Jacket vs. Hoodie: All You Should Know About the Differences between Jackets and Hoodies

Jacket vs. Hoodie

The jacket vs. hoodie comparison has endless twists. While the terms jacket and hoodie might seem interchangeable to some, there are significant differences between the two. A hoodie, or hooded sweatshirt, is best worn as an everyday, casual item that can be layered under other clothes or over t-shirts during colder weather. On the other …

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The Ultimate Guide to 8 Nike Factory Stores: The Best Places to Find Running Clothes and Shoes in the USA

Nike Factory Stores

Regarding premium athletic brands, Nike is at the top of the list. This brand is so famous that they have more than 20 different Nike factory stores dedicated to selling its products. These stores are smaller than a traditional retail location but offer the same premium products at a lower cost. If you love shopping …

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Nike vs. New Balance: Which Company Makes Better Running Shoes, and What Are the Differences?

Nike vs. New Balance

Nike and New Balance are renowned brands that have taken their innovation technology a notch higher. The Nike vs. New Balance war makes it hard to single out the best brand for running shoes. The best brand between these two giants depends on individual users’ preferences and requirements. What Are the Major Differences Between New …

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