Which North Face Backpacks Are Waterproof? [Features And Differences Between Waterproof And Water Resistant]

North Face backpacks brand is known for its famous water-resistant backpacks, but it also has one waterproof backpack known as Waterproof Roll Top Backpack. Waterproof Roll Top backpacks are the ones that you can submerge in water, and even then, they would still stay dry. You can use the waterproof backpacks during swimming, hiking, and any other activity that would lead to it being in the water. 

What Makes Roll Top Backpacks Waterproof?

Roll Top Backpacks

The Waterproof Roll Top Backpacks have unique features. The features include nylon fabric and polyurethane zippers. If you can’t risk your gear getting wet, a 100% waterproof bag is your best bet. If you are carrying critical items, you can ensure their safety by using waterproof backpacks. Why the hype around waterproof roll-top backpacks? These bags are essential as they provide protection and keep moisture at bay. 

Are you going for rafting trips, fishing, hiking, or any activity around the water? If your everyday activities bring you into contact with water, then the waterproof roll-top backpack should be your everyday companion. You can also use your backpack when the weather is extreme.

Suppose you wish to understand more about the North Face Roll Top Backpack, keep reading as this article explains the features of the North Face Waterproof Roll Top Backpacks and the differences between waterproof and water-resistant backpacks. 

Features Of The Roll Top Waterproof Backpack

Roll Top Waterproof Backpack

The backpack comes with many features that make it amazingly waterproof. The following are the main features that give the Roll Top Backpack waterproof features.


The bag is made purely of nylon fabric that is 100% waterproof. Whatever careers you are in and items you carry, the bag will always ensure the dryness of your items. For instance, the items can be as delicate as a camera, food supplies, medical supplies, and critical supplies. However extreme the weather is, it guarantees that the bag will always keep your items dry. 

The Roll Top backpack is 100% nylon. The fabric has a water-resistant property, and the gear is fully waterproof. Also, the nylon fabric has a long-lasting property that influences the backpack in lasting for long. Nylon can push surface on the liquid on the surface and keep it dry. 

Like other natural fibers that maintain moisture, it resists water. The resistance of the water makes it the perfect fabric for waterproof.


The average weight of the backpack is 0.51kgs. With this lightweight, you can carry it on the back in a long-distance or places you can visit. The heavyweight bags tend to take a toll on a person’s back. Also, you can carry more items that will enhance its protection throughout your journey.


The Waterproof Roll Toll backpack has a volume of 35 liters. The 35 liters can provide you with storage of your items. If you carry many things at a go, the backpack will help you solve that problem in transporting them.

Zipper and Exterior

The backpack has polyurethane zippers that keep your items very safe. The zipper’s coating makes it water-resistant. 

The zippers are located on the exterior part of the bag. It has an external mesh pocket and a zipper that provides more security. Also, the zipper provides the caution you need, as it waterproofs and is on the backside of the backpack.


You can find the Roll Toll Bag in different colors. You will decide which color you will settle for at long last as a person. For instance, you will be happy when choosing your favorite bag with the color you want. Black color will be ideal for any outfit you can wear during your activities.

Differences Between Waterproof And Water-resistant Backpacks

 Waterproof VS Waterresistant Backpacks


The waterproof backpacks have a vast percentage of 100% water-resistant fabrics, unlike the water-resistant bags made of materials that aren’t entirely water-resistant. A water-resistant may protect your items in a drizzle and not during a downpour. 

During a downpour, the water-resistant bags may get soaked. However, the fabric of the waterproof bag will withstand those extreme weather conditions.


The type of zippers in the waterproof and the water-resistant backpacks are so different from each other. For instance, most waterproof backpacks have coated zippers, and water-resistant backpacks have fewer coated zippers. 

If the bag’s zipper is coated and taped, this is a waterproof bag that will perform well in extreme weather, or you can do activities that involve water with them. Coated zippers mostly keep water out of the backpack since the zippers have holes.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a Rainy Season, Should I Carry Water-resistant or a Waterproof bag?

When you are in a rainy environment or weather, you should carry your waterproof bag as it helps you avoid the rain and getting wet. So you should consider waterproof bags as it is a perfect bag for that type of weather you are going to encounter.

Are the North Face Backpacks a Good Brand?

Yes. The North face backpacks brand is a brand that has been in the market for a while, and so they are excellent brands. The backpacks are also durable, and they would serve you for a long time as the material used is 100% nylon that protects its interior side. 

For instance, in case of wetness, the interior part of the backpack doesn’t get wet and hence lasts well because you are maintaining it well.


The North Face Backpacks brands have only one waterproof backpack called Waterproof Roll Top. You can use the backpack for many activities such as fishing, rafting, and any other activity, mostly in extreme weather like the rain. The Waterproof Roll Top bag has impressive features, including a nylon fabric that gives it its water-resistance ability, a good volume for storage, and a coated zipper that keeps your items safe.

 Also, it is lightweight as it allows you to carry more items and travel long distances. If you are after a waterproof backpack that is excellent for your activities, you can give the Waterproof Roll Top backpack a chance to be in your life. This way, you will enjoy all the beautiful features it comes with.

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