What Is The Best Running App?

The best running app is the Runkeeper. The Runkeeper lets you follow and plan your runs while you are on the move. In addition, this app will allow you to set your personal goals and assist you in realizing them. The Runkeeper tracks your progress using its GPS technology. To use the app, you can choose whether you will go for the free version or the premium one.

What Is The Runkeeper Running App?

Runkeeper Running App

The Runkeeper is a popular running app that launched in 2008. It is a product of Asics. The app is popular because it has an interface that is easy to use. You can set your running goals and monitor the improvement after that.

The app has the option of connecting with friends to share events and objectives. Additionally, it allows you to join more significant community contests. 

Runkeeper is compatible with both android and IOS phones. The data collected by the app is accurate since it uses your smartphone GPS to relay in real-time. In addition, Runkeeper has several free worldwide contests and simulated races geared to nudge you into a competitive race.

Getting Started With The Runkeeper 

Getting Started With The Runkeeper 

The initial step is to download the app. Then you will sign up either with your email address or your Facebook account.

Then you will open an Asics account. The account will enable you to log into the Runkeeper app or any other Asics app. First, fill in your email address, name, date of birth, gender, and place of residence.

Activate your location so that the app can track your runs and motion. By so doing, the app will access your phone’s sensors to track your activities. Upon granting the app the requested permission, you will enjoy all its features. You will then be prompted to accept whether you will be receiving push notifications from the Runkeeper. If you want to be reminded to run, get the prompt, but press no if you don’t want to be bothered by the messages.

 From this stage, you can choose the activities and determine the template you will follow. Next, the app will benchmark your running schedule. Finally, it will seek to know the longest distance you ran recently, and use it to set attainable goals for you.

The app offers several training plans, including a 5-kilometer run, 10 Kilometer run, or even marathon run. Another option is supported by the app challenges. Here, you can opt to join other members’ groups and compete in their set challenges.

Challenges or engaging in community events serve as a motivating factor to push you a bit to achieve your desired goals. One unique aspect of the app is that you can share your progress with your friends, hence igniting the competitive fire in each other.

If you desire a personalized training plan, you should opt for the premium, and the ‘Runkeeper Go’ will help you achieve whatever goal you have in mind.

Tracking A Run Using Runkeeper

The run begins when you hit the start button. If you opt for audio settings, you will learn about your pace and distance covered in real-time. To end your run, press the stop button, and you will know the crucial statistics from your run.

Features Of The Runkeeper App

Apart from recording speed and distance while tracking your movement, the app can exceptionally calculate your rate. Here below are some of the fantastic features of the app;

1. Social Interaction- Runkeeper has a vital social element. The social aspect is exceptional in that you will share your progress with family and friends. You will also get to follow their comments. Equally, you can join community challenges and compete with other members—the social element of the app assists in motivating participants when they challenge each other in the app.

2. Versatility- Apart from running, walking, and jogging, the Runkeeper boasts several other sporting activities. The activities found in the app include; cycling and swimming.

3. Mapping- whether your activities are live or manually entered, the app will use Google maps to track your progress. You can either create premeditated routes with the aid of Google maps or follow where you have previously walked by looking back at previous records.

4. Exceptional Integration- One fantastic feature of this app is its ability to interact with all devices at your disposal. For instance, when tracking a run, the data will be entered automatically into both Exercise.com and myfitnesspal. You can then accurately determine the number of calories you will consume based on the data depicting the day’s activities.

5. Free To Use- Runkeeper is a free app. it is compatible with Android and iOS phones. You need to sync the phone to either the Apple Watch or the Garmin device to track your progress. Although there is an option to use the app for free, premium services are also available if you desire a personalized training plan. The premium is paid either monthly or annually.

Pros And Cons Of The Runkeeper

As there is left and right, everything has its up and downside. Here below are the pros and cons of the Runkeeper app;


1. The app maps the routes.

2. Runkeeper integrates with other apps.

3. It gives accurate tracking of your movement.

4. The app can set goals for you.

5. The app offers interaction with other users.

6. The app offers motivational badges when you meet set goals.

7. The app provides various activities.

8. It offers an opportunity to participate in factual activities.

9. It offers free and paid subscriptions.


1. Sometimes route accuracy can be inconsistent.

2. Runkeeper’s running community is not robust.

3. The social element could be detrimental.

4. Calories are not precise.


If you are a runner looking to decorate your record, Runkeeper is the app tailored for you. The app also blends well with beginners aspiring to start running but need a little nudge. The app will motivate and instill discipline in you as you work hard towards achieving your goal. 

The app offers far better results because it tracks your speed and movement using GPS.


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