What’s The Person Riding A Bike Called? (Riding Tips For Beginners)

Summing up the entirety of bicycle culture and people who comprise it with just a single word can be difficult. The meaning of different words may vary wildly by a person. A person who rides a bicycle is known as a cyclist. The word is often used the same way as a biker, although people believe that bikers are those who ride motorcycles. A person riding a motorcycle is also known as a motorcyclist. So, a biker is a person who rides a bike or a motorcycle.

What Do We Call A Group Of Motorcycle Riders?

What Do We Call A Group Of Motorcycle Riders

It’s common to hear a group of motorcycle riders being called motorcycle clubs and, in other cases, ‘motorcycle gang’ or ‘biker gang.’ The terms do not refer to ‘gangs’ in the sense that we are accustomed to but rather refer to a group of people. Biker gangs or motorcycle gangs don’t have to be associated with negative things. It only means that they are a group of people who enjoy riding bikes together.

How To Become A Biker?

Before you start riding a bike, there is a lot you need to figure out. Below are a few steps you should take.

Take A Riding Class 

It’s essential to take a bike riding safety course before operating a bike safely and confidently. The course usually lasts around three days. One has to work with certified instructors who are familiar with the biking laws in your location and can assist you in responding to common riding challenges as they teach you how to ride. After the course, you will have a basic understanding of riding and how you can keep yourself safe on the road. After some time, you will become a seasoned riding pro and can take on more challenging routes.

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Get Insurance, License, And Registration

Although the process of getting a license to operate a motorcycle can be lengthy, it is essential. After passing the test administered by the motorcycle safety course, you must also pass an additional written test at the DMV before getting a bike license.

Similarly, you must apply for motorcycle insurance since you will be vulnerable to road accidents on the road. 

Buy A Used Bike At First

Although you can be tempted to purchase the best bike on the market after getting everything ready, you must remember that you are still learning to ride. Therefore, you must find a good starter bike. You can find great beginner bikes which are budget-friendly but buying a used bike is the best option. You only need to be mindful of the potential ticks, scratches, and dents that the bike may have. You will not feel bad denting a cheap bike then you will with the best bike in the market.

Get Yourself High-Quality Safety Gear

High-quality safety gear is one of the crucial things you should never skimp out on. Always ensure that you have your safety gear on before going for a ride. A helmet will protect your head during an accident which may sometimes mean life and death. Therefore, always have a helmet on and all other safety gear needed for riding.

A beginner should start with a good pair of riding gloves, a warm motorcycle jacket, and some boots that cover the ankles. It would help if you also purchased a pair of durable pants explicitly designed for riding motorcycles. It’s good to invest in the right gear as they will protect you from harm.

Always Stay Alert

When on the road, you can never trust everyone around you to follow the law or be mindful of their surroundings. That is why it’s important to be alert, especially when commuting during high traffic hours.

If you are a beginner in riding, take some time to learn the roads by taking detours during peak hours. Also, ride the bike slowly until you hone your skills.

Avoid Carrying Passengers

A beginner should avoid carrying passengers as they may put their safety at risk. You can only carry a passenger when you are comfortable enough with riding. If you add another rider to the bike, you will have to adjust to the bike’s suspension. You will also have to account for the extra weight as you break and take sharp turns, or else the bike might veer off the road.

If it’s a must you carry a passenger, ensure that they have ridden on the back of a bike before or they know how to ride themselves. It will be easier for you since they know how to react in an emergency.

Avoid Highways, Freeways, And Interstates

Until you become a professional rider, you should avoid the highways, freeways, and interstates. It would be best if you only rode in high-traffic areas when you are entirely comfortable with your speed and experience. Avoiding these routes until you become comfortable will keep you and everyone else safe. Take your time to learn these roads without haste, and in due time you can ride on them without worrying.

Pre-Check Before You Begin Riding

Flat tires after a few miles of riding can be disappointing. This is why you should give your bike a thorough once-over before you hit the road. You must test your tires and examine the engine oil for any leaks. After turning the bike on, ensure that the lights properly function and the clutch is not sticking. The tank should also have enough gas to get you where you want to go or to a gas-filling station.

Although these precautions can seem a bit obvious, it is always essential to keep them in mind and stay safe while on the road. Beginners may get excited to ride on the road, but they won’t be on the road for long without taking proper measures. Whether you are a motorcycle biker or a bicycle cyclist, always ensure that you put your safety and that of others first.


Cyclists ride bicycles while bikers ride bikes or motorcycles. Before becoming a cyclist or a biker, it’s essential to know the safety rules and what’s needed on the road. Following the tips above will ensure your safety and everyone else’s.

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