What Is Technical Hiking?

Technical Hiking

Technical hiking is a term widely used when referring to a combination of rock climbing and walking on a mountain. For a hike to be considered technical, you must climb mountains or scale rocks using ropes and technical hiking equipment. Taking part in technical hiking is a challenging exercise that calls for technical hiking skills …

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Is Timberland Snow Boots Good For Hiking?

Timberland Snow Boots

Yes. Timberlands snow boots are good for hiking. The boots have all features found in leading hiking footwear. First of all, all timberland snow boots are waterproof and properly insulated to protect the hiker’s feet. Another aspect that endears these boots to hikers is their versatility. They double as hiking boots and also as casual …

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What Are Some Good Non-Cotton Hiking Pants?

Non Cotton Hiking Pants

An ideal pair of hiking pants should offer versatility. Why should hiking pants offer versatility? Your hiking will take you through different environments; thus, the pant has to perform well in all of them. Besides versatility, the pants should offer comfort, freedom of movement, and durability. What Are The Features Of Good Non-cotton Hiking Pants? …

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