Best Bike For Hills

Best Bike For Hills

If you are a rider who lives in a hilly area and embraces biking as your mode of commuting, you require the best bike for hills. All hill-climbing bikes exude comfort and versatility to enable you to pedal both uphill and downhill effortlessly. The best hill climbing bike must be lightweight to avoid being pulled …

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ABS VS Non-ABS Bike- The Difference


ABS (anti-lock brake system) bikes are the ones that are fitted with an intelligent unit that prevents your bike’s brakes from locking and your wheels from skidding. You might sometimes be forced to apply emergency brakes to avert a dangerous situation, and if your bike is equipped with ABS, you will use them with confidence. …

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Are Specialized Bikes Good?

Specialized Bikes

Yes, specialized bikes are excellent and outstanding. The specialized brand is reputed for its quality. From the onset, specialized has been committed to manufacturing bikes that meet clients’ demands. Though the brand’s bikes are expensive, they are quality and durable. You will be pleased to learn that specialized bikes offer unrivaled performance and they are …

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How To Break A Kryptonite Lock For A Bike

Kryptonite Lock

So you have lost the key to your Kryptonite bike lock? Don’t worry. We will assist you in searching for it, but if it is still missing after the search, there are a few proven ways to break the Kryptonite lock for the bike. Obviously, without a key, the only option remaining is to pick …

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What Are The Biggest Dirt Bikes Of This Decade?

Biggest Dirt Bikes Of This Decade

Dirty bikes are similar to motorcycles, but they are designed for a different riding style on different terrains. They are lightweight and are built for speed. They don’t come with headlights or brake lights. Unlike ordinary road bikes, dirt bikes don’t have a mirror. Even though these bikes are speedy and good at pulling stunts, …

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Does Walmart Assemble Bikes For Free? – The Cost

Does Walmart Assemble Bikes For Free

Yes, Walmart offers free bike assembly services at their stores. The bike assembly at the Walmart stores is usually done by employees who may not necessarily possess bike assembly skills. There is a risk of substandard assembly at their stores; thus, I recommend you visit a specialist to give the assembly a clean bill of …

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Is Suzuki 600 GSX A Good Bike For Starter?

Suzuki 600 GSX

No, the Suzuki GSX-R 600 is not an ideal bike for a starter. It is too powerful for a rookie motorcyclist to handle this powerful machine with no prior riding experience. The GSX-R 600 machine is a racing machine that will do a learner more harm than good. Controlling the bike requires skilled riders who …

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Identifying The Bike’s By Serial Number

Bike's By Serial Number

Every bike comes with a distinctive serial number that identifies it when it gets lost. The serial number is usually stamped beneath the bottom bracket of the bike’s frame, on the chainstays, or the seat tube. However, some brands engrave their serial number on the headset. How Do I Locate My Bike’s Serial Number? The …

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Is Kent A Good Bike Brand?

Kent Bike Brand

Yes, Kent is a good bike brand that stands out among the rest. All along, Kent has produced excellent bikes at affordable prices. Currently, Kent churns out high-end bikes favorite to athletes and racers. Generally, Kent international is a reputed brand that delivers exceptional bikes for kids and adults. The company also produces bike safety …

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Single Speed Bike-Why Hipsters Like It?

Single Speed Bike

A single-speed bike or a fixie is any bicycle with a solitary gear ratio, and they boast as the only unsophisticated bike around. These bikes have no gear cables or derailleurs, meaning that they are cheaply and easily maintained compared to geared bicycles. Single-speed bikes are known to transfer pedal power with efficiency and are …

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