What To Do If You Lose A Motorcycle Key

It is pretty common for motorcyclists to lose an ignition key. If this unfortunate incident happens to you and you don’t have a spare key, you are in a deep mess. Imagine s a scenario where you are far from home and have no means to power your machine. Don’t panic; there is a way out of this awkward situation. 

Should I Start My Bike Without The Ignition Key?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. However, you can start your bike without the ignition key if it is an old model bike. In case of an emergence, it is possible to hotwire the bike to power it on. Though this is not a lasting solution, it becomes handy in dire situations.

Not accessing your bike’s ignition key is an unpleasant experience. If it ever befalls you, pull yourself together and think about how to get yourself out of the mess. This article discusses how to solve the situation by either hotwiring your bike or making a new key. We also provide tips on how to store your bike keys to ensure their safety. Read on to enlighten yourself.

How To Start Your Motorcycle Without The Ignition Key

How To Start Your Motorcycle Without The Ignition Key

Learning to start your bike without an ignition key isn’t a complicated task. Anyone can grasp the concept as it might help you when push comes to shove and you have no means to power on your bike. However, be aware that not all bikes can be hotwired. Some expensive and modern bikes have a complex starting system that is hard to bypass.

To hotwire your bike, you need to understand its electric system to figure out the appropriate way to ignite the motorbike. Generally, hotwiring means using a small wire, which you will insert to one end of the socket’s connection point, then connect it to the eye of the socket to power on your road machine.

If your bike is a new model, you have no choice but to tow it home or to the locksmith and organize how to acquire a new ignition key.

Making New Ignition Key For Your Bike

Hotwiring the bike might get you out of a dire situation, but it is not a lasting solution. The only viable solution is to arrange how to acquire a new set of ignition keys. There are numerous ways to get a new key for your bike. Some of those ways include contacting the motorbike’s dealership with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), sharing the cylinder code with the locksmith who will craft new keys, dismounting the ignition cylinder, and taking it to the locksmith, or replacing the entire ignition cylinder for a new one.

1. Accessing Your Bike’s Cylinder Code

It will be cheaper to get your key replacement if you manage to access your bike’s cylinder code. The first step towards accessing the cylinder code is by locating the ignition cylinder.

The ignition cylinder is located between the speedometer and the tachometer. Scrutinize the ignition cylinder’s silver shaft to find a code on its side. The code is usually three to four digits long.

If the digits are invisible, consider loosening the shaft to see them. You might also be forced to clean the shaft for good visibility of the code.

After locating the cylinder code, write down the number, and if possible, take a clear photo and share it with the locksmith. A qualified locksmith must have tables and values to refer to and craft an appropriate key based on the codes you provide. However, ensure that the locksmith you trust with the process knows what to do. Not all locksmiths can cut motorcycle keys.

2. Take The Whole Ignition Cylinder

If you can’t locate the code or it is unrecognizable, you have the option of detaching the whole ignition cylinder and taking it to the locksmith for new keys. Before taking the ignition cylinder apart, ensure that you know the right locksmith who will cut another key for you.

Detaching the ignition cylinder is not a complicated process. You are only required to unscrew the bolts and unclip the wiring harness. While removing the cylinder, ensure you label the wires to avoid getting confused when fixing the cylinder.

When you present the ignition cylinder to the locksmith, the impression of the lock is made by inserting a blank key into the lock and twisting it. The twisting act binds the pins inside the lock and marks the spots where the locksmith will cut and file to craft your bike’s new key. 

3. Replacing The Ignition Key

Sometimes you might fail to find the code on the ignition cylinder or a locksmith who can cut an ignition key for your bike. Don’t lose hope; you still have an option to replace the entire ignition cylinder altogether.

This option is expensive, but it can’t fail as the new ignition cylinder comes equipped with keys. The process of acquiring a new cylinder might be time-consuming, but it doesn’t disappoint.

4. Call Your Dealership

Calling your dealership with the bike’s VIN should be the last option as it is the most expensive solution. Locate your VIN, and take it to your dealership together with proof of ownership. The ownership proof includes motorcycle registration, the title, or the bill of sale.

If you don’t have proof of ownership, no dealer will risk making a key for you since they might produce a key for a stolen bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Prevent Losing My Bike’s Ignition Key?

You can prevent losing your bike’s ignition key by practicing the following:

1. Use a large keychain to hold your motorcycle’s key, and the bulkiness will aid you in locating your key quickly.

2. Download a tracking app and use a Bluetooth tracker to locate your key.

3. Always place your key in a designated position when not in use.

4. Keep your stuff organized to avoid misplacing the key.

The Bottom Line

Losing your motorcycle’s key shouldn’t be a heartbreaking issue. Yes, you might be inconvenienced for some time, but there is a way out. Follow the tips discussed on this page, and you will solve the situation with ease.

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