Why Backpacks With Wheels Aren’t Allowed At Most Schools

There are several reasons why backpacks with wheels aren’t allowed at most schools. The backpack with wheels takes a lot of space in the hallway and causes accidents and a noisy environment as children pull them along. The schools don’t allow backpacks with wheels as they are primarily trying to avoid problems they come with. A safe school is necessary for all the students studying there.holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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This article will explain why backpacks aren’t allowed in schools, why schools should consider rolling backpacks, their advantages, and disadvantages. Also, how to choose the best backpack for your child.

Are Wheeled Backpacks Bad For School Going Children?

Children Wheeled Backpacks

Many schools have reasons for not allowing a backpack with wheels to school, but there are several general reasons schools have banned such backpacks for school-going children. Here are the reasons:

1. Fatigue

There is a problem when a child rolls the backpack from home to school every day. The fatigues Crips in, as the hands are the most commonly used parts. Also, crisscrossing and pulling around the school bag is an intense activity. Imagine pulling a rolling backpack up and down the stairs every day for a small child. It causes extreme fatigue and too much work for the child.

2. Limited Spaces

The school hallways may have limited spaces to pull. The rolling backpack takes a lot of space. For instance, one rolling backpack can take two to three spaces. It is costly for schools that don’t have enough space that a student can use. 

The limited spaces lead to more congestion in the school hallways, and schools don’t want to encourage that. Also, there is a little storage facility for those bags as they don’t fit into the locker provided for them. The spaces are small, and the backpacks get scattered in the hallways, which shows a lot of disorganization.

3. Noises

You can imagine the noises that come from pulling a rolling bag. What about several students pulled the rolling backpacks at the same time? The noises affect the school’s sanity as there won’t be much concentration. 

4. Commotion/accidents

There might be commotions that can take place near the schools. Children are young, and maybe they don’t know much about organizational skills unless there’s is adult supervision. If there is no adult supervision, the children may cause flipping, falling, and colliding with each other. The collision might result in accidents that might cause injuries.

With all the above reasons, it won’t be news if most schools choose to ban backpacks with wheels because of the safety and sanity of the school. However, few schools allow the usage of backpacks with wheels. Below are some reasons they might allow it in schools.

The Pros Of Wheeled Backpacks For Schools

Reduces Load

When schools allow the carrying backpacks with wheels in their facilities, it will help reduce the load that comes with the regular backpack. Many schools have so many books, and homework is always a takeaway for children, and a child is supposed to carry a backpack. 

It might result in backaches for the children as their fragile backs are overworked. The children may suffer health conditions that will lead to future back complications.

Increased Productivity

As aforementioned, when using an everyday backpack that causes backaches, a backpack with wheels will provide more minor backaches and fatigue. When a child isn’t suffering from backaches, the level of productivity rises as they aren’t in pain and discomfort. A healthy child will perform well in school and have an elevated mood.

Stress-free Parents

Parents will be free of stress. A parent gets stressed when it comes to a child’s sickness. Backaches that come from carrying heavy backpacks result in more hospital visits which end up depressing parents. 

It isn’t easy when your child is sickly every time. It takes hospital visits, exhausting insurance premiums, and investing your time. Most people have no luxury of losing their time at work because they are making ends meet.

For those schools that don’t allow backpacks with wheels, there are backpacks that you can buy for the child to avoid any such problems that come with the standard backpacks.

Tips For Getting The Right Backpacks For School Children

Right Backpacks For School Children

1. Always consider a lightweight backpack. You should find a backpack that wouldn’t weigh down your child. For instance, leather is made of heavy material so opt for a canvas material that weighs less.

2. Find a backpack with two wide, padded shoulder straps. Wide straps allow the comfort that comes along. A narrow strap usually digs into the shoulders, which hurts the child.

3. Always consider a backpack that has a padded back. A padded back helps in increasing your child’s comfortability. It also protects the child from being hurt by sharp objects like pencils, rulers, and edges inside the pack.

4. Also, you can check for a backpack with a waist belt. The waist belt helps in evening out the backpack’s weight across the body. It will be fantastic when weight is not only in one place. Evening it out provides more stability for the child.

5. It would be best if you considered a backpack with multiple compartments. This type of backpack will help even out the weight throughout your backpack. This way, the child will not suffer backaches often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Check The School Rules First Before Buying A Backpack For My Child?

Yes. It is necessary to always check the school rules before buying a backpack with wheels for your child. For instance, if you buy it without consulting the school, you are in for a loss if the schools don’t allow them. So you should always consult with your child’s school.


Backpacks with wheels aren’t allowed in most schools. Some schools claim that backpack wheels cause commotions, fatigue, and limit spaces in the hallways. 

However, these backpacks have some merits as they reduce children’s load compared to regular backpacks. 

The usual back backpacks also have their advantages and disadvantages. So it will be up to you to decide which backpack you want your child to be carrying. Some schools allow backpacks with wheels in school, and it will be up to you to determine if you’re going to take them to those schools.

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