Why Does Tony Robbins Have Little Trampolines At His Home And Office To Jump On Throughout The Day?

Tony Robbins believes that the lymph system needs stimulation to get rid of toxins from the body. It would help if you moved to force the lymph fluid through your system. According to him, bouncing on a trampoline is the best way to stimulate your lymph system. Therefore, Tony Robbins has bought mini trampolines in his home and office, on which he jumps throughout the day.

How Does A Trampoline Help The Body?

How Does A Trampoline Help The Body

You use various muscle groups to rebound, just like you do when jogging. Rebounding has the added advantage of causing much lower levels of shock trauma to your skeletal system than running on a hard surface. In addition, using a mini trampoline for a long time increases the capacities of your lungs and red blood cells while lowering blood pressure.

Although it’s much easier and more fun, a trampoline workout is as effective as running. A new study says rebounding burns as many calories as a 10-minute mile jog. So bouncing on a trampoline will provide you with an equally effective calorie burn and cardio boost, and it feels much easier and more fun.

Jumping on a trampoline is a vigorous aerobic workout, and it increases the rate at which the heart pumps blood and oxygen in the body. The action strengthens the cardiovascular system muscles and boosts your oxygen levels, making you more alert. In addition, staying active helps prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Trampolining also provides a rush of positive hormones and components such as adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin to the body. Moreover, the lymphatic system is vital for maintaining your body’s fluid levels and filtering out toxins from the immune system.

What Other Exercise Does Tony Robbins Do Apart From Rebounding?

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker known for his energy to keep thousands of people engaged for hours on end. Tony Robbins wakes up at around 9 am after getting around three to five hours of sleep. After waking up, he does a 10-minute ‘priming’ workout, which he will do outdoors if the weather is favorable.

The workout starts with Tony taking on an ancient yogic breathing workout and then moving to mindfulness meditation, whereby he focuses on gratefulness and what he would like to achieve. He has 16-hour days where he is involved in lots of running and jumping around the stage. Therefore, he must stay in shape.

Beck, Robbin’s trainer, designed a high-intensity workout for Robbin to do every morning. The exercise only takes 15 minutes and involves brief bursts of total exertion as he maintains a very high heart rate. After tony maxes out in the gym, he spends some minutes in a hot sauna before getting into a cold plunge. Tony has a sauna and a cold dip in each of his seven homes.

When a person endures intense heat and then immerses themselves in freezing water, their heart rate stays high enough, and this can be considered part of a morning workout. According to Beck, the hot sauna improves circulation, and the cold water trains his mind to stay active rather than hesitating. Robbins also has a personalized diet plan created by Beck to help strengthen his metabolism.

Before a performance, Robbins spends some time going through his notes with his team, and if he will be performing, he bounces around on a mini trampoline which helps him get his blood pumping. Tony’s morning routine boosts his energy and productivity levels for his busy day. The entire exercise is intense but takes less than 30 minutes.

How Many Trampoline Bounces Equals One Mile?

How Many Trampoline Bounces Equals One Mile

 They have become quite popular in personal exercise routines. To cover a mile on a trampoline, you need to do 500 bounces. When jogging, you will need to do 2000 steps to complete one mile, therefore jumping on a trampoline is a much more efficient exercise.

Jumping on the trampoline is less taxing on the body. If you have trouble with impact jogging, you can significantly benefit from the trampoline workout. The workout is simple, and it’s also more fun and will bring out the child in you.

Does Jumping On A Trampoline Help Tony Robbins Burn Calories?

A man will burn an average of 12.4 calories every minute jumping on the trampoline without counting their warm-up and cool-down time. The calorie-burning levels are almost equal to jogging at around six miles every hour on flat ground.

Rebounding is an excellent way of getting a full-body workout. That’s why it’s a favorite to tony Robbins as it helps him stay in shape and get energy for his numerous shows.

If you think of doing this exercise to help you achieve your weight loss goals, you should know that people who weigh 170 pounds can burn up to 8 calories per minute jumping on a trampoline, resulting in 440 calories burnt every hour.

Rebounding can also help you eliminate belly fat if you have it because the workout helps burn calories. Although it’s tough to shed belly fat, you can burn it off by practicing basic aerobic exercises on the trampoline. You will need to do approximately 15- minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week to reduce belly fat.

New research conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has discovered that rebounding on tiny trampolines for less than 20 minutes is as beneficial to your body as running. However, it feels much better and is more fun and enjoyable. This may be another reason why Tony Robbins rebounds on mini trampolines throughout the day.


Tony Robbins gets his body awake and alive by jumping up and down, spinning around, fist-pumping, and standing with his arms outstretched. He also bounces on a trampoline to get his heart pumping. He believes that rebounding helps get rid of toxins in the lymph system.

Although his trampoline exercise takes less than 30 minutes, the intensity is enough to kick start his busy daily schedules.

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