What Sneakers Did Steve Jobs Wear, and Why? 

It is an open secret that Steve Jobs had a thing for New Balance Sneaker. His all-time favorite sneaker was the New Balance 992. Up to this point, you could be wondering, who is this Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs was an American media proprietor, business magnate, investor, and industrial designer. He was the co-founder and CEO of Apple; the majority share older of Pixar, and the Walt Disney Company’s board of directors. He was the co-founder, CEO, and chairman of NeXT. Steve Jobs was also recognized as a pioneer of the personal computer revolution and his partner Steve Wozniak.

Did Steve Jobs Popularize the New Balance 992 Sneakers?

New Balance 992 Sneakers

Despite his looks, always low-key and a little chill, Steve Paul Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., was a style icon. He wore a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and a pair of grey New Balance model 992. He was so much in love with the iconic New Balance 992 variant that the shoes became his signature wear.

He wore this outfit for decades, turning him into a minimalist symbol. Steve Jobs’s outfit became so iconic that Michael Fassbender repeated the same outfit in the biopic Steve Jobs by Danny Boyle.

Steve Jobs was always a lover of New Balance, and there is a rumor that he wrote to the New Balance chairman Jim Davis asking him for a sneaker that was more trendy and sporty. It is said that Steve Jobs also included a sketch of a silhouette he would have liked to wear. 

Jim Davis (New Balance chairman) could not refuse a design by the co-founder of Apple Inc. That’s how the New Balance model 992 was born. The New Balance 992 was introduced in 2006 as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the brand. From that point, the New Balance 992 became one of the world’s most requested sneakers.

Are New Balance 992 Sneakers Still Trendy?

Fifteen years after the release of the New Balance model 992, the company represents the silhouette in two colorways. The colors include the grey version that Steve Jobs wore and tan. Remember that Steve Jobs wore these sneakers; thus, most people want a piece of the shoe.

To better understand why Steve jobs fell in love with the New Balance 992, let’s do justice and explore how the sneaker came to be and the qualities that mesmerized Mr. Jobs.

The New Balance Model 992

The New Balance 992 concept was conceived in 1978, as the world changed into an era of mass consumerism. The international trade was booming, the computer era was dawning, and athletes were ready to spend their cash in exchange for the greatest and latest sneakers. 

New Balance Company identified a trusted market for locally produced, premium quality running sneakers, unlike their competitors who transferred their shoe production facilities overseas to reduce costs. The New Balance 992 soaked up four years of research and development.

The aim was to create a perfect balance between the twin pillars of support and flexibility. Before the New Balance 992, the sneaker industry believed that you must sacrifice one to have the other. First, the New Balance upper was created using a technique called slip-lasting; this is a way of finishing the sneaker with a single seam and then steaming it into shape. 

The process was more complex than the normal method but produced a dynamic outcome that justified the investment. The New Balance 992 implemented the polyurethane heel-cradle called a motion control device to balance the newfound flex. 

The motion control device became so successful that it maintains a presence in the New Balances’ current crop of performance athletes. Later, an upgrade was made to the New Balance 992 in a carbon rubber heel pad and a Super flex outsole.

The New Balance 992 Design and Features

The New Balance model 992 is a sleek pair of sneakers with heritage styling, premium materials, and more comfort features to create a stylish kick that is also easy to wear. The sneaker is for runners and fitted with versatile, breathable upper mesh material topped with durable suede overlay layers. 

The midsole has a lightweight cushioning, and it is both thick and wide, offering reliable stability, durability, and a seriously comfortable fit. The New Balance 992 also has padded cushioning on the heel and tongue for added comfort. 

New Balance model 992 takes into account both style and ergonomics. The model 992 was crafted with meticulous attention to detail, explaining the hefty price tag in the market. Its midsole comprises polyurethane material to reduce impact and provide a slit bounce to your step. The new balance model 992 has a Roomy toe box. (The toe box is the shoe section surrounding the toes on closed-toe sneakers). 

Small toe boxes can cause foot deformities and serious injuries. The New Balance 992 model has the traditional lace-up closure system for a personalized, secure fit, and its low-top design ensures freedom of movement. The 992 model’s logo has retained its basic structure, shape, and appearance for almost a half-century; it was designed.

The New Balance 992 was also designed with a vast range of colorways and a vast size range.

How the New Balance Model 992 Gained Popularity

How the New Balance Model 992 Gained Popularity

The New Balance 992 earned its popularity in 2001 when Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., wore the sneaker as part of his famed outfit. When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in 2007, he wore a sleek pair of New Balance 992 sneakers, and since then, a new era of non-ironic dad shoe fashion was born. 

Steve Jobs could not get enough of the new Balance model 992, and his association with the brand elevated New Balance to greater heights. 

The Abzorb SBS shock absorption technology used in the insole, heel, and forefoot, which the Company took three years to produce, also contributed to its popularity. 

The Final Word

Steve Paul Job’s favorite sneaker was the New Balance 992. It is unknown why he preferred the model, but we can speculate that perhaps it is because of the sneaker’s impressive features such as stability, support, comfort, and breathability.

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