Why Do People Hike? –The Reasons

Hiking is a sport that allows you to connect with nature spectacularly. The primary reason for hiking is to relax your mind and enjoy the scenery simultaneously. The good things about hiking are that it does not require much training, is uncompetitive, and is cheap to hike. Most of us are busy with our daily work or business deals to the extent of straining our minds unknowingly. Taking some time off your regular schedule to walk around and embrace nature will do you loads of good.

Is Hiking Beneficial?

Even though hiking is non-competitive, it is gaining popularity among people who wish to explore nature and relief work-related stress. It is worth noting that spending time walking outdoors will improve your body and mental status. After a walk, your body feels rejuvenated, and you become mentally relaxed. More people have become aware of the benefits associated with hiking, leading to a surge in its popularity.

Ten Reasons Why People Hike.

Ten Reasons Why People Hike

Hiking is healthy, and it allows you to get in touch with nature. We have compiled a few reasons that lure people into this non-competitive sport.

1. Hiking Is A Holistic Exercise 

Hiking invigorates your body and relaxes your mind at the same time. When hiking, as your eyes enjoy the scenery, your mind gets soothed into relaxation. You don’t focus on anything else apart from exploring the beauty of nature. Additionally, hiking can give strength to your body since it is an exercise just like the gym. The only difference between hiking and the gym is that the gym is artificial, whereas hiking is a natural exercise.

2. Connecting With Nature

Hiking presents a unique opportunity to be in touch with nature. While on the hiking trail, you will observe the wonders of nature. The beautiful sceneries that will connect you with nature are; waterfalls, wild animals, green vegetation, beautiful flowers, wild birds, and natural rivers. All things you will encounter while hiking is unique, and they capture your attention; thus, you will forget about the city life as you listen to the choruses of birds along the trail.

3. Discovering New Landscapes

Each path you choose to explore presents different features. When hiking, you will discover some landscape features that are unknown to many. Imagine encountering a rock like no other you have seen before. Besides such a rock mesmerizing you, you will upload its photo for future reference. One crazy aspect of hiking is that you can repeat the same route you have explored before and discover scenery you have never encountered.

4. Hiking Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Life in the city brings many challenges that often lead to stress. Taking a nature walk will enable you to forget about all stresses that the city life has thrown into your face. While hiking, you will breathe clean natural air that brings relaxation to both the body and mind. In the process, depressions and anxieties associated with city challenges will evaporate away. Additionally, the beautiful sceneries you will observe on your hiking trail will rejuvenate your mind, thus displacing stress.

5. Hiking Is Healthy

Hiking is the only sure natural way to shade off the extra weight from your body. When hiking, you burn extra calories leading to weight loss. Equally, hiking is known to strengthen your body which is beneficial to cardiovascular health. Spending time with nature is a proven way to improve your mental health. You get absorbed with the natural surroundings to the extent that whatever is nagging you evaporates into thin air.

6. Connecting With Others 

After spending most of your time confined to the city walls, hiking presents an opportunity to connect with old friends, family, old schoolmates, or even strangers. While hiking, you can share life experiences with fellow hikers, whether they are familiar or total strangers. Incredibly, even couples on a first date find it easy to connect on a hiking trail because it is a safe environment to meet new people.

7. Freedom Of Expression

When you explore nature, you are no longer encumbered by the restraints that come with modern civilization. You are on your own doing what you know better; hence you can freely experience a fresh breath of air.

Our surrounding environment dictates what to do. Out there exploring nature, you are at liberty to try anything plausible. Nature teaches us the opposite of what human perceives. We strongly believe that humans control every situation, but wait until you step out of the city and explore nature. You will be surprised to learn that nature is the master of everything, and it affords you the freedom to enjoy its scenery.

8. Anyone Can Hike

Several outdoor activities have a limitation on who should participate. For instance, you must have skiing skills to attempt the sport, mountain biking requires skill, but hiking involves none of these. Regardless of your age, you can slip on your hiking boots and hit the trail.

9. Hiking Improves Brain Power

Researchers suggest that the chores we are bombarded with daily overwhelm the brain hence decreased cognitive resources. As a result, we experience little inspiration and problem-solving capabilities. Connecting with nature separates you from such detrimental chores and works miracles with your attention circuits, enhancing your brain power that leads to creativity, hence ease of problem-solving.

10. Hiking Is A Non-Competitive Sport

Hiking is among rare sports that let you participate without a competitor. While hiking, you determine your own pace. Slow paces are recommended to allow you to view the scenery. You have all the time at your hand to ponder over issues and have a chat with your fellow hikers. Since no competition rivalry exists in the hiking sport, you have the luxury to stop and assist a fellow hiker when circumstances demand. 

The Takeaway

The sport of hiking has numerous benefits for persons of all ages. Scientists believe that spending a considerable amount of time in nature improves your immune system tremendously. It is also claimed that children who are regularly exposed to nature exhibit positive brain development. My final word is, if you want to experience the gifts of nature, slip on your hiking boots and hit the trail. 

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