Exploring Why Jansport Backpack Has A Lifetime Warranty

The Jansport products’ superior quality enables them last for a while. The lifetime warranty applies to manufacturing defects in materials and the artistry for its duration. Jansport has built its trust among the target market for the fifty years of its existence. They are confident of their product, the durability that they offer a lifetime warranty for their products, including the backpacks they make. If you see a problem with your gear emanating from a natural cause, you can claim your warranty from the company.

How Is Jansport Backpack Able To Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Jansport Backpack

Jansport backpacks have been in existence for a long time. The Jansport has been keeping the promise of their bag in offering a lifetime warranty. They have an epic trust in durability and quality. 

To give a lifetime warranty for their products shows that they have produced the best product in the market. So what does the lifetime warranty of the Jansport backpack cover?

This article will take you through what the warranty covers, the circumstances that you can’t make a claim, what the warranty doesn’t cover, and how to claim the lifetime warranty.

What They Cover

1. Material And Components

If you see a defect in your Jansport backpack concerning the material it is made up of, ensure you report the defect immediately. If you see any alarming malfunction on the backpack, including fading and stretchy material, and the product hasn’t stayed for long, you can always file for your warranty as many times as you want.

2. Artistry

Artistry refers to seams, construction, and the bag’s design. If you feel a malfunction in the artistry and the design such as open stitches or the zipper isn’t holding up, the best thing you can do is file for a warranty claim. 

The company will accept your warranty request if the artistry is something to do with a natural cause, but not some alteration you caused to any design features of the bag.

What They Don’t Cover

Normal Wear And Tear

Wearing and tearing is a normal thing that happens when it comes to a backpack. For instance, if you have carried a sharp object in your backpack and it got to tear the bag, you have no right to claim the lifetime warranty for repairs. 

Also, damage to the gear due to everyday wear and tears such as abrasions, UV degradation, misuse, and neglect are not covered by the warranty. Claiming something you have caused with your hands is not covered by the company. They only accept the natural causes. 


When the lifetime of the backpack ends, the company will not compensate you for that. They determine if the lifetime of the backpack is over before giving you the warranty by checking the following:

1. Fabric

The Company always looks at the fabric to access if it is deteriorated, discolored, or degraded. If the Jansport backpack company sees this, they determine that the product’s life is over.

2. Component

If they see that a significant component has failed in working due to prolonged usage and has lasted a long time, they may deem the product has met its entire potential life. The features include the backpack’s handle, buckles, wheel, and zippers. 

A Guide To Claiming Jansport Backpack Warranty

Claiming Jansport Backpack Warranty

You can first make a claim online on their website and deliver it to the company so that they can accept it. 

Alternatively, you can follow the process of taking back the company’s backpack and making a claim by following the steps stipulated below:

1. Place the backpack in a big-sized bag and package it nicely.

2. The package should also contain a written letter explaining the extent of the backpack’s damage. Also, register your details in the letter. You can also add some remarks like the color that you want your bag to be in case they can’t fix the damage to the bag.

3. Also, don’t forget to clean your bag before sending it in.

4. Afterward, you can find their address on their website and mail it to them.

5. Wait patiently for their feedback. The Jansport Company will call back after a few days, and their customer representative will confirm the receipt of your backpack. During the call, you will know if they will fix your bag or replace it for you. 

6. Now, you can wait for your fixed backpack or a replaced one after a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Jansport Backpacks Last A Lifetime?

A lifetime investment will depend on the context you are using it. For instance, it can mean your lifetime and the company clearly states that you are eligible for a lifetime warranty of the backpack during its lifetime. When the life of the backpack is over, the warranty is over. Please note that it isn’t your lifetime.

What If I Wouldn’t Want A Replacement Of The Bag, But It’s Repair?

It will depend on the nature of the damage. If the company tells you they can’t fix the bag but can replace it; you have a fantastic option to accept or decline the offer. But, during the feedback call, they will inform you about the steps they want to take about the bag.


A lifetime warranty is making a bet on your product and saying that it is the best in the market! There are very few companies that will make such a call on their products. Jansport Company is among the few that put a full warranty on their products. They majorly do this because they are sure of the quality and durability of their product. 

However, it should be a natural cause like poor artistry or poor fabric quality to qualify for the warranty and claim. If you make any claim regarding wear and tear solely caused by you, they wouldn’t give you the warranty. 

Be aware that only the original owner of the backpack can make a legitimate claim to ascertain trust. Moreover, there are steps you should follow when claiming the warranty that is outlined in the article. If your claim is legitimate and you follow their claim instructions, you are good to go as your bag can be fixed or replaced.


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