What Does 81 Mean To Bikers? – The History Of Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club

81 is a metonym standing for the 8th letter of the alphabet, which is H, and the first letter of the alphabet, which is A. “HA” means Hell’s Angel. It refers to every member of Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. Hell’s Angel is a motorcycle club for motorcyclists founded in California in 1948 and is one of the prevalent outlaw motorcycle gangs.

What Colors Do Hell’s Angels Use?

Hell’s Angels primary colors are red and white. The club uses red letters and white background.

Does Hell’s Angel Sell Their Paraphernalia?

Hells Angel paraphernalia are only meant for the members of the club. Other public members cannot produce, sell or buy items written with “Hells Angels” and their logo with their death head. People who want to buy their support gear are encouraged to go to their support shops and check the links on their website or the internet to find out the location of their original 81 Support shops. Buying the club support merchandise shows that the public supports the club’s philosophy of being free, locked-down brothers. The purchase also helps their local charter hold runs and events that every motorcycle rider or who doesn’t own a bike can ride.

Is It Possible To Join Hell’s Angels?

Is It Possible To Join Hells Angels

Hell’s Angels do take in new members, but for you to become a prospect, you must have a valid driver’s license and a motorcycle with a capacity of 750cc. The club also requires its prospects to have the right combination of personal qualities. It is believed that the club does not allow child molesters and people who have applied to become police or work as police officers.

After Joining, Can You Leave The Hell’s Angels?

People who join the club are not allowed to leave. Once they close out the article about their membership requirements, the new member can never leave the club quickly. To them, completing the steps to join their club is much easier than leaving without significant issues.

Can You Wear A Hell’s Angels Patch?

The club does not allow members of the public to wear the Hell’s Angels patch. Only full members can wear the death head patch. Their two words of the club’s name are also protected by law worldwide and can’t be worn by other people except for members only.

What Does The Brotherhood Of Bikers Mean?

Brotherhood of bikers refers to a group of close friends who form a motorcycle club together because they have been on the riding journey together. The motorcycle club represents the vision they all share. The brotherhood of bikers must always be there for each other regardless of what each one of them is going through

Are Women Allowed To Join The Hell’s Angels?

There are no female members in the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. The Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club is a traditional 1% motorcycle club, and therefore, they do not allow women to be part of their organization. Women may form their organization, also called Women Motorcycles Club, along the same lines as male motorcycle clubs, but they can’t join in.

Why Do People Join Motorcycle Clubs?

People join motorcycle clubs for identity. Becoming a patch holder is not easy. The process of earning full membership at a motorcycle club is comparable to basic military training, where individuals are broken down to be reformed into a part of the collective. They must think not of themselves but of others. They must also understand that their actions and inactions impact their teams and the organization at large. The process of becoming a member of a motorcycle club may take months to five years.

The prospecting process is challenging and can be physically, emotionally, and intellectually demanding; therefore, most people cannot handle it. Those people who manage to make it get a significant amount of social status

Can Anyone Start A Motorcycle Club?

Motorcycle clubs come in different shapes and sizes. Some motorcycle clubs are recognized by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), while others like Hell’s Angels are known as outlaw clubs. Over the years, some people have formed subgroups based on the type of bikes they ride or for people’s demographics, such as the Women’s International Motorcycle Association, the Christian Motorcyclists Association, clubs for gays or lesbians, etc.

If you are interested in the idea of starting a motorcycle club, you can go ahead and do it. However, you must research and take the proper steps needed to do so.

Before you go down the route of starting your motorcycle club, you should first research the available options in your area. Some motorcycle clubs do not have the traditional “biker” connotation if this is what you would want to avoid. Most motorcycle clubs tolerate “riding clubs,” especially those who ride in different circles or have a specific niche.

Before starting your club, you should also see if there is one existing that fits your interests. If you have a different reason why you want to start yours, consider thinking about your “why” and find out if it will be disrespectful to the existing clubs in your location. If you can both coexist harmoniously, you should go ahead and start one.

Rules Of Motorcycle Clubs

The provision of different motorcycle clubs varies according to the organization. Some will include regulations for the members like respecting the organization and dignity to represent that club properly. Other rules may surround what members can wear, colors, and the level of participation required. Meeting attendance may also be part of the rules for some groups. Every club comes up with its rules, and members are expected to follow them to the latter.


Hells Angels is a famous motorcycle club that has been in existence for quite some time. Like any other motorcycle club, the club dictates what kind of bikes members should have. If you plan to start your motorcycle club like Hell’s Angels, you should do your research and be respectful and cautious of other clubs in your area. Moreover, it would be best to be smart about the members you admit to your club because some may bring trouble.

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