The Best 6 Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts For Summer Workouts

Summer running is a refreshing exercise for the running fanatics who enjoy covering a few miles in a sweaty and sticky state. However, women with skin chaffing issues find the runs punishing. The humid conditions experienced during summers make summer runs frightful when you have to deal with skin chafing in your inner thighs that can’t be resolved by lube.

Running experts went out of their way to find a lasting solution to the nightmare of women developing rashes on their thighs during summer runs and came up with high-waist biker shorts suitable for summer runs. Most of these bikers are made out of spandex fabric. However, not all shorts are ideal for summer running. Some of the biker shorts available in the market don’t stay put when running, meaning they ride up, resulting in friction. Others are too compressive to the extent of causing you discomfort while running.

We made it our responsibility to engage experts, talk to some outdoor enthusiasts, scour through the internet reviews in search of the best high-waist biker shorts suitable for women’s runs during summers. Stay on this page, and you will discover the best shorts that will provide you with a painless experience when running all summer long.

List Of The Best Women’s High-waist Biker Shorts For Summer Runs.

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A Comparison Chart Of The Best Women’s High-Waisted For Summer Workouts

Biker TypeReason For Choosing ItMaterialsStandout FeatureInseam
Baleaf High-Waisted Yoga Workout Biker Shorts.
Best Overall
87% polyester & 13% spandex2 front pockets and 2 back pockets
5 to 8 Inches
Persit High-Waist Print Workout Yoga Biker Shorts
Most Comfortable

Blend of polyester and spandex fabric
Unique Print Design
Alo Yoga High-Waist Biker Short
Best Treated
87% nylon and 13% spandexHigh-Waist Elastic Waistband
7 Inches
Nike One Women’s Mid-Rise 7” Biker Shorts
Best for workouts

50% recycled polyester

Hidden Pockets

7 Inches
Colorfulkoala Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts
Best for Shorter Inseam
A blend of polyester and spandex
Seamless Waistband

6 Inches
Beyond Yoga Spacedye Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts.
For Best breathability
Blend of Polyester-Lycra and Spandex
5-Inch Waistband

7 Inches

Our Choosing Criteria

We arrived at the best choices after doing extensive researches. We collected reviews from testers who gave their opinion after using the shorts. We also collected views from various outdoor enthusiasts who use them in multiple activities such as running, biking, volleyball, and basketball.

We discovered that some shorts had an issue with leg sleeves riding up the thighs, resulting in friction during our search. Our primary objective focused on singling out the best biker shorts that feature the right inseam. “Inseam is the length from the crotch area to the hem.”

Though our choices are not conclusive, we have confidence that the high-waist biker shorts discussed in this article have the best features to safeguard your skin from friction nightmares. If at one point, you have undergone the struggle of shorts riding up your legs and chaffing your skin in the process, these shorts will work wonders for you.

The Best 6 Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts For Summer Workouts

1. Baleaf High-Waisted Yoga Workout Biker Shorts (Best Overall) 

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The Baleaf High-Waisted Workout Biker Shorts have the best features and boasts a mammoth number of reviews on amazon. The reviews are a testimony that they are cheap, efficient, comfortable, and durable.  The fabric used in making the short comprises 87% polyester and 13% spandex.

If you search for a versatile moisture-wicking and breathable high-waist biker short, then Baleaf yoga workout biker short is worth trying. 

Features Of Baleaf High-Waisted Yoga Workout Biker Shorts

1. Moisture-Wicking and Breathability

The fabric used in making the shorts has moisture-wicking abilities that absorb sweat emanating from your body while running or doing workouts. Another essential feature exhibited by these shorts has sufficient breathability. Breathability enhances airflow to your body, and it works hand in hand with the fabric’s moisture-wicking potential to prevent friction and minimize chances of skin chaffing.

2. Opaque Fabric

The fabric used in the shorts is opaque enough to prevent people from seeing through into your skin. So when you step out in your biker, you have confidence that they are not see-through.

3. A High-Rise And Wide Waistband

The high-rise and wide waistband featured in the biker shorts enables them to be used for tummy control. Although the shorts are not tummy sucking, they exceptionally smoothen all types of bellies familiar to most women. The shorts are reputed to hold on well; thus, there is no worry of readjusting them all the time as you focus on your workout or running activities.

4. Anti-Thigh Chaffing

If you select the right size, most preferably 8-inch, you will not experience any rubbing to your skin while out there doing your running. Most users attest that it is soft and stretchy, thus allowing flexibility and easy movement. When worn under your dress, be assured that zero chaffing occurs on your adored thighs.

5. Pockets

The shorts have pockets big enough to hold your phone and other valuables while jogging. Most wearers sing praises to the pockets since their design is exceptional, and they hold items without showing any budging.


1. The short is breathable.

2. There is a wide range of sizes.

3. Affordable pricing.

4. The fabric is opaque.

5. Excellent moisture-wicking abilities.

6. The fabric is stretchy, thus, allowing flexibility and ease of movement.


1. Inconsistent sizing between colors.


The Baleaf yoga workout biker short is a versatile garment suitable for many outdoor activities during summer times. Besides running and sprinting, the shorts also perform well when cycling.

2. Persit High-Waist Print Workout Yoga Biker Shorts (For Best comfort)

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The persit is uniquely printed biker shorts that exude better breathability, and they are squat proof. The fabric used is moisture-wicking, stretchy, and durable. The four-way stretch technology featured in the short allows for flexibility and ease of movement as the material moves with you but doesn’t ride up.

The short’s high-rise waistband is excellent for tummy control when out there doing your favorite outdoor activities. This short with 2 hidden pockets has wide versatility. Besides running, it performs well when riding. You can also use it in indoor activities such as weight lifting and other workouts.

Features Of The Persit High-Waist Print Workout Yoga Biker Shorts

1. Moisture-Wicking

The shorts are made using a quick-drying fabric that has better moisture-wicking abilities. You are assured of maintaining dry skin whenever you use these shorts in outdoor activities. Due to the quality of the shorts, skin chaffing and friction are kept at bay.

2. High-Rise Waistband

The biker shorts feature a high-rise waistband suitable for dummy control. The wideband takes care of your tummy by contouring your curves to streamline your figure.

3. 4-Way Stretch Technology

The stretching ability of the fabric allows flexibility in movement. You are free to try a wide range of exercises with more minor or no hindrance. The technology also provides the perfect fit for the shorts that stay put without riding up your legs. Lack of upward riding promotes comfort as no rubbing or friction takes place while running or doing workouts.

4. Soft Breathable Fabric

Any running or workout fabric needs better breathability to afford you optimum comfort. The Persit high-waist print yoga biker shorts for women are engineered using quality fabrics that offer unmatched breathability. Besides breathability, the material is stretchy and opaque, meaning no one can see your skin through it.

5. Signature 2 Pockets

These shorts are synonymous with their signature two pockets that allow you to carry your valuables when running or doing workouts.


1. The shorts have better breathability and excellent moisture-wicking abilities.

2. Affordable pricing.

3. Stretchy fabric that allows for flexibility and ease of movement.

4. It features a high-rise waistband that streamlines your tummy.

5. It comes with 2 pockets for carrying your essentials.

6. Unique printed design.

7. The biker shorts are versatile.


1. It comes with questionable compression.


Look no further if you crave uniquely designed yet breathable, comfortable, and flexible running or workout biker shorts. The Persit High-Waist Print Yoga Workout Biker shorts are your ideal gear.

3. Alo Yoga High-Waist Biker Short (Best Treated) 

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The Alo Yoga High-Waist Biker Short is a versatile garment that is great for running and sprinting and general workout activities such as tennis, basketball, and biking. The biker shorts are synonymous with their anti-odor treatment and the signature airbrush fabric.

Although the shorts come without pockets, they have an additional panel near the crotch that helps you evade any frontal wedgies. Additionally, the fabric is reputed for its moisture-wicking abilities that are unmatched.

Features Of The Alo Yoga High-Waist Biker Shorts

1. Moisture-wicking Fabric

The technology used to produce these biker shorts enables them to wick off moisture effectively. The fabric magically draws sweat and perspirations away from your body towards its surface, where it evaporates.

The act of moisture-wicking ensures that your thighs don’t suffer from skin chaffing that brings irritating and uncomfortable blisters.

2. Anti-odor Treatment

Nothing is disgusting and irritating, like a stench emanating from your crotch due to sweating while focusing on outdoor activities such as running or biking. The Alo Yoga Bike Shorts take care of such odors, thanks to the antimicrobial treatment afforded to the garment.

3. High-Waist Elastic Band And Flatlock Seams

The shorts feature a high-waist elastic band that holds your tummy when focused on your workout exercise. Additionally, the biker shorts come with flatlock seams that do excellently in minimizing irritation and chaffing incidents.

4. 4-Way Stretch

The production of the shorts uses 4-way stretch technology that permits a wide range of movements and enhances dry time. The ability to dry quickly improves anti-chaffing qualities in the fabric.

5. Breathability

The fabric is highly breathable, allowing coolness and dryness to your skin when having workouts. The double-knit performance fabric featured in the shorts affords them a comfortable skin feel you may forget you are wearing shorts.


1. The biker shorts have extended longevity.

2. They exhibit unrivaled stretchy and flexible abilities.

3. The fabric wicks off moisture excellently.

4. The elastic waistband supports your tummy and molds it into a smooth shape while you focus on the task ahead of you.

5. The fabric is quick-drying.

6. The front panel enables you to avoid frontal wedgies.

7. The shorts are versatile, meaning they can handle various indoor and outdoor activities.


1. Varying inseam and a fit subject to size.

2. The shorts lack pockets.


The Alo Yoga High-Waist Biker Shorts have the edge over most biker shorts due to their antimicrobial treatment. The treatment ensures that your skin can’t be infected by common bacterial diseases when you sweat while running. 

4. Nike One Women’s Mid-Rise 7-Inch Biker Shorts (Best for Workouts)

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The Nike mid-rise biker shorts are squat proof and are suitable for several workout activities. The shorts are designed using 50% recycled polyester. The compressive fabric hugs the body fittingly and is ideal for high-impact sports.

The fabric used in making the shorts glides perfectly and is soft enough to keep chafing at bay. The shorts hold everything together without any constriction, thus, providing you with much comfort when doing any workout activity.

Features Of Nike One Women’s Mid-Rise 7-Inch Biker Shorts

1. Dri-Fit Technology

The Dri-Fit Technology featured in the shorts ensures your skin is dry by providing exceptional sweat-wicking ability. The advantage of having dry skin throughout the workout period is that chaffing of your precious thighs is minimized; hence no incidents of bacterial infections.

2. Contoured Waistband

The shorts come with a contoured waistband that excellently smoothens your tummy to provide a stylish look. The V-shaped band is so fashionable to the extent of offering you a customized spunky appearance. 

3. Pockets

The Nike One Women’s Mid-rise Biker Shorts feature two hidden pockets and other pockets at the back for ease of carrying your valuable belongings such as keys, phones, chapstick, and other personal stuff synonymous with ladies.

4. Breathability And Comfort

One of the aspects that determines a good running or workout garment is breathability. A non-breathable fabric has no business in sports. Nike one mid-rise biker shorts provide out-of-this-world breathability that helps cool your body whenever you are out running or doing workouts.

On the other hand, the shorts feel comfortable on your body while focusing on your outdoor activity. Comfort is provided by the soft and silky fabric that minimizes skin chaffing and holds everything in place without any restriction. 


1. The biker shorts have excellent moisture-wicking capabilities.

2. The shorts are versatile and squat-proof.

3. The breathability of the biker shorts is top-notch.

4. They offer excellent comfort.

5. The contoured waistband provides a spunky personalized appearance.

6. The shorts minimize incidents of skin chaffing, hence no blisters in your thighs and no bacterial infections.


1. They are a bit Pricey.


The Nike One Mid-Rise Biker Shorts are quality running and workout biker shorts that provide better performance and comfort as they hug you well at the right places while working out.

5. Colorfulkoala Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts (Best For Shorter Inseam)

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The Colorfulkoala Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts are the best for those ladies who prefer shorter sizes. The biker shorts have a 6-inch inseam that is perfect for your liking. The shorts are made out of spandex and polyester, the materials reputed for softness. The soft yet comfortable shorts fit snuggly like a layer of a second skin.

One significant aspect of the shorts is that they are squat proof, and they can’t ride up to your crotch when working out.

Features Of Colorfulkoala Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts

1. Soft Fabric

The shorts are made out of 75% polyester and 25% spandex. The fabric is stretchy, and it offers a sensational naked feel when running or doing any other outdoor workout. The shorts don’t restrict movement; thus, they afford you the necessary freedom to attempt any exercise you deem necessary when engaging in any outdoor activity.

2. Side Pockets

The shorts come with side pockets that provide ample storage space for personal stuff while on the go. The pockets have enough room for your phone, apartment keys, chapstick, and any other lady’s stuff.

3. Seamless Waistband

The seamless and lightweight waistband sits perfectly at the waist and provides much-needed comfort. The band doesn’t cut into your skin; hence no blisters are experienced when using the biker shorts.


1. The short has a 6-inch inseam that doesn’t restrict mobility but provides broad coverage.

2. They come with side pockets that help in storing personal items.

3. They feature a stretchy fabric that offers a comfy fitting suitable for workouts.


1. The fabric’s moisture-wicking ability is questionable.


If you crave compelling shorter biker shorts, the Colorfulkoala is a perfect garment for you. The quality of the shorts puts it into contention among the best high-waist biker shorts for workouts.

6. Beyond Yoga Spacedye Women’s High-Waisted Biker Shorts (For Best Breathability)

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The Spacedye Biker Shorts from Beyond Yoga are adorable to most runners, thanks to the 5-inch waistband that holds your tummy smoothly and shapes it well. Unlike other biker shorts, the space-dye provides extra coverage and added support. The short comes with a 7-inch inseam, and its fabric is both stretchy and breathable.

Features Of Beyond Yoga Spacedye Women’s High-waisted Biker Shorts

1. Moisture-Wicking

The shorts have the best moisture-wicking abilities that ensure you remain dry throughout your run or workout. The power of the fabric to absorb sweat from your body to its surface and then evaporate it quickly helps safeguard your thighs. A dry thigh can’t form blisters as chaffing is kept at bay. 

2. Double Layered Waistband

The 5-inch waistband comes with double layers, and it holds your tummy well. The band’s design ensures that it doesn’t cut into your belly, but it rests perfectly on your skin to provide a smooth-shaped tummy. The waistband not only smoothens your stomach but also offers it necessary support affording you ample time to do your runs without hindrance.

3. Breathability

The biker shorts offer optimal breathability essential when doing workouts. A well breathable fabric supplies sufficient airflow to your skin, making the thighs experience a cool sensation while you are on the move.


1. The shorts have a wide double-layered waistband.

2. The fabric is soft and breathable.


1. They are expensive.


If you crave better breathability and tummy comfort while on your workouts, then Beyond Yoga Spacedye biker shorts are worth trying.

Choosing The Best High-Waisted Biker Shorts For Summer Workouts

For you to settle on the best choice of a high-waist biker short suitable for your needs, consider the following factors:

Fabric- The fabric used to craft the shorts must be of high quality. Breathability, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying are the traits a good material must possess.

Fit And Comfort- The shorts you choose to buy should fit you snuggly to offer the required comfort.

Durability- Choose a long-lasting material such as polyester and spandex.

Cost- Identify the qualities of the shorts you need, then go for the one you can afford but has the required qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Run In High-Waisted Biker Shorts?

High-Waisted running biker shorts are not a luxury to sportswomen. The shorts play an essential role that enhances performance. Running with biker shorts ensures that your thigh skin is always dry and can’t be chaffed. A chaffed thigh develops blisters which end up attracting bacterial infections.


The market is awash with several high-waist biker shorts for women’s use in various summer activities. Selecting the best out of them is challenging, but the choosing process can’t be hectic if you follow the above guide. The products discussed in this article are among the best. However, your best choice depends on your personal preference. 



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