Nike vs. New Balance: Which Company Makes Better Running Shoes, and What Are the Differences?

Nike vs. New Balance

Nike and New Balance are renowned brands that have taken their innovation technology a notch higher. The Nike vs. New Balance war makes it hard to single out the best brand for running shoes. The best brand between these two giants depends on individual users’ preferences and requirements. What Are the Major Differences Between New …

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A Guide to Suitable Running Clothes for All Seasons: Are Running Clothes a Gimmick?

Running Clothes for All Seasons

Can you use your sweatpants or baggy t-shirts for running? Well, why can’t you wear any clothing provided you feel comfortable? Simple, all clothes are designed for a specific purpose. For instance, running clothes have unique features such as breathability and moisture-wicking abilities that are protective to your body when running. In a nutshell, running …

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Are Brooks Good Running Shoes? (The 8 Best Running Models from Brooks and How to Choose the Right Running Shoe)

Are Brooks Good Running Shoes

Brooks are good running shoes. It is undisputed that Brooks running shoes are of a better standard, and they solve most running-related problems. If your feet overpronate severely and you run often, Brooks offers solutions to your problems. The Brand produces exemplary motion control and stability shoes that protect overpronators. Suppose you are unsure whether …

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Are Running Shoes Okay For Indoor Soccer? [Features, Merits, And Demerits Of Indoor Soccer Shoes]

Are Running Shoes Okay For Indoor Soccer

No. Running shoes are not suitable for indoor soccer. Likewise, Players shouldn’t wear indoor soccer shoes for running as they are uncomfortable. Indoor soccer, also known as arena soccer, indoor football, floorball, or fast football, is a type of five-a-side football. It is an option that allows players to play soccer indoors when the weather …

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