Best Dry Suit in 2021 | Having a breathtaking experience in scuba diving and kayaking!

If you are an avid cold water diver or kayaker, then investing in a dry suit is vital. The attire keeps one pleasantly warm and dry, even in extremely freezing waters. Although many prefer wetsuits since they are readily available in shops, easy to get and cheaper, it is not always the best. A few more coins may make a significant difference when it comes to protecting yourself while enjoying one of your favorite sports. 

The dry suits are fully waterproof, and they work by ensuring there are a layer of air trapped in-between the outfit and the body. This is made possible by the seals that are securely fitted at the neck, ankles, and wrist.  Thermal clothing can be worn underneath the suits for maximum comfort. However, some attire offers a significant level of insulation while still staying completely dry. The awesomeness that you feel when you submerge in the water while you remain dry is worth giving a thought.  

If you want to get a dry outfit for different diving and kayaking experience, then keep reading this article. We have put together the best drysuit with a buying guide that will help you in making the right purchase. 

Top 6 Dry Suit In 2021 (Best Picks)

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Best Dry Suit

Detailed Review of the 6 Top-Rated Dry Suits

Each and every diving costume come with the unique features that make it stand out from the others. There is, therefore, the need to carefully examine each one of them before making a choice. Below we will review six top-rated drying suits that work perfectly well in Scuba diving. Read through and pick one based on the buying guide that will be provided here.

01- Stohlquist Amp Drysuit 

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Protection and comfort are key things that everyone admires in and out of waters. But, sometimes people will overlook comfort in water because of the lack of appropriate outfit. With Stohlquist Amp attire, you get to enjoy kayaking as it has 4-layer fabric, which is the best Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment. Additionally, the material is nylon that is long-lasting, breathable, and waterproof to offer maximum safety and well-being to the divers. 

The neck and the wrist gaskets have neoprene coated duraseal latex with flexible overcut to ensure no water gets into the body while still guaranteeing comfort. Movement is made more accessible by the articulated armored knees that have mesh drainers with Cordura reinforcement. Attachment such as dry socks, reflective panels, built-in tunnel, and zippered arm pocket complement this suit magnificently. The socks are made of breathable fabric with universal sizes and comfortable to wear for maximum comfort. You can easily access the pockets since they are standard and placed well for minimal interference. Spray skirt has been integrated well through a double tunnel for additional functionality. The Amp suits are best for canoeing, rafting, and kayaking. Choose either mango or fireball red color suit and go out into waters with style. 

Key features

  • Nylon fabric that is durable
  • Breathable material
  • Neck and wrist gaskets with neoprene coated duraseal latex
  • 4-layer twin sensor material
  • Relaxed fit for maximum comfort


  • Brand: Stohlquist water wear
  • Model: Amp Drysuit w/ Tunnel
  • Material: Nylon
  • Colors: Mango and fireball red

02- SEAC Men’s Neoprene Dry Outfit

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SEAC water costume is designed for diehard recreational divers who encounter harsh conditions in the water. The high-density neoprene makes with powertex, and heavy-duty Poly K material offers maximum comfort and protection. The coziness is further enhanced by nylon inner lining and metal zipper with shielding flap. 

The boots that are semi-rigid are included in the package. For fast drying, they are designed in such a way that it can be turned inside out. They additionally protect the feet from getting wet. The costume is 100% waterproof with smooth aqua stop wrist finishes and glide skin fastened collar to keep off any liquid. 

Necessary gears can be put in the bellowed pockets of 1000-denier Cordura, which hold significant accessories. The crucial additions such as hose, hood, storage bag, and straps come packaged with the costume. The storage bag is meant for keeping the attire safe and compact when not in use. The SEAC suit is best for scuba diving in cold waters. It comes in black color that keeps you away from predators.

Key features

  • High-density neoprene fabric
  • Semi-rigid booths that dry fast
  • 100% waterproof
  • Bellowed 100-denier Cordura pockets that keeps essential gear
  • Impeccable Aqua stop wrist and glide skin tape collar to keep water away


  • Brand: SEAC
  • Model: 5001/07
  • Material: Poly PK + nylon lining
  • Colors: Black

03- O’Neill men’s neoprene dry outfit

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This attire offers full functionality and quality that is worth every penny. You get to dive in water without getting wet since the costume is 100% waterproof. It has taped seams and waterproof horizontal back dry zippers, which improves its performance. The seals are smooth and dry with loose upper fir for maximum regrets with this 3mm fluid flex neoprene outfit.

Key features

  • 100% waterproof 
  • Smooth skin dry seals for maximum comfort
  • Loose top with a performance fit lower for easy mobility
  • 3mm fluid flex neoprene body which is robust and durable
  • Not too tight neck seal for comfort


  • Brand: O’Neill 
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Colors: Black and graphite

04- Level Six Emperor Ply Dry outfit

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If you need to balance between functionality and style, then Emperor Suit is the best option. The costume can be used for kayaking and diving in shallow waters. With 3-ply exhaust body construction and extra robust Cardura panels on the rear, knees, shoulders, forearms, and elbows, you are assured of maximum comfort for a long time. The hindrance to the paddle stroke is reduced by rear shoulder entry while the reliable seals are done using a dual clinch system. 

The attire is 100% waterproof with the skirt that keeps water out of the boat. The inner wrist and neck gaskets are sealed with British latex with the outside fully adjustable for proper functionality. Storage is made more accessible by a side access chest pockets which are hand-sized with fleeced lines for accessibility and warmth. If you want durability and maximum functionality with style, go for level 6 Emperor superb garments today!

Key features

  • 3.0 ply eXhaust 3.0 waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Seam tapes which are low profile with fleeced line pocket
  • Relief zippers and TIZIP rear entry
  • Flexible waist clinch system
  • Tough Cordura panels on some areas for durability
  • Fleeced-lined hand-warmer pockets that keep away cold


  • Brand: Level six
  • Material: 3-layer eXhaust 3.0
  • Colors: Bright yellow and charcoal

05- Ocean Rodeo Heat Breathable drysuit

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Ocean Rodeo water costume offers excellent flexibility as it can be switched from full dry mode to standby mode. When in a dry style, you get 100% waterproof and breathable garment. When out of the water, the neck seal can be doffed off, and dry zip opened. This converts it to standby mode, which can be done while wearing it. Reliability and superb performance are guaranteed with the lightweight adding to powerful and unrestrictive features. If you want to go for kiteboarding, SUP, sailing, or windsurfing, the Ocean Rodeo water garment is a perfect choice. 

Key features

  • Stand-by of complete dry mode with captive self-entry Zip1
  • 100% waterproof and waterproof fabric
  • Polytex UV resistant seals
  • Dry socks attachment for maximum comfort and dryness
  • 3-layer construction for full functionality


  • Brand: Ocean Rodeo
  • Material: 3-layer VENTOR fabric
  • Colors: Black with orange 

06- Hollis Bio-dry Dry outfit

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Hollis dry costume comes with a 5-year warranty on the workmanship that shows the quality can be trusted. The ensemble is flexible and has a good fit making it comfortable and relaxed with BX2000 rear zipper. The newer models come with reinforced wear force composite kneepad for additional protective features. It is usually designed for heavy-duty divers, and therefore the material is strong and durable. 

The attire can be stored in the bag that comes packaged with the product. The seams are sewn and double taped to ensure the outfit is leak-free. The material used is chemical resistant and does not absorb water. Suba diving is made easy and comfortable with this Hollis ensemble.

Key features

  • Two pockets for keeping essential accessories
  • Good fit for maximum comfort
  • BX200 rear zipper
  • Heavy-duty and stretchable material for durability and streamlined fitting
  • Chemical resistant that makes it durable
  • Storage bag included for secure storage of the garment


  • Brand: Hollis
  • Material: compressed Neoprene
  • Colors: Black with red patches 

What to consider when looking for the best dry suit – Buying guide

The companies are continually improving the water gears to ensure those using them enjoy maximum comfort and protection. However, you cannot just pick one and assume that it will serve you well. There is a need for thorough consideration of essential features in order to get one that fits your budget and needs. Whether it is being used for scuba diving, kayaking, and any other water sport, you need to consider the following features:

  • Durability

The dry ensemble is not cheap, and therefore it is advisable to invest in one that will give long-term services. The material used to make the costume will help you determine its durability to some extent. Neoprene, trilaminate, and vulcanized rubber are the most commonly used fabric. Neoprene is durable but somehow bulky for long-distance. The trilaminate is somewhat durable, lightweight, and relatively cheaper. However, you have to invest in thermal undergarment since trilaminate does not offer insulation. Vulcanized rubber dry suit is suitable to be used in dangerous waters as is designed for heavy-duty and lasts long. 

The method of putting the seams also indicates the functionality and durability of the water garments. Heat taped seams are a good option since they ensure the clothing is 100% waterproof. It doesn’t matter the material used; without appropriate seams, the garment will have poor performance in the water. Letting in water will make it water-resistant, and thus seams should be carefully looked at.

  • Zippers

Heavy-duty zippers are an essential feature that all dry garments must-have. They are waterproof to avoid letting in liquid and, most importantly, make it easy to be worn. When looking at the zippers, one needs to ensure they are totally watertight to make the garment a dry suit. Any leak will make the costume not to serve the purpose of keeping you dry in water.

Zips can be located at the back of the front. This does not matter much as long as they are watertight. Pick any depending on your preference as none outperforms the other. 

  • Fit

The size of the dr garment should be appropriate to ensure it fits well. The fitting should be loose to allow you to put on undergarments where necessary. Nevertheless, the seals at the wrist and neck should be tight to prevent water from leaking inside the garment. Adjustable seals are the best option since you can change to a comfortable fitting. 

  • Boots/ socks

Socks or boots can be attached to the ensemble for feet protection and warmth.  Although some may not have, many costumes come with something to cover your feet. Hard water terrains divers need the boots that are integrated into the costume for protection and durability. Since other costumes come with neoprene socks, which may not be as protective for divers, one may need to buy boots to complement the garment. However, even if you do not require the boots, it is always good to cover your fit even with socks to keep them warm and dry.

  • Type of seals

The seals around the wrist and the neck should ensure water does not leak into the garment. These seals are generally of a different kind but are meant to perform the same tasks. Neoprene seal is the best option and commonly used to make the seal. The material keeps water away but can loosen over time. The thickness may also make it challenging to get it over the head.

Latex and silicon are also used to make the seals. They are flexible and can be replaced easily. However, they tear faster, which can leak liquid while you are in the water. For those sailing this might work well for them but not in surfing or diving. 

  • Valves

All the types of dry garments have valves for adjusting buoyancy while in water. The air that is trapped in the suit as one gets deep in waters may cause you to float. The valve will allow you to release the pressure for deeper diving into the water. It should, therefore, be located where it can easily be accessed while in waters. A location that is not reachable will make the accessory not to be useful at all. 

  • Pockets

Pockets let you keep tools such as torch and slates. It might not hit you at first why the pockets are b-necessary, but one is undoubtedly an added advantage. The location of the pockets also matters a lot. Thigh-pockets are a better option since they are accessible and do not hinder your activities. In case the pockets are located elsewhere, make sure it does not affect your swimming. Always make sure these pockets are watertight to keep the items safe and dry.

  • Maintenance cost

The dry suits need maintenance for it to give you extended services and to stay in the right conditions. This is because there are different parts that may need to be fixed or replaced once in a while. Maintaining it may be cheaper than having to buy a new one. Ensure that you purchase an outfit that is easily repairable by a professional. 


Q: Why do I need a diving costume that keeps me dry?

These outfits are designed to keep one dry together with undergarments. By not allowing water to get in, you stay warm to some extent. In case you feel cold, thermal undergarment will work well to ensure warmth while in water. 

Coldwater also poses a risk to your health. Keeping yourself dry, avoid the cold waters from affecting your health. Wind, while sailing with wet clothes, can make you feel cold and easily fall sick afterward. Therefore investing in this type of accessories is worth every penny. 

Q: Why is there the need for thermal undergarment?

The suits are designed to keep you dry but not necessarily warm. The thermal undergarment is designed to keep you warm as you stay dry. Those that have inner ling that is well insulating may not necessarily need anything to be worn beneath. However, it does not hurt to wear something inside. 

Q: Why should I dive in a dry suit?

Many people around the world enjoy scuba diving in deep waters. While many prefer the wet suits, it does not protect one from the cold waters. Your scuba diving experience will never be the same as the dry costumes. The desiccated outfit will keep you warm and dry in deep with low-temperature waters. Keep in mind that as you go deeper, the water becomes cold, making wet suit not so suitable.

Q: Do I really need the pockets on my dry outfit?

Sometimes people think that dry outfit does not have pockets.  But some do have pockets which offer additional benefits. The pockets are suitable for storing essential gear that will be used underwater. You can keep torch and slates in it as long as they are waterproof. If you want one with pockets, ensure they are located where they are accessible and do not interfere with your swimming.

Features of the top-rated dry suit 

# Product Name Features More Info
1 Stohlquist Amp Drysuit 
Nylon fabric
Universal sized breathable socks
Relaxed fit
100% waterproof
Armored knees
Neoprene coated dura seal latex wrist and neck gaskets 
Check Latest Price
2 SEAC Men’s Neoprene Drysuit
High-density neoprene fabric
Poly PK material
Nylon inner lining 100% waterproof
Aqua stop wrist fastening
Glide skin taped color
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3 O’Neill men’s neoprene drysuit
100% waterproof 3mm neoprene body Fluid seam weld Loose top and performance fit the bottom Smooth skin dry seals Check Latest Price
4 Level Six Emperor Ply Drysuit
3-ply eXhaust 3.0 fabric
Fleeced-lined hand-warmer pockets
TIZIP relief zippers
Robust latex wrist and neck garments 
eXhaust socks flexible hook-and-loop overcuts
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5 Ocean Rodeo Heat Breathable drysuit
Stand-by or dry-mode
Outer chest pocket 100% breathable
Integrated dry socks
Polytex UV resistant
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6 Hollis Bio-dry Drysuit
Rear zip location
Two pockets
Compressed neoprene material
Comes with storage bag
Double taped and sewn seams
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Final Word

Undoubtedly, the best drysuit offers additional comfort and protection, unlike wet suits. Although it is slightly expensive compared to wet costumes, every coin you spend is worth the benefits. It keeps you dry and warm, ensuring your health is taken care of while enjoying favorite games in the water.  

The products reviewed above are right in keeping you dry while on waters. But since we all enjoy different activities in water, one needs to choose one that will meet their specific needs. The detailed review of each one of them will help you know which best describes your needs. Further, the buying guide has been prepared to make your work easier. Paying keen attention to each of the features highlighted under the buying guide will ensure you get the best costume.

Look at the material, zippers, seals, accessories valves while keeping durability and maintenance cost in mind. Getting an outfit that has almost all the recommended features will give you better and long-lasting services. Never compromise features that make the outfit not to be fully waterproof. Features such as properly sealed wrist and neck are a must-have. Ensure the material used for the seals are flexible and long-lasting while at the same time repairable in case of any damage.

Evidently, you will thank us later for making your work of finding appropriate costume easy and stress-free. Buy one today and change your experience in waters! It is worth the investment!

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