Best Beginner Fishing Rods

As a beginner, the best fishing rod is a spinning combo. With a wide variety of options to choose from, our guide is the best place to start your search

Do you want to start fishing but don’t know where to start? Is choosing a suitable rod sounding like a distant dream? If yes, we have come to your rescue with great tips and gear recommendations for beginners in fishing.

For beginners, it is advisable to get a rod with a spinning reel since it is easier to use and more affordable. Spinning reel and rod combo are ideal for beginner and novice anglers. They are easy to set up and use without being too expensive to push you away.

There are many options to choose from, and as a beginner, choosing one that will guarantee a catch might be a challenging task. This review article will help you ease the burden by listing the top 7 beginner fishing rod. We also have a buying guide to help you choose wisely among the options. Let’s get into it already!

What Are The Best Beginner Fishing Rods?

This section features all the seven fishing rods included in this review together with their features. If you are in a hurry, then have a glance at this section to know which one best suits your specific need.

1. Best All-Round: PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Suitable for sea fishing and boat fishing, collapses for easy storage and travel, equipped for high strength, made from carbon fiber and fiberglass, making it durable.

2. Best For The Money: Ugly Stick GX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

It is made from graphite and fiberglass, making it lightweight, durable, and sensitive. It has a powerful drag system that doesn’t compromise smoothness. Ideal for those with small hands and very affordable.

3. Best For Fly Fishing: Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package

Every newbie in fly fishing needs to get this setup. It offers excellent quality without having to break the bank. The fly rod has four sections that are 28 inches long each, and the handle has a western-style cork with compressed accent rings, stripper guide, foot guide, and tiptop.

4. Best For Multiple Uses: FISHOAKY Fishing Rod kit

Full kit specially designed for novices with all the necessary fishing accessories. The kit has a telescopic fishing rod made from carbon fiber, making it durable, lightweight, and easy to use. Ideal for multiple uses: can be used for freshwater, saltwater, bass, and trout fishing. Both kids and adults can use this kit.

5. Best Combo For The Price: KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing Rod Combos

This Kastking combo is designed for value and exceptional performance in any fishing application. The rod comes in different lengths for targetting different fish species. The 6″ is excellent for trout, bass, and panfish, 7″ is good for walleye, trout, and bass, while 7’6″ and 8″ are good for catfish, salmon, and most inshore saltwater species

6. Best For Gifting: ShinePick Telescopic Fishing Pole and Reel Combo Full Kit

All-inclusive kit thus making an excellent gift for any beginner. Telescopic rod and spinning reel combo. Have excellent sensitivity and great power due to the high-density carbon fiber material.

7. Best For Kids: ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole

For kids who are learning fishing, this kit is a lifesaver. It comes complete with a rod and reel, fishing line and fishing box tackle box, and carrier bag. It is lightweight and sturdy, making it easy to use.

Comparison Chart For The Best Beginner Fishing Rods

We’ve put together all the fishing rod recommendations in a table for ease of comparison. If you’re short of time, a glance at this section will help you differentiate the products by their features. Kindly go through the table for easier decision-making.

Best Beginner Fishing RodMost Suitable ForSpecificationsSize/ Line CapacityColorDimensions /Gear Ratio
PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel CombosAll-round fishingComes with a rod, reel, and carrier caseHard and durable with excellent elasticityThe anti-corrosive stainless steel reel seatmm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140blackGear ratio: 5.2:1
Ugly Stick GX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel ComboBudget buyersMade of composite making it lightweight, durable, and sensitiveHas lightweight grip designed for small handsM/mm 240/6 200/8 175/10Black with aluminum spoolGear ratio: 5:2:1
Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter PackageFly fishing Full combo kit with rod, reels, fly box, nine flies, and carry caseIdeal for panfish, trout, and small bass28 inches long, rod weighs 4.4 ounces aluminum32 inches
FISHOAKY Fishing Rod kitMultiple usesComes in a full kitIt has high quality and durable telescopic fishing rodLightweight and ideal for multiple usesAvailable in5.90ft,6.89ft, and 7.87ft
Black with metallic accents
16.9 inches
KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing Rod CombosBudget comboHas lightweight and sensitive blanksHas stainless steel guides with O-ringsErgonomically contoured handlesLine weight of 8-14 lbBlack with blue accessoriesGear ratio: 5:2:1
ShinePick Telescopic Fishing Pole and Reel Combo Full KitGiftingAll-inclusive kitHigh-quality carbon fiber rods for sensitivity and powerHas ergonomic handles for comfortRod Size: 40cm-2.1m (6.8ft)Available in 4 different colorsGear ratio:5:2:1
ODDSPRO Kids Fishing PoleKids All-inclusive kids kit,Lightweight but sturdy and easy to useSize: 1.2M 3.94FtBlack/Blue/Pink/Gray/Yellow/Gear ratio:5:2:1

1. Best All-Round: PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

If you are looking for a durable and robust combo that’s inexpensive, then this should be your go-to. This pair tops our list because it’s versatile and is every beginner’s favorite for the price. Both kids and adults can use it. The kit comes with a reel, rod, and a rod bag. This kid is lightweight and ideal for carrying around when you are going for a hike.

Key Features

1. High density with perfect elasticity

2. has a stainless-steel reel seat with anti-seawater corrosion

3. telescopic rod has a closed length design that makes it ideal for carrying around

4. The reel has an s-curl oscillation system for a good line winding


1. Line Capacity: mm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140

2. Gear Ratio: 5.2:1


1. Value for money

2. Strong and durable

3. Lightweight and portable

4. Great quality material


1. Rod is fairly sensitive

2. Best For The Money: Ugly Stick GX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

 This ugly stick fishing rod was designed for any angler who wants to spend less without compromising quality. It is made of graphite and fiberglass, thus guaranteeing durability, sensitivity, and lightweight. This rod and spinning reel combo also has an HT-100 carbon fiber drag system that provides powerful drag without sacrificing smoothness.

Key Features:

1. Lightweight construction

2. Highly sensitive and durable

3. Ideal for the whole family

4. Provides a strong drag and smoothness


1. Brand: Ugly Stik

2. Material: Aluminum, Graphite

3. Color: Black 

4. Handle Material: Aluminum

5. Item Weight: 0.75 Pounds


1. Most affordable rod and reel combo for the quality

2. Easy to cast with great sensitivity

3. Ideal for a variety of fish

4. Lightweight with a smooth handle


1. The packaging is not too attractive

3. Best For Fly Fishing: Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package

If you are learning how to fly fish, this is the best rod and reel for you. The rod is made of graphite, while the fly reel is made of die-cast aluminum for excellent durability.  The reel has a smooth drag, while the rod has excellent action. This package is best suited for trout, panfish, small bass, small to medium streams, ponds, and backpacking. It comes with a rod case that fits the rod and reel plus accessories perfectly.

Key Features:

1. 4-piece fly rod made of IM8 graphite

2. Machined aluminum reel seat with laser etched butt cap and double lock rings

3. It comes with a hard tube case that fits all essentials and has a carry strap and hang rings 

4. Has a fly box that holds up to 372 flies

5. Comes with nine flies of 3 different sizes


1. Rod Material: IM8 graphite

2. Reel Material: die-cast aluminum

3. Number Of Flies Included: 9

4. Case Length: 32 inches


1. Best starter setup for a beginner fly fisherman

2. Most affordable and comprehensive fly-fishing set

3. Ideal for trout, panfish, and small bass


1. Might snap if overloaded

4. Best For Multiple Uses: FISHOAKY Fishing Rod kit

Imagine having a kit that everyone in your family can use for different fishing scenarios. This is what you get with this FISHOAKY kit. It is versatile and can be used for freshwater, saltwater, trout, and bass fishing. The kit comprises a telescopic rod that’s lightweight, portable, durable, and easy to use. It also features a spinning reel, bag, bait, and hooks.

Key Features:

1. All-inclusive kit

2. Telescopic rod

3. Portable and lightweight making it suitable for travel

4. Multiple-use


1. Brand: FISHOAKY

2. Material: Graphite

3. Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

4. Handle Material: Stainless Steel

5. Item Weight: 703 Grams


1. An ideal gift for kids and adults

2. Portable and high quality

3. Ideal for beginners and pros


1. Doesn’t come with a manual

5. Best Combo For The Price: KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing Rod Combos

If you are looking for a combo with excellent value for money and offers wonderful performance, look no further. This combo brings together the best reel and rod for a spectacular fishing experience. It has different rod sizes to target different fish species and fishing environments. The rods are a two-piece design that makes them great for traveling with. You’ll love this rod and reel combo.

Key Features:

1. Targets freshwater fishing but can be used for saltwater fishing 

2. Reel has stainless O-ring guides that work well with mono and braided lines

3. Has IM6 carbon blanks that are super sensitive

4. Smooth power transition and performance

5. Aluminum spool is CNC machined for extra strength


1. Length: 6’0”, 6’6″, 7’0″, 7’6″, 8’0″

2. Action: moderate fast, fast

3. Weight: Rod: 3.89, 3.92, 4.56, 8.14, 9.53 Oz Reel: 9.0, 9.9, 13.3, 13.9 Oz

4. Gear Ratio: 5:2:1


1. Excellent quality at a very affordable price

2. Aesthetically pleasing, making you want to use it each time

3. Smooth performance


Lacks instructions

6. Best For Gifting: Shine Pick Telescopic Fishing Pole and Reel Combo Full Kit

As a beginner without any equipment, the thought of starting to fish can sound far off. You need equipment and buying them separately can be quite expensive. This kit by shine kit helps you with the dilemma. It has everything you can ever need as a beginner. Complete with a telescopic road and spinning reel, fishing line, hooks, lures line connectors, accessory bag, and a carrier bag, this set is the ideal gift for someone special.

Key Features:

1. All-inclusive kit

2. Telescopic fishing rod made of carbon fiber for remarkable power and sensitivity

3. Ergonomic handle for comfort and more comfortable fishing

4. Powerful spinning reel with anti-reverse switch and large line capacity

5. Comes with a carrier back for storage and transport


1. Telescopic Fishing Rod Size: 40cm-2.1m (6.8ft)

2. Rating: DS 3000 (light)


1. All-inclusive, thus saving you money

2. Perfect gift for any angler

3. Great quality


1. Doesn’t have instructions to assemble it

7. Best For Kids: ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Pole

Every parent wants to give their child the best of everything; this kit is the best in kids fishing. Not only does it have everything that you need when fishing, but it is also made with quality material for durability. The kit comprises a fishing rod, spinning reel, fishing line, carry box, and tackle box, including a selection of crankbaits, float bobbers, jig heads, fishing lures, soft lures, swivels, and sinkers. The EVA grips are designed for tin hands, and even when hands are wet, kids can play without dropping their rods.

Key Features:

1. All-inclusive kids kit

2. Bright and colorful design

3. Lightweight and durable

4. Collapsible design for portability


1. Color: Black/Blue/Pink/Gray/Yellow/Green

2. Size: 1.2M 3.94Ft

3. Weight: 1.23 lb


1. Best for kids

2. Easy to use

3. Value for money

4. Great quality

Fishing Rods For Beginners Buying Guide: How To Choose A Good Fishing Rod

When buying your first fishing rod, the numerous options can be quite confusing. For you to choose the right rod, you need a bit of research to save you from the hustle of trial and error. This buying guide is your go-to stop for all the information you need, and you’ll be glad you found it.

To help you make the best decisions, we’ve compiled a list of crucial factors to consider when buying a fishing rod as a beginner. Having these factors in mind as you shop will help you choose the best rod and give you immense value for money.

1. Length Of The Fishing Rod

A rod’s length is one of the primary considerations when choosing the best rod. The length determines how long you can cast, and fishing rods vary in length with a range of four to fourteen feet. Longer rods cast further but are harder to maneuver, while shorter rods give you better control while limiting you on how far you can cast. For a beginner, we recommend shorter rods since they are easier to handle and more powerful compared to longer ones. 

Sometimes, your fishing situation will determine the length of the rod you need. If you are fishing off a kayak, the situation dictates you use a short rod because you don’t need to cast that far. Same as when you are catching large fish, you need a short rod which will be stronger. If you are throwing topwater lures, you might need a rod longer than 8 inches for longer and better casts. The best length to start with is a 7-inch rod for a beginner.

2. Material

A fishing rod’s material significantly impacts its performance; you should choose the best for you to have a successful fishing experience. Fishing rods are mostly made of graphite, fiberglass, or a mixture of the two. For a beginner, fiberglass rods are the best since they are affordable and exceptionally durable. The downside of these rods is that they are heavy, making them less suitable for extended uses. These rods are also pliable with limited feedback, especially for lighter catches.

Graphite fishing rods are lighter than those made of fiberglass. Most anglers tend to switch to graphite rods with some experience since they are more sensitive to bites. Their sensitivity and light nature of these rods make angling joyful and enjoyable. The main downside of graphite rods is that they are expensive and brittle.

With increased fishing experience in different waters, you can go for composite rods. These are rods made from both graphite and fiberglass. They are the most expensive, but they are also versatile in their use, offering both materials’ benefits. They offer flexibility and sensitivity without having to add more weight.

3. Power Of The Rod

For a fishing rod, power can be defined as the rod’s ability to withstand pressure. It is also defined as force and pressure an angler needs to apply to bend the rod. Heavy rods require more pressure to bend, while light action rods bend easily. Heavy rods are ideal for catching large fish, while lighter rods are great for small fish. Heavy rods work best with heavy lines, while light ones are meant for light lines. If you use a light line with a heavy rod, the line might snap, and it is advisable to stick to the marking on the blank for best results. Always use the rod with the specified type of line to reduce the chances of damage.

4. Rod Action

It is common for most people to confuse a fishing rod’s action and power. Rod action refers to how far from the tip a rod bends and how easily it does. Different terms describe rod action, but the action is similar for most manufacturers. Different measuring action variations include speed variations such as fast action, moderately fast, and extra fast. Other manufacturers also use terms to measure power, such as medium, light, or heavy.

A heavy or extra fast rod will bend three to four inches before it transfers power to the blank, and this is considered fast. Action and power balance each other for fighting bass and casting. The rod’s action will influence the sensitivity of its tip, how it casts, and the rate at which it transfers the hook set to the bait at the end of the line. There’s so much to learn about rod action, and most of it can only be understood as you go along. To sum it up, you need to know when to pick which action, and we’re here to help with that.

Light or slow action rods need less sensitivity and focus on ensuring fish are hooked. They are ideal for casting light baits and multi-hook lures such as rattle baits and crankbait. Medium action rods are versatile and effective for most line sizes. These rods are good with bottom baits and treble hook lures. Fast action or heavy rods are ideal for fishing in heavy cover and using heavy lures.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers some common questions regarding fishing rods for beginners. Look at it to find answers to some questions you might have.

Q. How Do I Pick The Right Fishing Rod?

Sometimes, choosing the right fishing rod is overlooked in planning for successful fishing. If you are going to make a catch, you need a suitable rod for the job and easy to use. Ensure you choose the right length depending on your fishing situation. Long rods are ideal for casting a long distance, using walking and deep diving baits, and fishing off a pier. For casting short distances and kayak anglers, shorter rods are preferred. Always consider the material of the rod you choose before buying. Graphite rods are ideal for detecting light bites, but they are stiff and break easily. Fiberglass rods are durable and more flexible, but they are also heavier than graphite rods. If you intend to fish in different locations and conditions, we recommend getting a composite rod as it will serve you best.

Q. What Do I Need For Beginner Fishing?

To begin fishing, you only need necessary equipment, the right attitude, and a water body with fish. If you have friends or family to keep you company, then that’s a great bonus. Here’s a checklist for the things you need as you go fishing: a fishing license, fishing rod and reel, fishing line, fishing hooks and weights, a bobber, and a collection of lures and live baits.

Q. How Much Is A Decent Fishing Rod?

The price of acquiring a decent fishing rod will vary depending on brands. You can find a good rod for $50 -$100. If you are patient enough, you can wait until when these stores have a sale. This will help you acquire an excellent quality rod without breaking the bank.


Angling as a beginner is not as complicated as it sounds; you only need the right rod and reel, some lures, and a great fishing spot. The best rod for you to use mostly depends on your fishing situation, but we highly recommend PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos for any beginner.

Ensure you know whether the waters you’ll be fishing in are saltwater or freshwater, as some rods are designed for only one type. We hope this guide was helpful to you, and you will try one of our recommendations. If you do, please let us know which one you chose and what you love about it. Happy fishing!