.

Where Can You Buy Bike Pegs?

If you would like to add bike pegs to your bicycle, there are numerous options to choose from. Depending on the cost, brand, and materials, you can get regular bike pegs from Walmart near you or other large bike stores. However, the best place to get durable sports equipment includes SourceBMX, Albe’s, Skate Pro, Dicks Sporting Goods, which have a ton of selection for BMX and other bikes’ needs. Once you install the bike pegs, you can do gliding and ride on your pegs. However, you should avoid carrying passengers on them as they’ll damage your bike.


Bike pegs are used for tricks and stunts on properly equipped bicycles. Although the pegs can fit on all bikes, most people prefer adding them onto the BMX bikes. The pegs should not be used as a way to help someone stand. They should be secure and stable before you try to stand on them. Also, the bicycle should be capable of holding the extra weight without getting damaged in any way.

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