Best Dog For Hiking Protection

Choosing the right breed of dog to accompany you on the adventurous outdoor hiking activity is quite challenging. Being in the company of the best dog for hiking protection is not only fun, but the dog can also protect you from menacing wild animals.

Which Is The Best Dog For Hiking Protection?

Which Is The Best Dog For Hiking Protection

To determine the ideal dog that will be your perfect hiking companion demands that you assess carefully. Hiking is an adventure; thus, you require an adventurous dog with exceptional energy level. Additionally, the canine should be loyal to the master, and it should show fondness to explore new territories.

Besides the traits stated above, you should be aware that your hiking will take you through different trails; hence you should assess the risks posed by the trail you are hiking before picking your companion. Some of the things worth considering are the kind of wildlife you will encounter, the temperatures of your chosen trail, and the trainability and adaptability of the dog you will choose for your protection and fun.

On this page, we will explore some prevalent dog breeds suitable for hiking. We will also point out the characteristics of each breed to assist you in making an informed choice.

The List Of Best Dogs For Hiking Protection

1. Labrador Retrievers.

2. Siberian Huskies.

3. German Shepherds.

Dogs are reputed to be man’s greatest friend. Some breeds are outgoing and intelligent, so having a nature walk with such a breed is a positive call to your adventurous dog. All breeds listed above have what it takes to ensure your protection when hiking and enjoy themselves in the process.

A Comparison Chart Of The Best Dogs For Hiking Protection 

Dog TypeTemperamentWeightSize (Height)Outstanding Feature
Labrador RetrieversIntelligent, even-tempered, kind, agile, and outgoing55 to 80 Pounds21.5 to 24.5 InchesWide head
Siberian Huskies.Intelligent, friendly, alert, Gentle, and outgoing35 to 60 Pounds20 to 23.5 InchesAlmond-shaped eyes
German ShepherdIntelligent, royal, courageous, friendly, and confident50 to 90 Pounds22 to 26 InchesSmooth curves

3 Best Dogs For Hiking Protection

3 Best Dogs For Hiking Protection

1. Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador is an adventurous dog; thus, it will be an ideal dog to keep you company when hiking. It will enjoy nature the same way you do. The body of this dog can tolerate whatever terrain it will face. Suppose you mingle with other hikers; your Labrador will behave well since the canine is even-tempered and is kind towards other dogs and humans.

Features & Traits Of The Labrador Retriever    

1. Fast Maturing

The Labrador retriever attains maturity very fast. It attains adult height at a tender age of between six to twelve months.

2. Sturdy Dog

The Labrador is a robust solid dog that has a square appearance. Both the body and legs of the Lab are sturdy; hence it can withstand exercises with ease. When faced with danger while hiking, the Labrador will take advantage of its strength to repel the enemy, ensuring your security.

3. Wide Head, Expressive Eyes & Drop Ears

You can quickly identify a Labrador by its broadhead that is outstanding. It also features dropped ears and exhibits enormous expressive eyes. The eyes of the dog are menacing and always prepared to spot any danger. The dog is loyal to the master; thus, it will protect you to the hilt.

5. Thick Double Coat

The dog boasts a thick yet short double coat that is water repellent. This feature makes the Labrador Retriever an ideal swimming dog.

6. Otter Tail

This retrieving dog also features a thick and robust tail that comes straight off the dog’s topline.

7. Webbed Feet

The dog’s feet are said to be webbed. They have skin in between the toes, and this skin does a fantastic job of assisting the Labrador Retriever in swimming.

8. Personality

As the name portrays, the Labrador Retrievers like doing many jobs, more so retrieving ones. Generally, they are family dogs that thrive in exercises and training.

A well-trained Lab is friendly to other dogs, bets, and children. Early training tones down the dog’s exuberance and instills both discipline and obedience to the canine.

If you leave your Labrador idle for an extended period without engaging it in training and exercise, it will end up becoming destructive due to its energetic nature. 

9. Temperament

A Labrador is an intelligent, even-tempered, kind, agile, and outgoing canine that enjoys being around people. They are protective of their family and their home, but the Labrador welcomes new companies with ease.

The Pros And Cons Of Labrador Retrievers

1. They are healthy

2. They are friendly.

3. They have great temperament

4. They are loyal and intelligent.


1. Sheds a lot of furs.

2. Requires large space

2. Siberian Husky

A Siberian Husky is a strong canine that is sturdily built. It has a dynamic essence that makes it always ready for any adventure at any given time. Besides the husky being always alert, it is also a social dog that finds outdoor adventures appealing.

Suppose you are looking for a canine that will give you excellent company when hiking; the ever-enduring Siberian Husky is the ideal dog that will entertain and protect you well on your escapades.

Features & Traits Of The Siberian Husky

1. Upright Or Elect Ears

The Siberian Husky is easily identified by its upright ears that make it alert always. Additionally, the Siberian Husky boasts either blue or brown eyes. The elect ears are always alert to any impending danger lurking on your hiking trail.

2. Protective

The Siberian husky has a knack for chasing down prey; hence if you go hiking and it intelligently pinpoints a threat, it will relentlessly pursue it with agility to ensure your protection. 


1. The dog is energetic.

2. Trainable. 

3. It is sturdy; hence it can accompany you for a long walk.

4. Relates well with humans.

5. It is industrious and adventurers.


1. can be aggressive and destructive if left alone for long.

3. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a brilliant dog that is both athletic and trainable. A well-trained German shepherd will protect you excellently while you are hiking. It will chase away critters, snakes, and even bears from your hiking path.

The canine is royal to its owner; thus, it will put its life in line to ensure your safety. It can’t hesitate to attack the threat and neutralize it if the situation demands so. 

Besides neutralizing the threat, the dog can also warn you of the impending danger well in advance. You will be alarmed by the ears and stance of the Shepherd of the looming danger. Whenever the dog is curious, you will be alerted by the way it barks. 

Traits And Features Of The German Shepherd

1. Protective

The German Shepherd is very friendly to members of its pack. However, if it detects a threat to the subjects under its protection, it will proclaim its supremacy and go on a defensive and attacking mode.

2. Adaptable

Based on the training, the German Shepherd can adapt to any situation.

3. Intelligent And Royal

The intelligence of the German Shepherd enables it to detect threats well in advance. Its way of attack is also systematic to overwhelm the threat. The dog is loyal to those familiar but acts aggressively towards strangers.

4. Satellite Ears

The ultra-elect ears and head tilt are the signature features of the German Shepherd. It is perceived that the erect ears play a vital role in sensing danger well in advance.

The Pros And Cons 

1. Intelligent.

2. Easy to train.

3. Royal.

4. Best guard dogs

5. Good looking.


1. Expensive.

2. Fur shedding

3. Curious and nervous around strangers.

How Do I Choose The Best Hiking Dog?

The best hiking dogs should have the following traits;

1. Exceptional Energy 

Not all dogs are suitable for hiking. The dog accompanying you on your hiking adventure must have an exceptional energy level because the exercise is intense. Only adventurous and robust dogs such as the German Shepherd are built for hiking.

2. Royalty

Your hiking dog should exude excellent royalty to you. Without such a level of royalty, it will not throw its life in line to protect you when you are in danger.

3. Middle Aged

Young dogs are inexperienced in handling challenging situations, whereas older dogs don’t have the stamina to withstand the intensity of hiking. Go for the middle-aged dog because it will withstand the hiking conditions thrown on its path when choosing.

4. Adaptation

Do your assessment and establish whether the breed you are settling on can adapt to the climatic conditions of your hiking trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I Carry When Hiking With My Dog?

Ensure you carry enough water with you. Snacks should also not miss in your luggage. Suppose your hiking partner is a leashed dog; carry an extra leash just in case. We all care for the environment, so don’t forget to carry the poop bag. Wild animals need some scaring, so bring your gun alongside the first aid box.

The Bottom Line 

Although it is challenging to settle on the right hiking dog to accompany you on your hiking escapade, try matching your hiking needs to the right dog breed.


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