The 3 Main Reasons Why Cowboys Liked Wearing Vests

If you have spent some time in the country, you probably love how cowboys dress, and you may even dream of becoming one. We all agree that cowboys look good in their dressing. Their sense of style is interesting. However, you may not enjoy the idea of your trainers getting stuck in the mud and your clothes getting snagged on a stable fence. That’s why you may brush off the idea of becoming a cowboy, as the country environment may be unforgiving. Some of the cowboys’ typical clothing includes boots, hats, jeans, and vests. Have you ever wondered why they wear vests? Maybe because they keep them warm or use them to carry items. Read on to find out more.

Reasons Why Cowboys Wore Vests

Why Cowboys Wore Vests

They Do Not Restrict Movement

Vests are some of the most overlooked pieces in cowboy clothing, but they still play an essential role. Cowboys wore vests as an alternative to coats since many cowboys disliked how their coats restricted movement. When they wore a vest as their outer garment, it didn’t restrict arm movement when riding horses or doing country jobs. 

For Warmth

Cowboys had to wear garments that protected them from harsh winter weather during winter climates. Vests were one of these attires. Vests are a practical choice for outer layering as one can wear a thick padded vest over their shirt, providing enough warmth during the cold season.


Vests are pretty different from coats as they can’t get easily caught on hedges, trees, or even horns. Therefore, cowboys preferred vests overcoats when working in fields. Vests also feature pockets where they could store items they needed. 

The four pockets were perfect for carrying personal items such as tobacco and pocket knives. It is pretty challenging to reach pants pockets while riding a horse but a vest pocket is more convenient.

Cowboys wore vests over thick button-up shirts manufactured from wool and flannel. Therefore, they kept them relatively warm. Nowadays, people sell cowboys vests made from different materials, including wool, synthetics, leather, oilskin, and canvas. Before buying a cowboy vest, ensure that you buy from a brand that sells quality wear. You can focus on vests manufactured by famous country wear companies, including Johnny Reb and Just Country.

Enhancing Your Style With A Western Vest

Western Vest

Cowboy vests have evolved, mainly because the material used to manufacture them has also changed. Some of the typical vests worn as cowboy vests are the western vests. They have been trendy with bikers since the 1950s when bikers’ clubs rose in popularity in the US. Since then, motorbike clubs have had their logo that members usually show on their vests. 

Vests are evolving in designs, and there has been a revival about bikers’ interest and cowboys searching for stylish vests. Vests are a personal way of expressing oneself hence why most cowboys continue to wear them, and bikers make them part of their adventures and experience.

How To Properly Wear A Cowboy Vest

Many people are unaware of how to wear vests properly, even if they wish to have one. Maybe you purchased a leather vest, but it is still in your closet for months now because you are yet to understand whether it is winter or summer attire. 

You can wear a different western vest for every season. This means that you will still look great wearing a vest in fall, winter, spring, or summer as long as you know how to pair it with different and unique outfits. 

Vests are also the best accessories to match your jeans or shirts and skirts. To find the best vest look for you, try out what you have in mind and take some risk to see how good it will look on you.

Leather Vests

You don’t need to be a biker or have the perfect body to rock a leather vest. We are used to seeing many advertising gimmicks and cliches talking about how a leather vest is for people with a sculpted body. This is a lie; anybody can enjoy these attires. It’s easy to find a beautiful leather vest that perfectly fits your body type. 

Although most people think that vests should not be worn daily, they are ordinary clothes that can be well matched because of how customizable they are. You can wear your leather vests whenever you want as long as you feel comfortable in them.

How Do You Achieve A Cowboy Look?

A cowboy look is incredibly fashionable. It has become a popular trend, even in urban areas. But what do you need to achieve this look? It would be best if you had cowboy boots for a cowboy look as they are the most distinctive elements of country wear. 

The shoes are narrow with pointed toes allowing you to slip in and out quickly. The model you choose should be made of genuine leather and ensure it’s comfortable enough.

You will also need to buy a cowboy vest to make your look extra fashionable. The vest is worn on top of a shirt, and if it is cold, you must ensure that your shirt is warm enough. A checkered shirt is a great choice to add color and personality to the outfit.

Trousers are also another necessity to complete a cowboy look. During winter you can wear cotton trousers to keep you warm or denim during summer to keep you cool. The last thing required to top off the look is a cowboy hat. Hats are designed to shield the eyes from dust and the sun. They also protect the face from sunburns and ears from the wind.


Cowboys wore vests for various reasons. The vest allowed free movement when moving around. They kept them warm during winter and stored items such as tobacco and pocket knives for easy reach. People still wear cowboy vests mostly because they are stylish. If you want to achieve this look, you can also wear a cowboy hat, boots, and a pair of denim or cotton trousers.

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