What Is The Cost Of Travelling The World In 2022?

Many people dream of traveling the world, but you need to do a lot of planning for a trip worldwide. It’s essential to create an itinerary that will best suit your needs, and keep in mind that your trip will be different from others who have done it before. You may probably spend more or less than people who have traveled before you. If this is the first time, you must ask yourself how long you intend to spend in one location and beat crowds in the famous tourist attraction sites. Traveling around the world will cost you an average of $20000 to $30000. Read on to learn about budgeting and planning for the worldwide trip.

How Much Will It Cost To Travel Around The World?

Cost To Travel Around The World

Airtreks, a service for planning trips, estimates the budget for traveling around the world to be an average of $20000 to 30000. If you have less money to work with, it does not mean that you won’t have a life-changing trip. If anything, people who follow a stricter budget get more creative with their options and are more mindful of their spending. 

You will get plenty of budget-friendly options as you book accommodation; for instance, you can stay with friends or family, book hostels instead of hotel rooms, or you could spend the travel time camping in national parks

You will find traveling cheaper if you are below a certain age. For instance, if you are a student, you will get students discounts when traveling by rail in some countries or other means of transport.

How Much To Spend Traveling Around The World If You Are Not On A Budget

How Much To Spend Traveling Around

It’s nice to have a budget trip if you don’t have the money, but sometimes you may feel like splurging on better restaurants, spending some time in hotel rooms, or doing private tours. If this is what you are looking for, then a budget of $30000 to $35000 will work just fine. 

With this budget, your trip will be memorable, fun, safe, and extensive, as you can visit most places on your bucket list. The best way to ensure that you are saving even if you are not on a tight budget is to plan your routes in the off-season. 

Variables That Affect Costs


Timing has a significant impact on the overall cost of the trip around the world. The price at certain places will mostly depend on the time of year you visit.


Some countries or locations around the world are more expensive than others. For instance, traveling to the US, Australia, and Japan may cost you more, India, Africa, and Southeast Asia will lower the cost.


Going for different adventures every day will increase the trip’s overall cost. Activities such as skydiving, snorkeling, and others may cost a lot.


The place where you spend your nights and days when you don’t feel like going out also affects your total cost. Hotels will cost more than hostels and long-term rentals. Hence, the level of luxury you prefer will hugely affect the cost of the trip.

Type Of Food You Eat

You may choose to eat in hotels, street vendors or make your food. Whichever method you choose will affect your food budget.

What To Include In Your Round The World Trip Budget?

There are generally some everyday things that you may spend your money on when traveling. They include:

Plane Tickets

To get from one country to a different one, you must book flights. You may spend an average of $3300 on your plane tickets for a trip around the world. However, if you travel in business class, you will have to spend more.


Your accommodation will range from hotels, hostels, or resorts. You can have a little of all throughout the trip to mix and match. Accommodation is the second most expensive cost of your travel budget after plane tickets. 

You can budget around $20-$40 for every night you spend in an inexpensive area. Expensive accommodation will cost between $90 and $150. Suppose you are on a restricted budget and would like to spend in hostels, you will spend around $5-$20 in the inexpensive regions.

Food And Drinks

Food and drinks also have a significant impact on the overall cost of your all-around the world trip. The cost will depend on whether you purchase food from supermarkets, streets, or dine in restaurants. 

The cost will vary from meal to meal. In the inexpensive regions, you can budget around $1-$5 per meal for one person and between $5-20 per meal in costly areas.

Adventures And Activities

You will probably go for tours, museum visits, and engage in other fun activities. Adventurous activities during your trip will cost you some money. You may spend around $5 to $200 for each activity, and the total cost will depend on the type of activity and location.

Ground Transportation

To get to your destination, you will ride in buses, trains, taxis, etc., depending on the country you are in. The cost of transportation will depend on the distance you wish to travel and how fast you want to reach your destination. 

Ground transportation will only be a small fraction of the expenses. A motorbike across a  town in Africa will cost you less than $1, but in Dubai, you will rent a  Mercedes at approximately $500. Therefore, your financial capability will determine what you will use on transport.


Travelers who have made a trip around the world agree that the cost ranges between $20000 to $30000 for budget planners. Expenses can stretch to between $30000 to $35000, all factors considered. 

Many people prefer being on the road instead of staying at home. For most people traveling around the world is an incredible experience. As long as you prepare well enough and take all the necessary precautions, your trip will fall into place. Even if some things do not go as planned or expected, don’t worry as it will be part of your experience, and you will learn from it.

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