Who Makes Survivor Boots? (The History Of Survivor Boots And What To Consider Before Buying Them)

Survivor boots were made by a company known as Herman until the company became extinct. The current Herman boots are replica shoes now owned and manufactured by Walmart. You will only find these shoes in Walmart stores. The Herman survivor name was bought in 2001 from Work ‘N Gear. This piece will provide you with an overview of different types of Herman Survivor boots and how to choose them.

History Of Herman Survivor Boots

History Of Herman Survivor Boots

Herman Survivor boots are very popular boots that the Herman company owned. It is not known when the first Herman boots were manufactured, but after a while, the Dride Rite company purchased the Herman survivor name, and since they began the manufacture and distribution of the boots in the Stride Rite shops. 

Anthony Dipablo acquired the Herman survivor boots, and he became the CEO of Work ‘N Gear company. 

After 11 years since the acquisition and making millions of dollars in sales, the Herman Survivor name was sold to the Walmart corporation by Work ‘N Gear.

After Walmart acquired the Herman survivor boots, they started outsourcing the manufacturing process to China. 

Currently, the boots are exclusively sold at their stores. When the Herman Survivor name was under Work ‘N Gear, the shoes had a reputation for durability and reliability, but this reputation has gone down since Walmart acquired the company. 

The boots are currently sold at $40 to $80, and they come in different styles and colors.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Herman Survivor Boot

Before buying any pair of Herman survivor boots, there are plenty of aspects to consider before pulling the trigger. They include:


Before buying any type of Survivor boots, it’s important to think of the color you want. Some shoes come in a dark brown color, others in light brown color, and others in black. Many people tend to be drawn to either black or brown boots since they are the safest and most versatile colors that perfectly match almost everything.


Boots are versatile, and it’s easy to find a boot that will take you anywhere from walking to hiking on rough terrains. Before buying a boot, decide on the heel height, ankle cut, and toe shape. Herman boots come in different styles, and there is probably something for everyone.

Perfect Fit For Your Calves

Most people don’t know their calf size, and therefore, they find it hard to get the right boot size. Before buying a Herman survivor boot, you must ensure that they fit your calves. It would help if you asked the store attendant to help you figure out your calf fitting before buying the boot.

Go For Quality

Although Herman boots have dropped in quality since the acquisition by Walmart, there are still some good quality boots in the store. Find out the material used to make the boots to decide if it’s right for you.

Common Types Of Herman Survivor Boots At Walmart

Herman Survivors Men’s Boulder 6″ Steel Toe Work Boots

The Boulder 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot is a great pair of work boots that’s warm and comfortable to the feet. The boot has a standard 6″ height with full-grain nubuck leather upper. The boot can withstand changing weather. 

Whether it’s raining or sunny, the work boots are well designed to support the wearer’s needs in construction zones, factory floors, and rough terrains.

Properties of the Men’s Boulder 6″ Steel Toe Work Boots

Enduring Grip

The boots are built with a slip and oil-resistant rubber outsole creating an enduring grip on surfaces. The outsole reduces the risk of slips and falls, helping the wearer to stabilize on low traction surfaces,


The boots are made with strong and durable leather and a full-grain upper. This genuine leather wrapping of the shoes offers a superior and comfortable fit. 

These six-inch boots provide you with ankle support while trekking in uneven terrains, hike and running for long distances.

Herman Survivors Men’s Austin Cowboy Boots

The Herman Survivors Men’s Austin Cowboy Boots fits comfortably and will walk with you straight to a dance floor from the stockyards. The boots are slip-resistant, have square toes, and provide comfort, style, and some western flare. 

The outsole is slip-resistant for everyday comfort and style. They also offer the support needed by your feet to wear them all day long. Moreover, they will provide you with extended wear and sturdy comfort.

Features And Benefits

1. Comfortable fit

2. Slip-resistant outer sole

3. Made with genuine leather

Herman Survivors Men’s Plower Waterproof Work Boot

This Herman Survivor boot is built for easy slipping on and off and offers protection in all working conditions. The buffalo leather work boot is perfect for a day on your job. Its steel toe is perfect for safety in all work conditions. 

The waterproof material will keep the feet dry regardless of the weather, while the slip and oil-resistant outsole help to avoid slips and falls. This work boot is perfectly designed to last in the job.

Features And Benefits

1. Made of genuine leather

2. Comfortable fit

3. Waterproof

4. Steel toe

5. It has a slip and oil-resistant outsole

Herman Survivors Men’s Oakridge Work Boots

This 8″ Herman Survivor Men’s Oakridge has genuine leather upper and is made with long-lasting materials. The quality boot is made to last and provide impact protection that you may need to complete your job safely and efficiently.

 The slip and oil-resistant outsole provide you with the security you need to face unlevelled and rough terrains. 

The lace-up design adds comfort and provides a nice fit with added ankle support and protection you need to complete your daily job.


Different companies have acquired Herman Survivor boots over the years. Although the quality of the boots has decreased over time, you can still find a few quality boots at Walmart at a budget-friendly cost. Herman boots offer comfort and support to the feet. Before buying the boots, you should consider important factors such as the color, style, quality, and perfect fit for the calves.

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